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Buying an iPhone 7 Case

Choosing the Best iPhone 7 Case for You

It is generally acknowledged that the Apple iPhone 7 has a sleek, elegant design that’s beautiful, but somewhat fragile. That’s why many opt for protection against bumps and drops with an iPhone 7 phone case. It only takes a single slip to cause a ding, scuff or crack that will ruin your phone’s good looks. For the same reason, you may also want to get a screen protector to provide further protect against scratches and fracturing. Even a thin case will provide some bump and drop protection, while allowing you to maintain the look and feel of your smartphone. You may want to select a heavier-duty design if you’re an outdoor adventurer, if you work outside in a variety of weather conditions, or if you’re prone to dropping your phone.

Best Buy has hundreds of iPhone 7 cases available in a wide variety of designs, colors and styles. Whether you select an iPhone 7 case that is uniquely your own, or a more traditional design, you’re sure to find one that’s an extension of your personality. As you browse for the best iPhone 7 case for you, consider choosing one of the clear iPhone 7 cases that showcases the graceful lines of the phone. Or, perhaps you’ll be better served by an iPhone 7 wallet case, with a layered design that absorbs and disperses shock from drops, plus has slots for safely storing credit cards. You can also choose an iPhone 7 case with a play-through design that covers as much of your device as possible, wrapping around the sides and covering the bezel, while still permitting full access to the screen and controls. You'll be happy to know that regardless of which cover you choose, most iPhone 7 phone cases are compatible with a Bluetooth selfie stick so it won’t prevent you from taking selfies wirelessly.

Accessorizing Your iPhone 7 Case

Wireless headphones are a popular accessory for iPhone 7 users because of the way they improve sound quality while separating and insulating you from the surrounding crowd. The no-cord design won’t get tangled in your pocket, caught on your handle bars or snagged at the gym, so the safety factor is better than with corded headphones. And since many models have built-in microphones, they can streamline the process of taking, and making, phone calls. If you spend a lot of time in your car, an iPhone car mount may make sense for you, especially one designed to keep your phone at a convenient angle, while preserving functionality.

Portable digital storage is another accessory to consider. If you want to regularly back up the files on your iPhone 7 so you don’t lose your contacts and content in the event of an unexpected incident, you may find a flash drive for iPhone is a very convenient way to handle not only backups, but file transfers of photos or music as well.