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Buying an iPhone 7 Plus Case

iPhone 7 Plus Phone Cases: Do You Need One?

Perhaps surprisingly, there are strong feelings on both sides of the “Should I or shouldn’t I get a case for my Apple iPhone 7 Plus?” question. Some people are offended by the very idea, pointing out that even the best iPhone 7 Plus phone cases add bulk, and detract from the smartphone’s streamlined good looks. Others figure they don’t need the protection because their smartphone gets most of its use connected to an iPhone car mount during road trips, providing hands-free entertainment and communication.

On the flip side, many iPhone 7 Plus users are focused on protecting their investment from scratches, bumps and drops. Some are intent on keeping it in prime shape for possible resale following the launch of a new release, and for others, standing out in a crowd with a case that makes a statement about their personality and individualism is paramount. One option is to straddle the fence by choosing a clear iPhone 7 Plus case that lets the phone’s elegant design shine through, but the decision is ultimately one of personal preference.

Choose the Best iPhone 7 Plus Case for Your Lifestyle

Because there are hundreds of options available, picking the best iPhone 7 Plus case for you can be a bit daunting. You may want to start by determining which iPhone 7 Plus phone case features are most important to you. If aesthetics are important to you, then you may want to begin by browsing cute iPhone 7 Plus cases, available in a wide range of colors and a multitude of cool designs, including offerings from big name designers. Do you carry your phone while you’re working outside? If so, your main concerns may entail getting an iPhone 7 Plus case that is either shock-resistant or water-/weather-resistant. Play-through case designs are popular because they provide maximum protective coverage, while permitting full access to the screen and controls. Other available specialty cases include journal, wallet or folio designs that feature an ID window, card slots and other conveniences.

iPhone 7 Plus Cases Play Nice with Accessories

The best accessories can help you get the most enjoyment from your iPhone 7 Plus. Since the phone is designed without a 3.5mm headphone jack, use of wireless Bluetooth headphones is common for private listening, especially while commuting, traveling or in a noisy office. Similarly, you may want to get a portable speaker so you can effortlessly share streaming media, podcasts, music, you name it, in clear, vibrant sound, pretty much anytime and anywhere. Another useful accessory is a selfie stick. Available in several styles, selfie sticks free you from the need to ask strangers to take photos of you and your family during vacations and outings, while also giving you more creative freedom to take the best photos by allowing you to see the composition of each picture before taking it.