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    Murdered: Soul Suspect - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 91451
    • SKU: 4858008
    Detective Ronan O'Connor knows what it takes to investigate a murder. He's interrogated witnesses, inspected crime scenes, the whole gamut. But there's one murder that he never thought he'd be in the position to investigate — his own. Pick up his badge and step into his shoes after he has been brutally killed. But as a detective with a checkered past and a strong-willed personality that has left hardened criminals cowering in the corners of interrogation rooms, death won't stand in the way of you solving this crime. In fact, your soul won't rest until you've brought justice to those responsible. You won't find peace until you've unraveled the mystery of your own murder. Dive into an engrossing storyline that puts a twist on the typical murder mystery by making you both the victim and the detective in Murdered: Soul Suspect. Unable to move on from the limbo world of Dusk, you must roam Salem, Massachusetts from the shadowy afterlife and attempt to uncover the truth. Unable to communicate with the detectives on your case, you must rely on your newfound supernatural abilities to get things moving in the case. You must also battle demonic spirits, bent on devouring your soul in an attempt to reclaim their own. Full of shocking twists, hair-raising turns and the ultimate homicide investigation, Murdered: Soul Suspect takes you on an unusual journey to find the killer responsible for taking your life — will you uncover the truth?
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    Beast Quest - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 351390
    • SKU: 5947610
    Free the enchanted Beasts of Avantia and vanquish an evil wizard in Beast Quest. Go on an epic adventure, battle fierce magical animals and find lost artifacts in a vast virtual world when you transform into the hero in this action-packed game. Stocked with challenges and powerful treasures, Beast Quest makes an immersive gaming choice.
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    Rogue Trooper Redux - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: SOS01122
    • SKU: 6084402
    Scour a broken landscape to seek revenge in Rogue Trooper: Redux for Xbox One. Set in the middle of an apocalyptic war on a planet called Nu-Earth, this game follows the last Generic Infantryman on his battle to find Traitor General and gain redemption. Nominated for a BAFTA award, Rogue Trooper: Redux offers a high-definition, first-person shooter foray into mayhem.
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    Titan Quest - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: TQ02135
    • SKU: 6203523
    Battle mythical monsters from ancient lands when you play Titan Quest for Xbox One. This adventurous game takes you to ancient Greece, Egypt and Asia for heart-pounding thrills. Customize each of the characters with more than 1,000 items to create fierce fighters, and get lost in the rich visuals that make this game so compelling. With multiplayer cooperative gameplay modes, Titan Quest lets you team up with others to win the fight for humanity.
  5. 5.
    World to the West - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 9011239
    • SKU: 5956513
    Explore a digital universe and unlock challenging puzzles in World to the West. This game follows four unique characters, each with different abilities, on their journey across a mysterious landscape. Teleport across formidable distances, tunnel underground, control enemies and fight adversaries in World to the West, which makes an action-packed addition to any gaming collection.
  6. 6.
    Rogue Stormers - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 9011316
    • SKU: 5957300
    Battle fearsome enemies to the death and advance through a three-dimensional netherworld in Rogue Stormers. This run ‘n’ gun fantasy challenges players with an array of hazards and complex traps as they navigate past adversaries and unlock upgrades. Play by yourself or add up to three buddies to blast your way through Rogue Stormers at home or online.
  7. 7.
    For Honor Marching Fire Edition - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: UBP50412199
    • SKU: 6299109
    Includes the For Honor® base game, plus Marching Fire™ Expansion. Join the fight as a Knight, Viking, Samurai, or Wu Lin Warrior, and fight for the survival of your people. Play in a variety of thrilling modes, including PvP, story campaign, PvE, and co-op.
  8. 8.
    NBA 2K19 - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 59050
    • SKU: 6258163
    NBA 2K celebrates 20 years of redefining what sports gaming can be, from best in class graphics and gameplay to groundbreaking game modes and an immersive open-world "Neighborhood". NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture.
  9. 9.
    Destiny 2 - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 88098
    • SKU: 5807904
    From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated sequel. An action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system. Humanity’s last safe city has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force, led by Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion. He has stripped the city’s Guardians of their power, and forced the survivors to flee. You will venture to mysterious, unexplored worlds of our solar system to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities. To defeat the Red Legion and confront Ghaul, you must reunite humanity’s scattered heroes, stand together, and fight back to reclaim our home.
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    Madden NFL 19 - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 37175
    • SKU: 6257137
    Achieve your gridiron greatness in Madden NFL 19 with more precision and control to win in all the ways you play. Prove your on-field stick-skills with more control over every step in game-changing moments through the introduction of Real Player Motion. Take control over how you build your dynasty powered by all-new strategic team building tools and the custom draft class editor. Dominate the competition with all-new ways to build and progress your NFL stars from the past and present in Ultimate Team.
  11. 11.
    NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 59062
    • SKU: 6258155
    NBA 2K celebrates 20 years of redefining what sports gaming can be, from best in class graphics and gameplay to groundbreaking game modes and an immersive open-world "Neighborhood". NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture.
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    • Model: 92131
    • SKU: 6255199
    Information Coming Soon
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    NHL 19 - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 73707
    • SKU: 6263754
    In NHL 19, play on outdoor rinks and journey from the ponds to the pros in new and returning game modes. Compete with and against 200 great hockey legends, highlighted by Wayne Gretzky. Powered by cutting-edge new gameplay technology, experience explosive skating that delivers more acceleration, speed and responsiveness.
  14. 14.
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 11111
    • SKU: 6216330
    Pre-order and get access to the Private Beta* Black Ops is back! Featuring gritty, grounded Multiplayer combat, the biggest Zombies offering ever with three full undead adventures at launch, and Blackout, where the universe of Black Ops comes to life in a massive battle royale experience. Blackout features the largest map in Call of Duty history, signature Black Ops combat, and characters, locations and weapons from the Black Ops series.
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Steelbook Edition - Xbox One-Front_Standard

    • Model: 92136
    • SKU: 6248400
    Take up the adventure as Lara Croft in this Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft SteelBook Edition for Xbox One. Bringing back deadly challenges for maneuvering and puzzles to solve, this immersive game pits the epic heroine against a Mayan apocalypse. Packaged in a collectible metal case for fans of the series, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft SteelBook Edition takes you deep into the jungle on a whole new journey.

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