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5 Ways to Brighten Your Day with Smart Lights

Brighten Your Day with Smart Lights

5 ways to brighten your day with smart lights.

Can't remember if you turned off the kitchen light? Want to add a scary touch to movie night? Smart lights are easy to control, highly customizable and just downright cool. Here are five ways you can use smart lights to set your home apart.

Accent any room.

Turn any room into a stunning piece of art with customized color. Simply choose your bulb or trim and apply LED strips underneath cabinets and along walls for a modern, customizable accent.

Light that fits the moment.

To study, select a cool white tone with the highest light intensity in order to focus and concentrate. To relax or calm down, use a warmer color tone and standard intensity. Smart lights offer nearly limitless white shades and hues to match any moment and help you get the most from your day-to-day tasks. With smart lights, you no longer need to choose between daylight or soft white bulbs — easily change between them with the sample tap of your phone.

No more noisy alarms.

Wake up peacefully with smart lights that gradually brighten. Customize times or sync with the sun for a natural and gentle wake-up and wind-down routine.

Simple peace of mind.

Did you remember to turn off that light before you left? Smart lights give you complete control straight from your smartphone. Schedule porch lights to turn on at night or click all lights off/on with the simple tap of a phone. You can even schedule lights to go on randomly to look like you are home when away.

Color to match the mood.

Immerse yourself with an array of colors that add ambiance to any activity. Simply select your color or sync the lights to add atmosphere to your entertainment. Create a festive mood at your next dinner party or crank up the frights on scary movie night with light scenes to match any setting.
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