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Sonos Playbar Soundbar: This Sonos soundbar complements HD television screens with highly detailed, richly textured sound. A low profile lets you inconspicuously hang the Sonos Playbar on the wall or place it in front of the TV.
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What's Included

  • SONOS PLAYBAR Soundbar Wireless Speaker
  • AC power cord, optical audio cable, Ethernet cable
  • Owner's manual

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98% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (4839 out of 4987)


Compatible with other Sonos music components

Works with other Sonos products like the Play:5, Play:3 and Play:1 speakers (sold separately) to complete your audio experience.

Pair the Sonos Playbar with a Sonos Sub and a pair of Play:3 speakers (sold separately) for a 5.1-channel home theater system.

With wireless streaming, this Sonos soundbar lets you access all the music you love in one place

Enjoy your music library, radio stations and online services through a single app.

Works with Amazon Alexa

Voice control your music by telling Amazon Alexa what to play

Compatible with Apple Music

Gain access to over 30 million songs and let experts handpick music you'll love based on what you listen to.

Wireless connectivity

Android and iOS devices connect to your Sonos system through your home Wi-Fi network.

Experience virtual surround effects

Hear movies and TV shows in surround sound with the virtual surround feature — no extra speakers needed.

Control your music from the palm of your hand

Download the free Sonos Controller app on your compatible smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac to search for songs and stations, choose music and control the volume.

Don't block your remote's signal

The Sonos Playbar soundbar sends remote signals it receives to the back of the Playbar, so your signal is never blocked when changing channels.

The Sonos Playbar is easy to set up

Connect to your TV with a single optical cable and power cord to instantly start playing everything connected to your TV, like the cable box or gaming consoles.

Additional ports

Optical input. 2 Ethernet outputs.

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  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Please read if considering purchase!!


    I'm going to keep this short and sweet as best as I can. I bought the soundbar, sub, boost, wall-mount bracket, and a 4 year protection plan for both the sound bar and sub (peace of mind). I spent just under $2000, and left Best Buy feeling nauseous because I hate spending that much money in one shot. Initially, after setting it up, I was ecstatic, this is my first sound bar, and in my opinion, the sound was amazing. After watching movies, netflix, and fios tv, I kept hearing this static/popping sound, while it was barely noticeable, it was quite distracting because I would focus on hearing that to see if it was a consistent issue rather than focusing on what I was watching. Then the next thing that happened was the sound completely cut out, twice, while watching The Godfather. I searched the sonos forums which has conversations with customers with similar problems, speaking with sonos support, and tried everything possible to troubleshoot the issue. It didn't work, so I packed up my sound bar and brought it back to best buy to exchange it for another of the same. Rushed home with the new/replacement sound bar , set it up, fired it up, and I immediately noticed that it didn't sound as loud as the previous one, but I just thought to myself, I'm paranoid. At 11 pm that same night, I decided to call it quits, I shut the tv off, and when the sound bar was "off" (technically it's always on) there was this high pitched squeal constantly emitting from the left side of the sound bar... best way I can describe it is almost like interference that sounds like a dog whistle (you can barely hear it, but it's super annoying). I was pretty aggravated to say the least. First thing in the morning the next day, I brought the sound bar back to Best Buy and felt like an idiot walking in there for the second time in 2 days to return their "top of the line, best sound bar." The staff was very nice and understanding, and I joked with them that hopefully the third time is the charm. Brought the 3rd sound bar home, set it up, fired it up, and it sounded amazing, easily the best of the 3, no static popping, and it was LOUD! I let it play for an hour, then shut it off and closed my eyes hoping there wouldn't be a high pitched squeal... and there wasn't! The rest of the day, I was so happy that I gave it a 3rd shot because I loved the convenience and sound of this system. I watched Netflix and a Blu-Ray that night, and had zero issues. Well here I am tonight watching some Mixed Martial Arts fights on Spike TV, and you know what's happening NOW?! The sound cuts out in between every single commercial. Now I understand that, to some, this may not sound like the biggest deal, but it drives me insane. I'll be back at Best Buy tomorrow with all of the Sonos products I purchased, and looking for a full refund. All in all, if this system worked the way it should, it would be hands down, a 5 star rating all day. But to think that I spent almost $2000, went through 3 sound bars and all of them had issues, is just completely unacceptable. I hope that anyone that is on the fence about dropping $700 on this sound bar, reads this review, and can make an informed decision based on it. Maybe I just had terrible luck, but I tried so hard to make this system work.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    A music company's first foray into home theatre.

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I’ve had the Sonos Playbar for about five days now. While that isn’t a lot of time to generate a good option of the device it has allowed me to determine its pros and cons. A little background. The purchase of the Playbar accompanied the upgrade from a rear projection 46” Toshiba with built in speakers to a Samsung 60” ES8000. Suffice it to say this is a major upgrade from a 7 year old system. I had reservations going into the purchase of the Playbar after finding out that it does not support DTS out of the box. Sonos’s forums state that they are considering an upgrade. However from a home theatre standpoint such an upgrade to supporting DTS is borderline pointless. The Playbar only has optical in for a connection type. Virtually no TV supports DTS output. To make matters worse, which I found out after the purchase, AV receivers with very few exceptions do not support optical output either. The end result being you have a heavily neutered system right out of the box. The deal killer for me, and what is prompting me to return the device, was connecting an external Display Port laptop to the TV. While I can covert Display Port to HDMI for video, this setup does not transmit audio across the connection. The TV does not support a standard 3.5mm audio jack. And the Playbar because of its nature does not have any type of input other than optical. I’ve had to connect external speakers to the PC to play content. This is unacceptable. This is Sonos’s first foray into the home theatre market. Until now their bread and butter has been providing solutions for playing multiple audio sources in multiple rooms in a home, of which as far as I can tell they have excelled at. I can attest to the sound quality being fantastic. If this was another speaker sitting on a shelf for Spotify I would have no problems singing the praises of this soundbar. However the thinking in design from home audio to home theatre audio did not change. It’s like fitting a square peg in a round hole. Home audio is an ease of use, and quality speakers driven field, IMHO. Home theatre includes this but also includes the need for flexibility since everyone’s setup can be dramatically different, IMHO. You take a look at any high end soundbar on the market today and the list where it only includes optical is very short. I’ve read that Sonos’s thinking was ease of use. This works for Apple. This does not work for the home theatre market beyond the handful of people who really don’t care about anything other than enhancing the built in speakers included in the TV. Going into this purchase I made the conscious decision that I was buying a system that was to last me around another 7 years. This IMHO was not accomplished with the Playbar. The Playbar’s chief Pro’s is that it’s simple to setup, the audio itself sounds good, it’s pretty, and it integrates well with online audio services. The thing is I need more then that out of a component in a home theatre. I need the flexibility to be able to expand what is connected to my setup in the future. The Playbar does not accomplish this. I wish Sonos well. I think they have major potential in this product, but whenever v2 comes out they need to add DTS support and HDMI input with an HDMI ARC output.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    No Regrets! One stop listening Enjoyment!


    I looked over other systems but realized the "cabling" nightmare and having a "rats nest of cales" was not going to please the wife. So I went with the Play bar and 2 Play-3's and the setup was relatively easy. I had heard about the issue of just the optical output and most TV's sending 2.1 out of the port feeding the Playbar. In my case I tested two scenarios. I have a DirecTV Genie system (one main controller in the living and 2 satellite slaves) to setup as surround sound. The TV set is a Sharp Aquos LC-60LE857U purchased about June 2013. I configured the DirecTV main controller to send out BitStream 5.1 from the Optical output and fed the Sound Bar directly and the SONOS "About My System" screen tells me Audio In: Dolby Digital 5.1, as would be expected. The DirecTV HDMI cable feeds the TV set HDMI-1 input. I then had to configure the TV's setting to turn off the internal speakers and also expect 5.1 with BITSTREAM (not PCM). Subsequently, I put the optical cable on the TV's (Digital Audio Out/Optical port) and fed the SONOS Playbar and the "About My System" still recognizes that my TV is sending Dolby Digital 5.1 as the Audio In. I haven't done any testing with the DirecTV Slave receiver as it only has an RCA Digital Audio out... But maybe the HDMI cable from the slave to the TV (that I will eventually buy) feeds the TV with appropriate signals and on the TV, it spits out the 5.1 on the optical port to feed the play bar. I will deal with that testing/issue when I get a TV worthy of a Playbar for the unused media room as I hope the HDMI will feed a 5.1 (as the main receiver does) into the TV... If not, there will be a plan B.. The other great thing (to me) is that I have kids and we always lose remotes around the house... Well, we have 5 DirecTV remotes for the 2 TV's in the house + the Sharp TV remote. I programmed the remote to pair with the Play Bar using the DIrecTV remote.. It basically asks you to point it at the play bar (finding where to do this setup on the App-using my iPhone was a pain to locate)... In my case, I placed the sound bar in my Living Room and I had to go under Settings-->Room-->Living room (+Ls+RS) for my surround Setup.. then there I found TV Setup and Control... There, I was able to setup the DirecTV remote (the Sonos app asks you to pair simply by pressing the "+" Volume button on the DirecTV remote and the Sonos then recognized it. Now I am able to use ANY directive remote as well as the Sharp Aquos remote so that is a plus... The internet streaming is fantastic! Lots of built in options and no need to navigate different apps once you setup your favorites within Sonos.. Setup with Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio etc was super easy... And you can also stream public service (Police, Fire, Emergency Dispatch and Ham Radio Repeaters- Storm Chasers!) depending on what city you type for your Zip Code etc.. So when you enter your Zip Code, it pulls in EVERYTHING it can regarding any type of radio station, public service etc.. I reconfigured the "zip code" for another City/State and it does it without issues! I downloaded the program from the SONOS main site on my iMac where my iTunes music folders are and it pulled all my music folders.. You do need to set up Sharing/Permissions---real easy as the program steps you through the menu settings to get it going and then starts indexing (takes time to pull in your library into the Sonos menu options depending on how big your music files are, I had 6000 songs imported and it took some time so don't interrupt the process..) I was also able to pull songs purchased on my iphone and stream it to the Sonos player so that was nice (prior to setting up my iMAC).. I did all the initial install with my iPhone and watched Transformers 3 and White House Down in surround sound.. I am sure the Subwoofer would have added much thump but the Play Bar and the Play 3's work fine for me.. The hardest part for me was having to find where to re-configure the TV remote control within the App on my iphone as things got a bit messy during the initial setup screen on my iPhone and it going to a "locked screen" while doing it! All in all, I am VERY happy with the quality and ease of use.. I actually want to go out and buy a Play 1 to have in my home office just to stream "stuff" (in my case Public Service Agencies)---Note, some stations are not working so it all depends on how updated the Databases are or if the station you wish to hear (listed within the SONOS guide) is actually sending out audio or not or if they discontinued streaming to a service/app..

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Huge Disappibtment


    Purchased this unit after having to replace an old Bose sound system. Had huge expectations and have been indefinitely let down. After purchasing in April 2014- 5 months later in September 2014 we started hearing a crackling sound coming from the sound bar. After several attempts to reboot, reset, and re-install the sound bar to our TV with the help of a sonos rep, the crackling did not stop. Sono's offered to replace the unit and I thought "great"! And that's where the greatness stopped. After sending out the entire unit and cords via fedex- sono's guaranteed a 2-day delivery once they received it back. That was one of two options. The first option was to give them my credit card number and they would put a $700 hold on my card, 2-day the new equipment, and once they received my return they would reimburse the money. THANK GOD I chose the other route. After receiving a confirmation from fedex AND sonos that our faulty unit had been received in their warehouse, 2 days.. a week... 2 weeks went by with no replacement unit in sight. After several attempts to contact the customer support people and sort out the matter- I was told they got a new computer software and were having communication issues with their warehouse.... Really. Then I was told they did not realize they were out of stock... Really?! How can people be so disorganized and guarantee a product they do not have. I was told I'd receive an email and a call from another customer support rep once they confirmed whether or not they could locate a sound bar. Days go by again and I recieve no information so I called sonos AGAIN. Finally they say they located a new sound bar and would ship it immediately. This was on Monday 10/13. Did not recieve the equipment until Thursday only to find out none of the cords and connector wires were included- MIND YOU WE RETURNED ALL OF OUR ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT. What a nightmare. So now we're going on a month and a half without a being able to use this $700 piece of sound equipment. Save yourself the energy.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Love sonos

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    After reading hundreds of reviews on the internet about the sonos line of products, I decided to dive in head first. I bought several speakers including this one (to the tune of nearly $3,000) and have not been disappointed. Are they expensive? Absolutely. Is the sound quality on par with buying an actual receiver and real speakers? Absolutely not. As long as you are aware of this going in, I think you can be satisfied with joining the masses of sonos customers. Don't get me wrong, the sound is great. But it wasn't as good as I expected for the money. I think the sound quality is fine if you're buying individual speakers to put music in several rooms of your house. However, if you're buying these speakers to replace a true surround sound system, you'll be disappointed. What they lack in hifi sound quality though, they more than make up for in ease of access. I have instant access to more music than I could ever want at the swipe of a finger using only my iphone. This is where the high price gets its justification. Even my technophobe wife loves doing it. There is nothing like coming home and cracking open a beer on the front porch while listening to pandora. And I can do this without 5 remotes, turning on multiple amplifiers, etc. It's all right there from my iphone. I never have to get up to change a channel, or even point a remote, I can listen to radio stations in california or I can listen to my own music stored on my desktop. It;s brilliant, I'll never have studio quality sound blaring from my speakers. My simulated 5.1 surround sound will always leave a little to be desired. But we listen to more music now - and a greater variety of music now - than we ever have.To me, that has made this purchase more than worth it. In fact, I would agree with many customers that sonos is a life changing purchase. One of the better ones I've ever made, despite the high pricetag. If you're an average joe like me that enjoys tech gadgets and loves listening to music in every room of your house, you won't be disappointed. If you're an audiophile nerd who must have the clearest sound money can buy, then look elsewhere. This prodcut is not for you. For the record, I didn't listen to many other soundbars. I bought this because it interfaced with my sonos system. It sounds fine, but it's probably a little overpriced if you were evaluating it on sound quality alone.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Sonos fan Disappointed with Playbar


    I'm a huge Sonos fan and have 3 Play 1s and a Play 3 scattered around the house. We absolutely love them. It made sense then to buy the Playbar to integrate with our current system. However, after buying it and trying it out I had to return it for several reasons. 1. The main problem with the playbar is that Sonos wants you to plug it into the back of the TV but unfortunately most TVs (mine included) do not pass Dolby 5.1 audio so you really are not getting true surround sound. This may not seem like much of an issue but once you hear 5.1 surround sound, you can tell there's a huge difference. When you're spending this much money for a great set of speakers you want it to work correctly and unfortunately the way that Sonos is set up it just won't work that way. It is possible to hook up the Playbar directly to the source (blu-Ray player, Apple tv, etc) and get 5.1 sound, however, this requires multiple wires and a switch since the Playbar only has one input. With Sonos you are paying for ease of use and simplicity and so if you have to "rig up" a system to combat its shortcomings, then it's just not worth it. I did connect the play 1s as surrounds and it sounds great when connected directly to the source, however, this leads me to my next issue: 2. Lack of DTS support. If you want to get 5.1 surround sound you have to connect the sound bar directly to the source. However Sonos doesn't support DTS which is the audio on pretty much every Blu-Ray. Meaning you cannot get 5.1 surround sound from your Blu-ray player. Also even if it did support DTS my Blu-ray player does not have an optical out output and so it wouldn't work for that reason as well. In summary, if you're paying this much money for a great set of speakers and 5.1 surround sound, then it better darn well output 5.1 surround sound. My guess is that people just don't know the difference and don't know what they are missing out on. I absolutely love Sonos for multiple room audio and have always raved about it to friends but I have to say I am really disappointed in the Playbar.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great sound bar with a few flaws

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    The playbar checks off a lot of boxes while falling short on a few others. I'll run through a few pros and cons of the speaker: Pros- Great sound. Blows away a $250 Samsung sound bar I also own. Ease of use. Only one connection on the back to hook up (optical cable) means this thing will be up and running in no time. No remote. I thought I wouldn't like this but I really enjoy not having yet another remote in the living room and controlling from your phone is very easy. It also has really neat Night mode (reduced loud sounds) and enhanced speech modes in the app. Music. This thing sounds even better blasting out music. It has good bass for a sound bar but it doesn't really stand out until you turn it up. Cons: Expensive (subjective but $700 for a sound bar is too high in my opinion) No sub included. You want room shaking bass? That's another $700 on top of the $700 play bar. Most people will be happy with the bass the playbar puts out on its own but you won't get that theater sound without it. It may be worth it. The sub seems to be the highest rated Sonos product on this site. Only Dolby Digital support - No Atmos, DD+, nothing. No transcoding on the device. The optical cable could technically support these but since the playbar does not it won't put these sounds out. You could attach a blu-ray player or device that will transcode these but you're still only going to get Dolby Digital. This could be a deal breaker for some. This is a mixed bag of pros and cons. I purchased this knowing the limitations and I'm still very happy with it. Even with all the things I can list that bother me about it I still find myself thinking about how awesome it is. I have two Sonos play ones set up as surround sound and it really packs a punch. On signals that are not DD, they will provide a simulated surround sound and it's actually pretty solid. What really gets me is the ease of swapping from watching TV to pumping out music (where the system really shines) and it's very easy from the Sonos app. Be warned about the items I mention above. There also seems to be a slight learning curve. I was set on returning all of this and going with a traditional wired set up but I'm so glad I didn't.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Excellent sound. Will not play Dolby Digital Plus

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    I have had the Sonos PlayBar for close to a year now in a 5.1 surround sound setup with the Sonos Sub and two Play:1's. I love the 5.1 Dolby Digital audio without the need to run speaker cable. One thing to be aware of though is that you will not be able to play Dolby Digital Plus content, which is the surround sound format used by Netflix and several other video streaming services now. There is no audio at all unless you switch the audio stream to stereo, and in my opinion that is not a viable solution. Some devices, such as the Xbox One and Apple TV, will convert the Dolby Digital Plus audio to standard Dolby Digital, so you can listen to 5.1 content from those services. However some devices do not, such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices, so you will not hear any audio at all unless you lower the audio output to stereo. Sonos has stated that this is because optical audio cables cannot handle the bandwidth required for DD+ audio. So you are really limited on which streaming devices you can use with the Sonos PlayBar 5.1 setup if you want to stream content that has DD+ audio. For this reason, if you are wanting a 5.1 setup, I recommend waiting until Sonos addresses this issue by possibly adding HDMI passthrough to their next PlayBar. But if you don't care about a 5.1 setup then this is an outstanding choice!

    I would recommend this to a friend

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