Sony - 60" Class - LED - X690E Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR

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Upgrade your entertainment system with this 60-inch Sony 4K Ultra HD TV. Motionflow XR 240 creates a smooth, natural image, and the smart IP operating system streams media directly to your TV. Built-in HDMI and USB 2.0 ports let you connect DVD players, laptops and other devices to this Sony 4K Ultra HD TV.

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What's Included

  • AC power cord
  • Batteries
  • Owner's manual
  • Quick setup guide
  • Remote control
  • Sony 50" Class - LED - X690E Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR
  • Table top stand

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Overall Customer Rating:
93% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (1010 out of 1092)

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Sling TV - Sling TV Live Streaming Service for 30 Days
Sling TV - Sling TV Live Streaming Service for 30 Days
Live stream your favorite channels, or watch the shows you love on demand. Get Sling TV free for 30 days and experience entertainment your way. You can stream on your TV or mobile device anytime, anywhere. Plus, personalize your channel lineup to get rid of useless options.


Smart Enabled

Get access to a world of instant entertainment with this product. Just connect to the Internet and stream movies, listen to music, and access a wide variety of other content.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Video

4K X-Reality Pro

Provides lifelike detail and clarity. See the details appear in buildings and trees as scenes become clearer, smoother and more natural.

Improved contrast with Dynamic Contrast Enhancer

Experience more life, more texture, and more energy in every scene with brighter highlights, deeper blacks, and more natural tonal gradation.

Enhanced sound and clear dialog

ClearAudio+ fine tunes TV sound for an immersive experience that seems to surround you. Hear music and dialog with greater clarity and separation.

YouTube & Netflix Quick Access

Access your favorite movies and shows quicker than ever. With YouTube and Netflix buttons built into the remote, you are one click away from endless entertainment.

60" screen (measured diagonally from corner to corner)

Large enough to provide an immersive experience for everyone in the room.

2160p resolution for breathtaking HD images

Watch 4K movies and TV shows at 4x the resolution of Full HD, and upscale your current HD content to gorgeous, Ultra HD-level picture quality.

Watch high dynamic range (HDR) content on your TV

With an HDR-compatible 4K TV, you can enjoy HDR movies and TV shows, in addition to all your current content.

Smart TV with access to streaming services for countless entertainment options

Stream shows, movies, games and more with the TV's built-in Wi-Fi and integrated apps.

LED TVs perform well in all lighting conditions

They also deliver plasma-like deep blacks and rich colors.

Advanced TV sound

Two 10W speakers, S-FORCE Front Surround Sound, DTS Digital Surround and Auto Surround.

3 HDMI inputs for the best home theater connection

High-speed HDMI delivers up to 2160p picture and digital surround sound in one convenient cable. HDMI cable not included.

Enjoy the picture from multiple angles

176° horizontal and vertical viewing angles provide a clear picture for viewers seated near the side of the screen.

3 USB inputs

Easily connect your digital camera, camcorder or other USB device.

Web-based services and content require high-speed Internet service. Some services may require a subscription.

Customer rating

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase

    Okey this review is long but worth it! and helpful info. This TV has the best graphics. My jaw dropped when I played HDR HORIZON ZERO DAWN on the PS4 PRO. The apps are extremely fast and it's a no brainer to buy it, SONY IS THE BEST BRAND and I will tell you what to do to get full 4k HDR because it won't do it plug and play, or plugged and watch HDR movie. #1 make sure you change picture mode to VIVID mode using TV controller. #2 make sure you plugged your ps4pro or 4K DVD on HDMI inputs 2 or 3, since HDMI 1 does not support HDR ENHANCED, also input 3 is for Soundbar/home theater #3 you need to change your HDMI input settings from normal to enhance using the TV controller otherwise you won't get 4K HDR. #4 Buy an HDMI 4K HDR Certified cable their are expensive but it has to be certified guys otherwise you won't get the full max range. now HDR 4K movies where to find them? NETFLIX 4K HDR CONTENT is not real 4K HDR at all, the movies look okey but not max range. FYI YOUTUBE has 2 min FULL real HDR videos. So guys you won't get real HDR movies from Netflix So you have to buy a DVD 4K HDR and buy the CD 4k HDR movies, and this is very expensive and I am not doing it. However I wanted this TV mainly for gaming so it doesn't bother me, the gaming experience is totally amazing ! For you gamers out there this is the TV you want for your 4k HDR gaming I RATE 5 stars. A lot of reviews compliant about the picture quality of this TV but the reality is that they are not setting up correctly and probably they are streaming 4K from Netflix. I hope this is helpful information to anyone struggling with setting up 4k HDR.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    did my research

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I had to upgrade my 50" Vizio entry level TV. I started researching which alone can be very time consuming and intimidating. I started with as they are the go to website for display reviews. I knew I wanted at least a 55" TV but really wanted to finally upgrade to a 60". had this TV the top rated 60" display at the time of my research. I kept doing my research and couldn’t find a reason not to purchase this, and I am glad I did. I went to my local BB and talked with the sales agent and he said this was a 2017 model but at that time was top of the line. The price is what I couldn’t get past. I can’t ever see myself spending $1000+ for a TV, I just can’t. So I took the dive and got it home and wall mounted it. I was expecting to be blown away...and at first I really wasn’t. So I knew I had to give it time. TV's these days need to be calibrated to the sources you use. So I got the picture calibration dialed in after about a week and wow, I love it ( has the calibration settings and explanations). I have a DirecTV receiver that can only do 1080i so that might have been my disappointment at first. I connected my Xbox One which does 1080p. Gaming on this thing is sweet. Again, you have to calibrate it to your sources. Sony has built in scene selections for a reason. Then I purchased a Roku Ultra that can be hardwired to your network and can play 4K HDR content. Wow, that was night and day and a fantastic purchase. You need to run your 4K devices on HDMI ports 2 or 3 and you have to make sure you enable the HDR feature on those two ports in the settings because it is not turned on by default. The new AppleTV can do the same thing if that’s your flavor. The other reviews complain about the Smart app features, but frankly, I don’t use those. That is what I have my Xbox and Roku for. The only negative thing I would say is I wish it had 4 HDMI inputs instead of 3. I suggest this TV. If you are looking for something that is not going to break the bank but also give you great picture quality, this is it. I am totally happy! Come on, it’s a Sony Bravia, they have been making these things for years.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    This TV is a mix of Good and Not So Good

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    The Good: Picture quality is AWESOME. The 4K UHD shows crisp, clear and very pleasing. The blacks are deep BLACK. You won't be disappointed with the picture quality. It's not Android TV (major positive). I want nothing to do with Google or Google products whatsoever and this includes Android. It's a massive security hole I just want no part of. The OK: The built in sound is passable at best. You want to buy a sound bar to go with this otherwise you will be pretty unhappy. The Apps. I don't know why they insist on pre-defining app buttons on my remote. I use Amazon and Netflix about 90% of the time and maybe YouTube 10%. I don't need a YouTube button on the remote. I would prefer to assign the apps to the remote as I see fit. There's a small selection of Apps (no Spotify, it would've been nice, but I can live without it on my TV) but thankfully they have Amazon and Plex. The BAD. Keyboard (wired or wireless) support is horrible. It's not a keyboard issue as I tried both. The problem is, it's not consistent across apps. For example, on Nexflix, I can use the navigation keys to scroll around, but I can't use the alphanumeric keys to enter text to search or login. However, on Amazon, the alphanumeric keys work perfectly, but navigation doesn't. In Plex, everything works. This makes for an inconsistent user experience and is frustrating at best. Automatic update doesn't work. It errors out saying it not connected to the Internet, but TV diagnostics and the fact that I can watch Netflix/Amazon seem to contradict that. Updating the firmware (in the hopes of fixing the keyboard issue) had to be done manually via USB stick. Summary: There are too many inconsistencies with this TV to make it a strong buy rating.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Outstanding performance for the price

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I had a Toshiba 50" plasma - probably the second best plasma available when I got it a number of years ago. It was still working fine. Really no reason to buy another one except that it was Black Friday, I got a BB email and really, a 60" Sony 4K UHD for under $700? Sure there are other manufacturers that were in the $300-500 range but reviews were good but not great. Some of the names I'd never heard of before. I liked the comfort of the Sony name. While sitting at home Thanksgiving I checked out the reviews. Looked at reviews for other ones. Even broke down and measured the Tosh on the wall. The Sony's nearly not there bezel lets me get a bigger screen and it's still the same physical size. So I went to BB and took it home. Awesome picture for TV and movies (I also bought a new Sony 4K Blu-ray player and the Sony sound bar). Great sound. Easy to setup and easy to use. 4K streaming from Netflix is incredible. Some of the reviews I read were negative - about high-end sound or quality of the video for gaming or comparisons to units costing a lot more. Thought about the issues they raised and decided for someone who just wanted to watch TV or movies I didn't need to spend a couple or three thousand to get the top of the line experience - it'd be wasted on me. I honestly can't tell the difference. It's probably there but you need to have better hearing or eyesight than I do. So I'm thrilled with this thing. Stunning colors and sound that blows me away in my living room. I'd buy it again at full price.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Total disappointment


    I have 5 HD TVS. They are a mix of 720 & 1080. The oldest is about 11 years old (46” Sony Bravia 1080). Beautiful pictures. Never a problem with any of them. I understand that 60” TVs are being phased out & I wanted a 60” UHD TV for over my fireplace. Because of past experience with Sony I opted for the Sony KD60X690E. What a disappointment. Picture & colors are not sharp. Not even close to any of the other TVs, none of which is UHD. I did adjust the settings to try to fix it, but it didn’t change considerably. The bigger issue was that the remote stopped working other than on/off. Can’t change the volume, input, options, etc. The Comcast remote will not work, other than on/off. The other thing that was happening was that the TV would go off by itself for a few seconds then come back on. The TV was only installed for 2 days. I called Sony support and they told me to take the batteries out of the remote, press every key, insert new batteries and then try again. I explained to the technician that I didn’t think that could be the problem because the Comcast remote would not work either, the remotes did turn the TV on/off, and also I could see the receptor light on the TV blink when I keyed the remote. The TV gets the signal but doesn’t react to it. To please the techie, I followed the instructions and obviously it did not correct the problem. The technician then told me to unplug the TV & plug it back in. Problem! The TV is wall mounted and the outlet is behind the TV between the wall mounts. Impossible to get to without removing the TV. Crazy! I’m 77 years old and it is certainly not practical to remove the TV to reset it. If this is the solution for problems with the TV the power cable should be attached to the TV at a point where it is easy to reach or the TV should have a reset button. I felt the work around for the problem is impractical because I think most 60” TVs are wall mounted. My solution? I returned the TV and bought an LG. The LG power cable is attached to the back of the TV in a way that is accessible when wall mounted. My rating for Sony went from a 10 to a 1.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response


      Hi Guido, it's unfortunate that the TV had to be returned. However, thank you very much for taking the time to share your concerns with us. Sony takes the voice of our customers very seriously and hearing all feedback - good and bad is important to us. Regards, ^Ron sony_US

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Excellent clear TV...until it dies


    I’ve been a long time supporter of Sony. For most of my life, I used Sony and each TV lasts for at least over 10 years. However, this was my first Sony flat screen TV, and I always felt the picture clarity and quality was very clear and precise. After less than two months of daily use, it can’t turn on anymore and I get the two red light blinks. There were times where the TV freezes during Netflix and YouTube, and another time where it wasn’t able to connect to the internet. So I’ve had to unplug the power and plug back in a few times, and factory reset once. I suppose those were the signs that the TV was already dying. I called Sony to set up a repair order. I had to wait 2-3 business days to receive an email, and that was to call another number..... Then I was told there’s no Sony service agents where I live so they can’t repair it and I can’t exchange it. For a full refund, I need to draw on the screen with a marker, cut up the serial number in two, and then send Sony photo evidence of the work. I’m still in the process of doing this, but I’m just so disappointed with Sony. A part of my wants to get the same TV because the picture quality is very good and I don’t feel it can happen to me twice, right? We’ll see.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response


      Hi Andy, We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, please send us an email at and include your product details and contact information and let us see how we can be of assistance.

      Zac sony_US

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Good TV with a few caveats


    So far, this seems to be a very good, basic 4K TV. If you favor deep blacks and are on a budget this is the perfect TV for you. However, if you like a very bright TV with good viewing angles then I would recommend something else. Pros: -Amazing 1080p & 4K picture quality especially in a dark setting -Very good 720p picture quality (for reference, I use PS Vue) -Very good black levels with good uniformity (almost no light-bleed) -TV itself runs cool, not hot to the touch like some TVs -Very fast interface (some TVs have a noticeable lag, even for changing the volume) -Apps launch relatively quick (youtube only takes me about 2 seconds, netflix 4-5 seconds) Cons: -Narrow viewing angle - picture degrades from the side (it will look washed out) -Not as bright as other TVs -Reflections are a problem - only marginally better than my old plasma (wouldn't recommend for a sunroom for example) -Apps are limited, but have the basic (youtube, netflix, etc.) -No smart remote with voice search command

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    TV went bad in less than three months


    I purchased my Sony Bravia KD-55X720E TV on 9/23/2017 and by 11/21/2017 it suddenly would not turn on. The symptoms were that when I pressed the power button on the remote or on the TV the blue colored light on the front bottom of the screen blinked for an instant, the screen stayed black, followed by a blinking red light. I called Geeksquad and spent close to an hour on the phone following their troubleshooting instructions that were: Unplug the TV, wait a few seconds, press the power bottom together with the down arrow on the remote, plug the TV back on. Nothing happened. Then the technician asked me. How many times the red light does blinks? I replied every two to three seconds. Geeksquad technician grew as impatient with me as I was frustrated with my TV and my bad experience. Then he asked me the same question. At that time I had to stay cool and pay close attention to the red light and indeed there was a red light blinking sequence. The red light blinked twice consecutively and then repeated the same sequence after two seconds or so. I told the Geeksquad technician what I saw and he said he would order parts delivered to my house and scheduled a technician to come by my house on 12/1/2017. I am writing this review on 11/23/2017. Therefore, my TV has not been repaired yet. I will update my review after the TV is operational again.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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