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4K HDR clarity with dramatic contrast and brilliant color.

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Sony A-Series

Exquisite Contrast, Absolute Blacks

Sony's OLED 4K TV with HDR is like nothing you’ve ever seen before with truly exceptional black, shadow and color. Over 8 million self-illuminating pixels are precisely and individually controlled by the X1 Extreme processor creating exquisite, unprecedented contrast.

TV, night sky with stars, BRAVIA OLED

TV with fireworks

8 Million Self-Illuminating Pixels

Sony OLED pixels work individually and can be turned off completely to deliver absolute black. This level of supreme contrast reveals detail, depth, textures and colors for a view that is stunningly real.

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Picture and Sound in Harmony

Unlike most TV speakers, the Sony BRAVIA OLED delivers sound to you from the entire screen with the world's first Acoustic Surface. Immerse yourself in exciting new entertainment experiences where picture and sound live in perfect harmony.

Sony Z-Series

Sony 4K TV with High Dynamic Range

Unrivaled Picture Quality

If TVs are measured on picture quality, then the Sony Z-series stands alone. Near-perfect black levels combine with the ability to reproduce the brightness and color of the real world.

Sony 4K TVs with HDR

Masters of Light

Sony televisions reproduce a wider range of contrast, which more closely reflects the real world than most other TVs. And with wider and better contrast, more detail and natural colors appear, too.

Kayaks on water
4K HDR Ultra HD, X-Tended Dynamic Range, XDR Contrast 10X, Slim Backlight Drive+, X1 Extreme 4K HDT X1 Extreme & HDR remaster

Capturing More of the Colors of Life

See more of life's brilliance. Sony televisions can reproduce a dazzling range of vivid, natural colors, making everything you watch more real and more lifelike.

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4K HDR Ultra HD, Triluminos dislya, 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping

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