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  1. Cuisinart - EasyPop 16-Cup Popcorn Maker - Red

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  2. Uncanny Brands - Marvel Spider-Man Popcorn Maker - Red

    Model: POP-MVC-SPI
    SKU: 6557556

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Buy a popcorn machine.

Why should I get a popcorn maker?

Who doesn’t love savory, buttery popcorn that’s fresh from a popcorn machine? For many, a large part of the allure of going to a theater to see the latest movie is getting a tub of popcorn made in a commercial popcorn machine. The experience evokes nostalgia from when people were kids and would get popcorn from an old-fashioned popcorn maker while they were at a ballgame, an amusement park or spending a day at the fair.

If you want to make popcorn at home, all you need is a popcorn popper, which is easy to use and can quickly create a batch for those moments when you’re craving this classic snack. Picture your family cozying up in home theater seating in the entertainment room for movie night and watching the latest new releases while enjoying the perfectly popped treats from your new popcorn machine. Another great use of a popcorn maker is for your child’s birthday party. You can serve up fresh popcorn while the kids watch their favorite shows on an outdoor TV

Health benefits of a hot air popcorn popper.

Identifying the best popcorn machine for sale will likely depend on factors like convenience, durability, speed, output and cost. It may also depend on which popcorn popper makes the healthiest version. Popcorn is generally considered a healthy snack because it’s a whole-grain, fiber-rich food that’s low in calories and it provides complex carbohydrates for energy and stamina.

Although, if you’re adding a lot of salt and butter, it’s not going to be a healthy snack. If you’re monitoring your health, or if someone in your family is, consider getting an air popper. This style of popcorn maker is designed to pop the corn by turning the moisture inside each kernel to steam, rather than by heating oil to a high enough temperature to explode the corn. This creates a healthier bowl of popcorn.

What’s the best popcorn popper for me?

There are several options, and some people still use a specialized stainless steel pot with cooking oil to make popcorn. You can also use a microwave, which is quick and convenient. If you’re hosting an event or large celebration, a commercial popcorn machine is a popular option because it can quickly make up to 48 cups of popcorn at a time. Lastly, a hot air popcorn popper uses a heated air fan system to rapidly produce fluffy, airy kernels and doesn’t use oil. 

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