Star Wars™ Battlefront™ - PlayStation 4

ESRB Rating: Teen
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    • Star Wars Battlefront

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    88% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (2866 out of 3264)

    Product Details

    • Developer: Electronic Arts
    • Publisher: EA
    • Platform: PlayStation 4
    • Genre: First Person Shooter
    • Release Date: 11/17/2015


    The ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping down. Rebel forces firing blasters. Imperial speeder bikes zipping by. Intense dogfights between squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters filling the skies. Immerse yourself in the epic Star Wars™ battles you've always dreamed of and create new heroic moments of your own in Star Wars™ Battlefront™.


    The Most Immersive and Photorealistic Interactive Entertainment Experience

    Visit classic planets from the original Star Wars™ trilogy, detailed with an unprecedented amount of realism and sense of authenticity that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away

    Experience amazing digital replicas of the original Star Wars movie models, brought to lifelike fidelity by DICE's use of photogrammetry technology

    Ground-based Combat on a Galactic Scale

    Engage in epic battles on iconic planets including Hoth, Endor, and Tatooine. Also, bring the fight to the previously unexplored planet, Sullust.

    Pilot a diverse set of ground-based vehicles including nimble speeder bikes, massive AT-ATs, and more

    Master the Battlefront with Iconic Star Wars Characters

    Play as some of the most memorable characters in the Star Wars universe including Darth Vader and Boba Fett

    Encounter a variety of beloved characters from the original trilogy such as C-3PO and R2-D2

    Take to the Skies in Epic Star Wars Dog Fights

    Pilot the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, TIE fighters, and more of your favorite vehicles in exhilarating aerial combat

    Made for Jedi and Padawans Alike

    Battle alongside your friends online or in offline split-screen Co-op mode

    Seamlessly swap between 1st person and 3rd person views

    STAR WARS © & TM 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Game code and certain audio and/or visual material © 2015 Electronic Arts Inc.

    Customer rating

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    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Utterly disappointing, a 60 dollar demo

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Star Wars Battlefront is probably the most disappointing Star Wars title released since the prequel trilogy. There's no way I can put enough quotation marks around the word "game," so I won't even try. Without online access, the game feels like a demo, with the only options for play comprising the tutorial missions and 3 uninspired FPS modes that can be played on a grand total of four maps. Even with access to the multiplayer features, the game falls short of feeling like a full product. There is nothing resembling a campaign or story mode, and most of the various multiplayer modes lack innovation and variety. Vehicle choices are severely limited and their controls overly simplistic. Once again, only four maps exist for the larger battle modes, with twice as many smaller maps offered for game sessions under 20 players (but only in specific types of gameplay). The "space" battles are relegated to the atmospheres of the same four map choices offered in the larger game types, and flying feels repetitive and mechanical thanks to maneuverability being governed by cooldown timers. With flying missions being only offered in one style of combat, this game is essentially just another FPS shooter, yet the range of personal combat styles and weapon choices is laughable narrow. A total of eleven weapons currently exist, all of them blasters of some sort, so they don't feel very unique. Instead of classes, players are allowed to select 3 cooldown powers, yet it seems that these are unbalanced and most people consistently choose the same "star cars" over and over. Playing as a hero unit in a multiplayer match seems to be a random occurance for a lucky few, and they are so overpowered that once one player becomes a hero, it is not likely that another person will get their turn any time soon in the match, and that's assuming the hero eventually dies. I've seen repeated matches where one player was able to survive as their hero character for nearly the entire mission. Vehicles in land battles also are gained by luck it would seem, accessed by finding power ups randomly dispersed throughout the map. I must reiterate that choices are limited; you have the option of the AT-ST as the empire, or nothing at all as the Rebels. There are also fighters available for the land battles, but they are ultimately useless due to their speed and inability to lock on to grounded targets. Spawning is poorly designed, and results in some pretty hilarious moments, such as being dropped into a group of hostile players who immediately pummel you to death. Coordination with teammates doesn't seem to be an offered feature of this game, so really, it never feels all that important to stay alive. After the initial hour of play, I felt absolutely apathetic about winning or losing, and after three hours, the game had mindlessly repetitive and exhaustingly boring. The good news is that the developer's will be releasing loads of DLC in the near future, which possibly might address most of the grievances listed here. The bad news is these will probably come in 30 dollar installments (and I think they have 4 planned so far) so try not to get upset about paying these guys a hundred bucks extra just to finish the game you already bought and now can't return. Despite being one of the best-looking games I have ever played, this incarnation of Battlefront lacks a tenth of the appeal that the originals had, and feels like a lazy cash grab based solely on the idea that the Star Wars label can sell anything, even garbage.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Stuck on the fence?

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Allow me to introduce you to Stan, Michelle and Zane, three very different gamers. After spending multiple hours playing Battlefront, they have differing opinions about Battlefront for a diverse set of reasons. Which one can you most relate to? Meet Stan. Stan is a hard-working guy who is totally focused on providing for his wife and two kids. Gaming used to be Stan's main hobby, but as his career and family has grown his gaming time has dwindled to a few limited hours per week (if he's lucky). Stan is also a massive Star Wars fan, never passing up the chance to watch one of the movies with his kids (who are also major fans) or to talk about the lore with his co-workers. When he first saw Battlefront's commercial a few months ago, he immediately became ecstatic about playing in his favorite Star Wars battles like in many of the older Star Wars games he remembers fondly. After picking up an X1 and getting started in Battlefront, Stan can't stop playing Battlefront when he does get his precious game time. He appreciates how easy it is to pick up the game and play. When Stan tried some of the popular shooters in recent years, he quickly grew overwhelmed at the various weapon perks, progression paths, challenges, etc., and loves that it has all been streamlined in Battlefront to be a simple list of unlockable weapons, in-game Star Cards and basic appearance options. One of his favorite things about Battlefront is that it's so easy to grasp he can play with his kids -- giving him a few extra hours each week to play his favorite mode, Walker Assault. There's no question in Stan's mind he made a great and fun investment. He and his family will be enjoying Battlefront for the foreseeable future. Meet Michelle. Michelle is an unashamed gamer, spending multiple hours each week on her PS4 in addition to other hobbies and her day job. While Michelle's game library consists of a variety of genres, she is no stranger to Shooters and regularly enjoys a decent KDR in Battlefield and Call of Duty. Being someone who grew up on Star Wars, she instantly remembered her fun early gaming days of Battlefront I&II on PS2 when she first read about DICE developing a Battlefront re-boot. She was excited, yet cautiously reserved, knowing the recent rocky trend of Shooters being Multiplayer-only focused with developers awkwardly balancing a $60 game with Season Passes/DLC. Still, she played the Battlefront Beta and was pleased with the simple gameplay. So pleased, she pre-ordered and continued to enjoy the full game upon release. While Michelle is comfortable with and can get wrapped up in the deep progression and customization of Shooters like Destiny and Call of Duty, 2014-2015's constant release of Shooters makes her find Battlefront's barebones approach very refreshing. She appreciates the arcade-like feel, and her past experience with Shooters made her quickly excel among other players online. Still, after a few hours she has a few concerns. Michelle doesn't like how there are only a few maps in the biggest modes, Supremacy and Walker Assault, despite there being 12 maps advertised and only more accessible on the smaller game modes. In addition, though she found several of the smaller modes like the Domination-esque Drop Zone and Heroes vs. Villains to be a blast, some of the other modes felt like tacked on derivatives with not much depth. Despite her concerns over the content being light compared to other recent Shooter releases, Michelle has no doubt she'll put 30-40 hours into Battlefront easily, even if it doesn't end up as her favorite Shooter of 2015. Meet Zane. Zane's only hobby is competitive gaming. He owns a PS4, X1 and a gaming PC that he frequently enjoys playing Counter Strike and Battlefield on. He has been in a competitive clan for a number of years that regularly practices multiple days (if not everyday) each week. Zane likes Star Wars, but isn't a major fan. He remembers loving the original Battlefront games, and upon seeing DICE's gameplay progress on the game, Zane instantly became skeptical. He felt it looked way too accessible, and he was very angry that DICE would alienate Single Player gamers by not including a complete Single-Player campaign. When the Beta came around, he only played a few hours before writing it off. There wasn't enough progression. There wasn't any deep way to customize your loadout, and Zane hated that if your blaster overheats you don't have a true Secondary to use in tight situations. Have I mentioned he felt he died too easily? Zane admits a skill gap is present, but it's not as precise or competitive as CoD or CS. When Battlefront released, he borrowed a copy from a friend and felt the same way. Engagements felt the same. Zane felt DICE really screwed the pooch on the amount of maps for the bigger modes. He was very happy to get back to his clanmates and wrecking kids in Black Ops 3, never looking back at Battlefront. ----- I hope you enjoyed my review and felt one of the above gamers were ones you could relate to in a way that shares your feelings on the game or will help in your decision to buy or not buy Battlefront. DICE built a multiplayer game that is designed to appeal to everyone, being as accessible as possible. By nature it will put off highly competitive, "hardcore" gamers. My review focuses on MP as I have not played any Survival Missions yet. Will update this when I get a chance to do so.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Multiplayer Star Wars Goodness!

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I'm not a huge multiplayer gamer. I often buy multiplayer games, mostly for campaign and solo play, but as an older gamer who has watched the "genesis" of multiplayer "evolve" from a day where people once ended matches with "good game all" to the current state where anonymity behind a monitor lends itself to tantrums, curses, and blatant accusations; I've all but given up on playing with strangers. In fact, when Battlefront was first promoted heavily over the summer, I turned to my wife and said "there's one game you don't have to worry about me wanting". (I have a video game addiction lol). As it turned out, while I recover from surgery, my sister sent me a game I already had, so we took it back to Best Buy to exchange. In the meantime, reviews of SWB had come in and had given me enough curiosity that I figured the exchange, even if I disliked SWB, would be worth a chance. I'm here to tell you that SWB is EXCELLENT. My disdain for the online "experts" barking orders or issuing insults was allayed by SWB simply not having any sort of in-game communications- no voice, no text. My other fear- as a PC Gamer, as well, is the First person shooting aspect. While playing FPS against AI is never an issue, I've always been of the mind that a mouse is better than a game pad. SWB offers a not heavily advertised 3rd person view; switching to this not only offered me a more familiar control scheme on console, but also offers a better view of the battlefield. The game offers a ton of game modes, in both the single player (or co-op with a friend) and multiplayer sides of the game. It is important to note there is no campaign to play, if that's a selling point to you. Between troop fighting, aerial combat, and even controlling one of six heroes (3 each side- Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, or Princess Leia) there's lots of fun ways to enjoy the huge battles on familiar planets like Hoth, Endor, or Tatooine. It's also important to note that with Star Wars at fever pitch with the new movie, EA has opted to not include anything from Force Awakens, and has stated they will not in any future DLC. The closest you'll get is a battle that takes place between Return of the Jedi & Force Awakens. (This DLC "Battle of Jakku" is free to all owners of SWB- future DLC will require purchase). All sound effects, music, and visuals are direct from the movies- and all are PERFECT. As someone who normally loathes multiplayer-centric games, SWB has ended my sabbatical. Can be played when you have 20minutes to kill or want to fill an afternoon. There's lots of nuance and patience that needs to be learned before you'll see your name at the top of the leaderboards, but when that begins to happen, it will bring a smile to your face. In fact, SWB has hit the nail on the head so perfectly, I found myself doing something else I normally don't do... Buying the season pass (also available at Best Buy!) so my game will continue on into 2017.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      I don't recommend for local play

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member
      • Top 500 ContributorTop 500 Contributor

      I was ecstatic about preordering and buying this game. It has lost the spirit of Battlefront 1 & 2, which were two of my favorites all-time. No campaigns in this version. No story. The real kicker was that (let's be real) the most exciting part about playing this game was to fly the Millennium Falcon either playing by myself or with my nephew at my house, who doesn't own a PS4. You can't do that. Slave 1, Boba Fett's ship, was exciting too. Haven't even seen either one in play. You HAVE to be willing to only play online, with a paid PlayStation Plus membership, to even access these features. You can't even do dogfights or aerial battles outside the dirt-simple, single-difficulty training mode guessed have a paid membership and are willing to play online multiplayer. Honestly, 80% of this game is unavailable to you if you don't want to play online. I miss the days of mastering battlegrounds, ground tactics, space battles, and campaigns just by myself or with a good friend. If you want to play online, more power to you. I have no beef with the membership - PS+ does have some good perks when I had it - but based on other reviews on EA's sites, I am definitely not alone when it comes to just simply liking to play the computer or against one friend in splitscreen. My nephew and I were really looking forward to playing this game together, but I personally would rather spend my money on other things than a PS+ membership. I really don't appreciate how limited the value of this game is if you prefer to game solo or locally. Multiple friends of mine have decided not to buy this game because online gaming just isn't how they play. Just wanted people to know this before shelling out!

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Just because you pour syrup on something...


      ...doesnt make it pancakes. What I mean by that is just because it's Star Wars, doesn't mean its good. This is a horrible game. Once the nostalgia of Star Wars wears off, the flaws of the game are apparent. The weapons are junk. They all have the same range and accuracy, despite the different ratings. Only difference is rate of fire and mobility based on size of weapon. And it's much better, more accurate and more lethal to hip fire than it is to aim down the sights. The game modes are terrible. Only fun ones are Fighter Squadron, where you can fly they iconic air ships in huge fights in the sky, and Heroes vs Villains where it's 6v6 and 3 players on each side get to be Luke, Leia or Han for heroes or Vader, Emperor or Boba Fett for villains. TDM is disappointing because you can't use any of the heroes or villains, or fly any of the ships. If you want to play a team deathmatch style game mode and use heroes, villains, ships and AT-ATs you have to play Supremacy, a giant 20v20 capture the point game that is huge and you could be running to a capture point on the other side of the map, going away from the battles, only to have someone randomly spawn in front or behind you and kill you. The maps are beautiful as far as aesthetics go, but for a FPS, they just don't work. The sound effects are authentic and great. Blasters, lightsabers, all of it sounds like the movie, which is the only good thing i can say about it. If you like the Battlefield games, you'll probably like this, because it's battlefield 4.5 dressed up as star wars. If you want a good game, go buy Fallout 4. If you want a good FPS, go buy Black Ops 3 (decent) or Rainbow Six Siege (really good FPS). Hope this helps you.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Not what I expected

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I loved the first two Star Wars Battlefronts on the PS2. I had high expectations for this game. Unfortunately they were not met. The graphics and sound are beautiful. The gameplay, not so much. To start, there is no single player story mode. There are only 4 maps to play on and you can choose between survival mode or deathmatch against the AI. I found the tutorial more fun than either. In my opinion the MAPs for both are extremely small, especially the deathmatch (kill 100 AI and collect their tokens to win). The game was made for online multiplayer. There are more game options (CTF, deathmatch, Domination, dogfighting, etc) for multiplayer and the 20vs20 seems to play without lag or hiccups (for now). Some of the MAPs seem a little larger for some of the games but still overall small, or at least smaller than what I can remember for the original Battlefronts. You can only go in vehicles if you get the power ups. You are not able to just grab a speeder bike or xwing and fly off, so much less vehicle interaction as well. You do get to play as the heroes or villains like in the originals. I think the biggest insult to the consumer is that you only get 4 maps to start but they are already saying that if you buy the season pass you can get the 4 expansion packs they are planning on releasing. So basically for $60 you get 4 MAPs and then for another $50+ they will allow you to play on more, which should already be included in the game like the original Battlefronts. The only thing that will keep me playing for another week or two is to level up my Rank (which you can only do online) and unlock all the extra customizations (guns, accessories, etc). After that, I'm not sure it holds much replay value (like original Battlefronts). My recommendation to those of you who where fans of the original is to rent the game or buy it used so you can return it after a week or so. Don't pay the full price as you will be disappointed.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great game for beginners at 1st person shooter

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      I've always been more of sports game type player and never been big on 1st person shooter type games. Since I'm not a total gamer and don't spend all my free hours playing video games, I hardly ever play online. The few times I played online with the ps3, I didn't stand a chance and lost games in record time. I bought the ps4 on impulse around Christmas time b/c what they were offering was really to good to pass up. After talking with a co-worker who is a gamer, he really likes this game. It was on sale in the playstation store for $23 so I decided to buy it over the weekend. It is very hard to me and frustrating b/c I have no clue with what I'm doing. But each day I play it, I am getting to understand how to play it better. This is a great 1st person shooter game for beginners like myself when playing online. The two multiplayer games I play online the most, you have about 20 people on your team. My best record to date was 4 kills & 18 deaths. lol I am ranked very low so I don't do much damage but I get points for playing and extra points for being on the winning team. So you can still raise your rank for sucking at the game and get points to buy bigger and better guns. You can also toggle from 1st to 3rd person while in play. Even though people complain about this game not having a campaign mode, that really doesn't bother me. They have enough different types of games you can play offline to entertain yourself or play with a friend on split screen. It is basically to train and perfect your skills. That way when you do play online, you are killing more than you are dying. Or when flying, you aren't killing yourself b/c you crashed. I kill myself a lot when flying and you don't get credit for a kill when you blow up a Walker doing a kamikaze. If you never played 1st person shooters like me and want to learn, I think this game is a perfect game to learn. I'm not sure I would pay $60 for the game but I don't like paying $60 for any game. This was a steal for me at $23.00

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      A Battlefront for (Most)

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Star Wars Battlefront is an icon amongst gaming history. Not only does it combine the shoot em' up action of Call of Duty with the feel and looks of Star Wars, it immerses fans in a place where they can truly live to see the Saga unfold, right in their own living room. So, when Disney announced Battlefront would return, my heart just leaped for joy, But, when I got the game, my expectations were only half filed. The game's main issue is the lack of a single player campaign. No, those Modern Warfare 2 Operations style missions don't count. I was hoping that players could get a chance to play in fights in between the movies, maybe even add some new stories to the new canon. But, that didn't happen. EA, please, stop acting like its all about the money and give us a game that has EVERYTHING we need, not some expensive DLC that should have been included with the game in the first place. YouTube has proven that's all you care about. The graphics though, I mean WOW. These are literally the best graphics I have ever seen, especially on the PlayStation 4. It looks super real, it feels like you're in the Star Wars universe, and it just boggles my mind how good it looks. That alone is definitely worth the buy. In terms of multiplayer, it is still enjoyable, and I will admit that its better than Call of Duty's for the most part. But, I do wish there were more customization options, like maybe a player could customize the look of their Stormtrooper armor or something. Also, there's not much options on the Imperial side other than carbon copies of the Rebel's options with armor and no helmet. That and the aliens on the Rebel side have more than one standard look. Maybe that could be added in later. The controls are easy to use, and there are plenty of options. In my personal opinion, I would get Battlefront just for the multiplayer. There is no single player campaign, and I'm hoping EA learns that for Battlefront II's reboot. Its no redeemer like the Force Awakens, but it can still partly hold up.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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