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If you're really into beer — trying new craft beers, brewing your own, even designing your bar to showcase your hobby — you've come to the right place.

Design Your Bar Around Beer


Designed to hold standard-sized kegs, these refrigerators will keep your beer chilled properly while providing one or more taps for easy dispensing.

Beverage Centers

A step up from a standard mini fridge, these refrigerators make it easy to see, organize and chill a variety of beverages to the proper temperature.

Home Brewing Supplies

Create your own craft beers at home with these brewing kits and refill supplies.

Countertop Beer Dispensers

Give ordinary beer a lift with the flavor-enhancing properties of these beer dispensers.

Brewing system

PicoBrew Brewing System

Brew celebrated, award-winning beers from brewery partners around the world or craft your own custom creations. Ferment and carbonate your favorite beers with the touch of a button with easy-to-use PicoPaks, and achieve results in just two hours.

People drinking wine

Connect with a Wine Enthusiast

Invite the wine lover in your home to the party. These wine coolers, racks, aerators and accessories will appeal to every wine connoisseur.

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For the Beer Lover

How to Go from Beginning to Brewmaster

Whether you're a brewmaster just starting to tap into your love of craft beer or looking to design a beer bar, Best Buy knows you need the right products to fully enjoy your homebrew experience. We also understand the importance of being able to select the perfect beer for every occasion.

With the novice beer enthusiast and home brewer in mind, we have the right products for everyone to showcase their hobby. They also make for great gifts for beer lovers in your life.

Watching the Big Game

What do you do when the big game is on and you want a refill, but don't want to miss a minute of the action? Instead of hoping there's a commercial break coming soon, make a much easier call than what to do on fourth and goal and have your favorite beer on tap. With a variety of homebrew kits and supplies that let you make your very own craft beer, you can also impress guests by brewing it yourself.

What food goes great with beer and the big game? Adding a pizza oven to your beer bar is not only a delicious decision, it's also convenient. Don't stop at one great gameday dish when you can add a freezer to store favorite frozen snacks. With great food and beer easily accessible, make your beer bar the ultimate gameday experience and cheer on your favorite team in front of an ultra-high definition television.

Quality Time with Family and Friends

Keeping your beer bar stocked with plenty of options means everyone can focus what matters most — quality time. Whether it's your homebrew or something else, have their favorite beer on hand and take in the enjoyment of each other's company as you reminisce about the good times, share recent news and plan future get togethers. While the conversation and beer are flowing, have snacks that go great with both such as fresh popcorn from your own popcorn machine.