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Things to consider when you look for an e-vehicle.

You may have plenty of questions as you shop for electric vehicles. Here are some common ones.

How long does a battery charge last?
Different batteries hold different amounts of power. Typically, you’ll see a charge range in hours or average number of miles. Think about how much demand you expect to put on your battery and choose accordingly.

How long does it take to recharge the vehicle’s battery?
If you’re using your e-vehicle as a commuting vehicle or you just like taking long rides, recharging can be an important factor. Most e-vehicles come with a recharging device that plugs into a standard outlet. Some take longer to fully recharge than others, with 4- to 8-hour recharge times being common. Check the battery-charge time in the product’s specs to make sure the range meets your needs.

Is the e-vehicle portable?
Many commuters carry or store their e-vehicles on parts of their routes, and some e-vehicles are much easier to transport than others. Check the product’s weight and measurements to determine how easy it is to carry. If appropriate, see if it’s foldable.

How fast does it go?
Knowing how fast an e-vehicle can go may be important to you for many reasons. Maybe you’re buying a rideable for your child or a younger loved one, which means safety is of utmost importance. Some e-vehicles can reach 20 mph. Check the e-vehicle’s specifications to see if the maximum speed works for the intended rider.

What is the maximum rider weight?
Weight limits can be found in the specifications section, and they typically have a maximum limit between 198 and 270 pounds. Riding above the recommended weight can lead to safety problems and performance issues like difficulty reaching top speed and maximum climbing capability.

Is there a minimum recommended age?
Safety is always an important consideration. An e-vehicle’s minimum age is provided by the manufacturer and can be found in the product specifications. You can find e-vehicles suitable for children aged 6 to 13, some models for teens up to 18 years old, and others made for adults over 18. If you have a young rider, you may want to seek out an e-vehicle designed specifically for children.

Does the vehicle come with an app?
Some makes and models have their own apps that can track distance traveled, charging needs and more; in a few cases, GPS is available. Again, check in the specifications section or look at the manufacturer’s website.