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Swann Professional 8-Channel, 8-Dome Cameras 4K UHD, Indoor/Outdoor PoE Wired 2TB HDD NVR Security Surveillance System - White

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Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars with 70 reviews

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  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Love the camera's clear picture

    I love the camera's and they're super clear but i wish i knew how to view them on my desktop but i don't like the flimsy ethernet cords that came with them so i ended up making my own ethernet connections.

    Posted by DonovanM

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Theft Deterent and Video Recorder

    The Swann Professional Enforcer Security System is a commercial grade NVR system that is packaged with an Eight (8) - Channel 2TB Hard Drive Network Video Recorder (NVR), four (4) Enforcer Controllable Flashing 4K Ultra HD Lights with 2-Way Audio, is a system that records for up to a year, is expandable to include up to Eight (8) Cameras, and has a one (1)-year warranty that can be extended. Flashing lights of blue and red with sirens are designed into the system to deter intruders. The Night2Day camera technology allows for color vision at night, and a 2-way talk is built into each camera where you can speak, hear, and record sounds. Installation is easy with the PoE Setup that even includes ethernet cable for each camera, and ethernet to the broadband. A customizable feature of the system is that the cameras can be setup for facial recognition that allows one to detect and be alerted of specific people. The system even works with ‘Hey Google’ and ‘Alexa’ where interaction with either of these enables speaking commands. A mobile app that collaborates with either Android or iOS allows for control of the system from wherever you are as long as you have a strong internet connection. Remote viewing is a necessity for most people today. What is in the box? Everything needed to install the four cameras and the NVR is included in the retail box. These items are an Eight (8) Channel NVR with a 2TB Hard Drive, four (4) - 4K Enforcer Cameras, four (4) - Ethernet Cable lengths of sixty feet each, one (1) – Ethernet Cable of three feet, an HDMI Cable, a Mouse, a Power Adapter, Mounting Screws and Plugs, Operating Instructions and Theft Deterrent Stickers. However, to make the system work you will still need 1. Electrical power, 2. A high-definition TV capable of displaying 720p or 1080 p video, 3. A router with a broadband internet connection, and 4. A mobile device to download either the Android or iOS app so that the system can be controlled remotely. The Cameras are very well constructed and made of all-weather resistant materials. The craftsmanship appears to be of exceptional quality. Each camera has a high-powered sensor spotlight and red and blue controllable flashing lights. They each also have an infrared cut filter for night vision, and a proprietary heat and motion sensor that uses ‘True Detect’ technology. The 4K Ultra HD allows for detailed video and the NVR or Network Video Recorder can retain the video for up to 1 year on its 2 TB hard drive. The difference in the DVR and the NVR is that the camera on the NVR system actually encrypts and processes data at the camera and then sends the images to the NVR recorder for viewing and for storage. The video sent is of high quality and with the color night vision and ability to detect certain specific facial recognitions, and all of these features and the quality of the overall product make this an excellent security system. It is compact, the hardware is easy to install, and the setup of making an account, connecting to your internet broadband, mobile app, etc. is very streamlined and easy to do. All of the steps are outlined in the directions which are written to be clear and concise. I recommend you give this system a try if you are in the market for a system that will secure your home, deter intruders, and provide the necessary video storage of any intruder that you may need later for prosecution.

    Posted by SwigglesMilam

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Very Good All-in-One Video Security Package

    The Swann - Pro Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Bullet Camera Indoor/Outdoor PoE Wired 4K UHD 2TB HDD NVR Security Surveillance System - White provides 4 bullet cameras that stream at 4k and all the required accessories required to set up a complete video security system. You can add 4 additional cameras for a total of eight. The Swann requires no monthly subscriptions, so once purchased, there are no additional costs. You can access the NVR (video recorder) video recordings by connecting the system to a TV or monitor, and/or via an app on your smartphone. Set up is easy as it's just a matter of connecting the cameras to the back of the NVR, which you connecting to your network. The system provides a myriad of options which would require a completely separate review to cover, but you can also simply plug it in and they will start working -- they'll automatically detect movement and start recording. All you need to do is select the cameras from the admin interface and you're set to go. They'll even pick up movement from heat generating objects so someone lurking in the bushes or in shadowed areas will trigger a recording. The camera also supports colored night vision, though for practical use there does need to be external light sources from somewhere. Without external light sources the infrared mode works much better. The cameras also have sirens and lights that can be triggered by movement. They are quite loud and using them is completely optional. They can also be activated manually from your NVR or phone. If you are notified of a detection, look, and see a stranger in your yard, or perhaps a dangerous animal if you live in a rural area, you can set it manually to encourage them to leave. You can also set notifications to alert you via your phone when movement is triggered, so you can even be notified remotely and check in and view your cameras while away from your property. The 4k video is stunning and allows for so much more detail than standard HD, which lacks detail and makes it difficult or impossible to identify a face or a license plate number. Overall, the functions and features make this system well worth the purchase and adding to that is there are no added subscription fees makes it an easy recommendation. Despite the many positives, there are some minor annoyances which keeps me from giving a five-star review. The "Pro" designation that sets this system apart from the standard Enforcer series seems to only be that they use Ethernet cable rather than Coax cable for the wired connection. The bullet cameras are slightly different in shape; however, the specifications appear to be identical. Power over Ethernet (PoE) makes running cables and connecting much easier and less messy -- you don't have to connect a separate power source as the prover is provided by the NVR via the single ethernet cable connected to the camera, however rather than the cable plugging straight into the camera, it attaches to a connector that is wired to the camera (see one of attached photos), preventing a clean wiring connection. It's a small annoyance in an otherwise great system, but it certainly could have been thought out better. The provided cables also feel rather cheap, but you can always buy your own cable in bulk, which will add cost, but will hold up better for outside use and allow for longer wiring runs than from those provided in the package.

    Posted by hahanson