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Check Out These Top Trends in Holiday Tech

Speaker, virtual reality headset

You’ll be seeing a lot more of the latest technology in products this holiday season, and it’s all about entertainment, connectivity and mobility.

Best Buy has the newest tech from the top brands, and our expert Blue Shirts and Geek Squad Agents can help you pick the right gift and enjoy it. Get a head start on a successful shopping season by getting familiar with some top tech trends. 

Virtual Reality

The latest gaming technology is on everyone’s minds (and eyes) this holiday season. Virtual reality (VR) technology offers users the chance to interact with and fully experience the action, sound and visual imagery of 3D video games, video clips, movies and more.

This year’s release of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR has given gamers plenty to be excited about. The interactive headsets allow users to feel completely immersed in a virtual environment while playing.

VR isn’t just for gamers, though, and there are options available at many price points for people wanting to experience the new technology. ReTrak and Homido are great lower-cost options that work with smartphones.

Smart Home

The teched-out home is on the forefront this holiday season. Convenience is the key to making your life at home run smoothly, and these gifts will help your recipients with that — in a huge way.

Simplify everyday life with Google Home, a voice-activated speaker to help you with almost any question or task you have. This assistant allows you to use voice commands to enjoy music, get answers from Google, and manage everyday tasks. Plus, it’s compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. You can also easily use it with compatible smart devices, such as Chromecast or Nest products.

Also new from Google is Chromecast Ultra, slated to be in Best Buy stores and online in November. The Chromecast Ultra contains everything you love about Chromecast plus faster processing speeds and up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR picture quality. You can use your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Android device, or laptop to stream thousands of apps to your TV, including TV shows, movies, games and more.

When it comes to the kitchen, you no longer have to think about setting your coffeemaker the night before, because the Nespresso Prodigio & Milk coffee and espresso machine offers wireless connectivity so you can schedule a brewing time right from your smartphone.

Smart home security provides the outside of your home with the attention it deserves.The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Controller opens and closes your garage door, even when you aren't at home. Plus, you can get alerts on your smartphone whenever someone opens or closes the door, and you can easily check to see whether you left it open.

Home Networking

The average U.S. household has more devices connected to its network than its current router can handle. To make sure all those cool smart home devices work successfully, it’s a good idea to make sure the home Internet network is at its best.

The hot trend now is mesh networking, which helps prevent dead zones. Networking systems like eero create multiple access points throughout the house for reliable Wi-Fi in every room. It also allows for the creation of profiles for family members to help manage schedules for Internet access.

Wireless Audio

From noise-canceling to sport (think sweat-resistant), over-the-ear, and truly wireless, there are headphone options for every type of lifestyle.

When it comes to wireless, the Beats Solo3 is a solid everyday headphone with a sleek design that’s durable and portable.

For those who work in a noisy office or are frequent travelers, a noise-canceling option might be the right choice. Bose QuietComfort 35 over-the-ear headphones are engineered with noise cancellation that makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better.

The newest version of wireless audio now even takes earbud wire connectors out of the equation. Samsung IconX headphones are truly wireless and allow for ultimate mobility during workouts. They double as a fitness tracker to record distance, speed and calories burned, and they can store up to 1,000 songs.

All of these trendy gift ideas are great for the person on your list who is always interested in the newest gadgets. If none of these do the trick, though, gift cards are always a safe bet.