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The Incredibles [WS] [2 Discs] [DVD] [2004]

Release Date:03/15/2005
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Pixar's award-winning animated adventure film for the entire family The Incredibles gets a truly super treatment on this two-disc DVD release from Disney/Buena Vista Home Entertainment. After a short introduction from the film's writer and director, Brad Bird, the first disc kicks into full gear with a razor-sharp, spectacular 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen picture transfer. The disc's picture, which has been taken directly from the digital source, is breathtaking and is perfect for showing off the powers of a high-definition television. The film's lush audio is also wonderfully represented for home viewing with a THX-mastered soundtrack, presented in English, Spanish, or French Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround EX. The result is an audio presentation that thrusts the viewer into the film's world. A lively and informative audio commentary track from Brad Bird is also available. As if the phenomenal work done on the first disc wasn't enough, Pixar continues its proud tradition of including a generous helping of some impressive bonus features on a stuffed second disc. Starting out with another introduction from Bird, disc two of the Incredibles gets rolling with a collection of six deleted scenes. Each deleted scene has an introduction from Bird and features a combination of storyboards and half-finished animation. While most scenes are understandably disposable, they provide an interesting look at how the film might have been. Next up is the terrific exclusive Pixar-animated short Jack-Jack Attack, featuring the ultra cute baby of the Incredibles family contending with a babysitter. Also included is the acclaimed Pixar-animated short that played with The Incredibles' theatrical release, Boundin'. An audio commentary track is included for Boundin' by the film's director, Bud Luckey, as well as a short featurette on Luckey and his history in animation. From there, the viewer goes right into the lengthy and compelling "Making the Incredibles" featurette. Covering every single aspect of the film's long and complicated production, this documentary offers a raw and fascinating look at director Brad Bird and what goes into to making a hit family film. Next is a strange nine-minute mini-documentary with Sarah Vowell, who voiced the Incredibles daughter Violet. Vowell spends most of the time talking to the camera about her love for American history and Abraham Lincoln. An unusual highlight comes toward the end when she introduces a Violet action figure to her Lincoln action figure. A section of the DVD titled "Top Secret" finds many more unusual features, like a fictional 1960s-style Mr. Incredible cartoon with an optional hilarious audio commentary by the characters. Also in the "Top Secret" area are secret files on all the lost "supers" seen in the film, with a brilliant audio commentary from each character. Rounding out the disc are a series of bloopers and technical goof-ups from the film, a massive and attractive art gallery, a trailer collection, and a series of well-hidden secret Easter eggs. With all of these fine features, it is clear that this release of The Incredibles on DVD is destined, just like the film itself, to become an instant family classic.


Filmmakers' audio commentaries

"Jack-Jack Attack" -- Jack-Jack challenges Kari the babysitter in an exclusive, all-new animated short

Academy Award-nominated Pixar Animation Studios short film "Boundin'"

"Incredi-Blunders" bloopers and outtakes

Deleted scenes and alternate opening

Top-secret files on all the supers

Behind-the-scenes making of The Incredibles

And much more