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The Three Stooges: Stooged and Confoosed [DVD]

Release Date:08/10/2004

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    Special Features

    • 'Coloring the Classics' featurette


    No Census, No Feeling
    At the start of this comic short, the Three Stooges are unemployed. They've been sleeping in the awning of a swap shop and are rudely awakened when the shop owner unrolls it. After turning the store into a disaster area, the trio run away. They escape to city hall and exit as census takers. Excited over their four-cents-per-head fee, they get working. One place they invade is a mansion during a party. Curly, who has been flirting with the maid in the kitchen, mixes the punch and sweetens it with alum, which he mistakes for powdered sugar. Meanwhile, Moe and Larry somehow get collared by the hostess into playing bridge. When the card players drink the alum-saturated punch, their mouths shrivel up, which makes bidding very difficult. Curly and the maid get into a spat and the hostess, who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, winds up with a dress soaked with punch. The Stooges dash off and find a stadium full of spectators watching a football game. The potential income from all these surveys is very appealing, so the boys sneak into the stadium and start off by trying to survey the players. This doesn't go over very well with the team, and after The Stooges have disrupted the game, the players chase them out of the stadium and into the street. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

    An Ache in Every Stake
    The Three Stooges play ice delivery men in this comic short. It's a hot day, and they've been cooling off in the back of the truck; in fact, Curly has gotten his head stuck inside a block of ice. After the other two Stooges free him, he bowls a strike with another block of ice and some milk bottles. Finally he is put into service carrying some ice up a long, long flight of stairs (no, they're not the same stairs used in Laurel and Hardy's short, The Music Box, but they seem to be located in the same area of Los Angeles -- the Silverlake district). By the time Curly reaches the top, the ice block has melted into an ice cube. As a solution the boys bring the ice box down the stairs and load it up at the bottom -- a good idea except that near the top the filled cabinet goes barreling down the steps and smashes into a man (Vernon Dent) holding a cake. Up at the house, the Stooges annoy the cook into quitting, and the dismayed matron has no one to fix dinner for her husband's birthday party. The well-meaning Stooges volunteer their services, with the predictably disastrous results. The finale is a fresh cake, which the boys have pumped full of gas because it fell. With a huge blast it explodes, sending the Stooges back down the long, long flight of stairs. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

    You Nazty Spy!
    The United States had not yet entered World War II when The Three Stooges made this short (and its 1941 sequel, I'll Never Heil Again). Lampooning the Third Reich had not yet become commonplace and, in fact, this comedy two-reeler even came out before Charles Chaplin's The Great Dictator. Three munitions manufacturers in the country of Moronica -- Messrs. Ixnay, Onay, and Amscray -- decide to drum up some business by overthrowing the king and turning the country into a dictatorship. As their pawns they choose their wallpaper hangers, who happen to be the Stooges -- Moe Hailstone, Curly Gallstone, and Larry Pebble. Predictably, Moe winds up in charge, with Curly as Field Marshal and Larry as Minister of Propaganda. There is much politically-based silliness -- Moe giving a speech to the masses as Larry holds "applause" and "cheers" cards; burning books (except for one listing the phone numbers of Curly's girlfriends); and sending a poor unfortunate to a "concentrated camp." The king's daughter (Adrian Booth Bryan) shows up in disguise and tries to put a halt to the Stooges' shenanigans. Curly is supposed to execute her but winds up shooting Moe's backside instead -- "You shot me in the excitement, you fool!" Moe roars. It's too late, anyhow -- the king has gathered up a mob and they're storming the Stooges' palace. The boys decide that their only choice is to abdicate and they do -- right into a den of hungry lions. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

    Violent Is the Word for Curly
    Comedian Charley Chase not only directed this two-reel farce, one of the Three Stooges' most popular, but also contributed a novelty song, "Swingin' the Alphabet." The Stooges are gas station attendants mistaken for European professors and hired by the Mildew Women's College. When the real professors turn up, The Stooges manage to convince a rich benefactress that athletics are more important than scholarly learning -- until, that is, a football filled with nitroglycerin rather makes the question moot. A pun on the tearjerker Valiant Is the Word for Carrie (1936), this two-reel comedy remains a favorite by the legion of Stooges fans. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

    Cast & Crew

    • Moe Howard
      Moe Howard - Moe
    • Larry Fine
      Larry Fine - Larry
    • Curly Howard
      Curly Howard - Curly
    • Vernon Dent
      Vernon Dent
    • Max Davidson
      Max Davidson

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