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The Three Stooges: Stooges at Work [DVD]

Release Date:01/13/2004
The Three Stooges take on the Great American Work Ethic -- with work usually losing by unanimous decision -- in this collection of five classic two-reel comedies. The material on The Three Stooges: Stooges at Work has been transferred to disc in the original full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1, and the audio has been mastered in Dolby Digital Mono. The dialogue is in English, with optional English subtitles; no bonus features or multiple-language options have been included for this edition.
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    Special Features

    • Closed Captioned


    Three Missing Links
    In this Three Stooges comedy, the boys wind up starring in a big movie. First, of course, they start off on the low end of the blue-collar scale -- they're janitors for a movie studio. B.O. Botswaddle, president of Super Terrific Productions, is looking for a co-star for his temperamental leading lady (Jane Hamilton) when the Stooges arrive to clean his office. They create so much havoc that Botswaddle fires them. The boys beg desperately for another chance and it turns out they are aspiring actors. To prove it, Curly does his imitation of a "chicken with its head cut off." His comic contortions (actually a series of his classic moves, including spinning around on the floor) impress Botswaddle, who decides Curly is the "missing link." Moe and Larry are -- what else? -- Neanderthal cave men. They are hired for the film and travel to the African location for shooting. The Stooges run afoul of a Dr. Ba Loni Sulami, a cannibalistic medicine man -- but not before Curly purchases some "love candy" from him in hopes of impressing the leading lady. The candy does wind up serving a useful purpose, while Curly, dressed as a gorilla, is getting ready for his scene, a real gorilla shows up and terrorizes the film crew. Curly eats some of the "love candy" and becomes passionately amorous towards the gorilla. This scares the big ape, who runs off in a panic. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

    Crash Goes the Hash
    While not among their very best, this Three Stooges short is loaded with funny moments. Fuller Bull (Vernon Dent), managing editor of the Daily News, has just fired all his reporters because they have no information on the immanent wedding of Prince Shaam of Ubeedarn to the widowed socialite, Mrs. Van Bustle. Instead he hires three men who he believes to be reporters from the Star -- they're actually the Stooges, who work for Star Cleaners and Pressers. But no matter -- the boys make their way into the Van Bustle home by posing as a chef and two butlers. The head butler (Bud Jamison) is amused by their antics at first, but then they make a disaster out of dinner, thinking canapés means a can-a-peas, and a parrot flies into the turkey, which seemingly comes to life (a gag used several times in Stooges films). They also discover that the Prince is a phony, in league with the head butler to rob the widow. After knocking the thieving pair unconscious, the Stooges bring an exclusive scoop back to the Daily News. Mrs. Van Bustle is so grateful that she decides she'll marry Curly. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

    How High Is Up
    This Three Stooges comedy has no story to speak of, but it's loaded with great gags. The boys are fix-it men who are sleeping under their car. A flood of water from a fire hydrant sends them floating down the street and they wake up in front of an oncoming car. They try to get back to work, but pause to help Curly remove his sweater which he can't seem to get out of. Crowbars don't seem to work, but scissors finally do. To create work for themselves, the Stooges punch holes in the lunch boxes belonging to a group of workmen, but their scam is quickly discovered and they're on the run. To escape their pursuers, the boys claim to be "three of the best riveters that ever riveted," and are sent to work on the 97th floor of a high rise that's under construction. About the only thing Curly knows to do with a rivet is eat it, and the boys' craftsmanship is horrifying at best -- their labor results in a mess of crooked beams. The supervisor is steamed, and the boys fall off the building. Luckily, Curly has a parachute which he figures out how to open just in time. The Stooges land in their car and take off at high speed. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

    Dutiful But Dumb
    The Three Stooges star as inept photographers in this comic short. When they screw up their latest assignment -- getting a clandestine photo of a movie star and his new bride -- their boss (Vernon Dent) has had about enough of them. He sends them to Bulgaria for their next job -- mainly because taking pictures there is against the law and all the other photographers he sent there wound up being shot. It looks like that's going to be the fate of the Stooges, too -- it only takes them a few moments to get caught. But as the firing squad is setting up, Curly requests one last smoke -- and the cigar he pulls out is a couple of feet long. The wait puts everyone to sleep, and enables the threesome to escape. They spend the rest of the film trying to elude their captors. Curly gets the best gags -- while hiding in a radio, he plays music and pretends to be an announcer, and then in a cafe he orders a bowl of oyster soup, containing one very fresh oyster. His surreal battle with the wayward mollusk was repeated in several Stooges shorts, and the gag can be traced back to Mack Sennett days. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

    Booby Dupes
    In this, their second two-reel comedy of 1945, the Three Stooges play fishmongers who decide to buy a boat and catch their own fish. Unfortunately, their "new" boat proves to be an old wreck and sinks in the middle of the ocean. Surviving on a dinghy, the Stooges wave a paint-splattered flag to attract attention. Unfortunately, the rag resembles the Japanese flag and the attention they attract is not what they had anticipated. Brunette Columbia starlet Rebel Randall joined regular Stooges performers Vernon Dent and John Tyrrell in this otherwise average comedy short. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

    Cast & Crew

    • Moe Howard
      Moe Howard - Moe
    • Larry Fine
      Larry Fine - Larry
    • Curly Howard
      Curly Howard - Curly
    • Image coming soon
      Monte Collins, Jr.
    • Image coming soon
      Jane Hamilton

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