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The X-Files: The Complete Fourth Season [6 Discs] [DVD]

Release Date:03/28/2006
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Just when it seemed as though the conspiracy couldn't get any weirder, The X-Files: Season Four brought FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) even more nefarious government escapades with which to contend. In addition to the discovery of the Consortium, an elite international shadow government that includes the mysterious Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) among its membership, the bureau investigators are now privy to highly dangerous Alien Bounty Hunters, virus-carrying bees, and a cruel Russian experiment involving the extraterrestrial black oil. While Mulder is infected with the oil, Scully finds herself with her own potentially fatal affliction when the neck implant she had removed after her abduction appears to have caused the onset a rare form of cancer; several other alleged abductees, all female, are in the same deadly predicament. Meanwhile, the already small group of people Mulder and Scully trust outside one another continues to dwindle in size -- even the motives of steadfast Assistant Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) and Mulder's own mother are in question. In the midst of the cover-up, Mulder and Scully are still faced with their other assignments, which include a strange case of human inbreeding, past lives, shape shifting, and the ability to make oneself invisible.~Tracie Cooper



Disc 1:

Deleted Scenes: 4X02 Unruhe: Extended Scene 8 Scully asks about Mulder's Mother & 4X03 Home: Humorous banter

International Clips: 4X03 Home one minute clips in: German & Japanese

Castillian DVD ROM

Disc 2:

Deleted Scenes: 4X05 The Field Where I died: Giving Melissa a ride & 4X09 Tunguska: Suclly Elaborates

International Clips: 4X09 Tunguska: "Well Manicured Man"

One minute clips in: German & Japanese

Disc 3:

Deleted Scenes: 4X08 Paper Hearts: Impersonating Mulder

International Clips: 4X08 "Paper Hearts" one minute clips in: German, Japanese, & Castillian

Commentary Tracks: 4X10 Terma with Frank Spotnitz

Disc 4:

Deleted Scenes: 4X15 Memen to Mori "Scully's Brother"

International Clips: 4X15 Memento Mori one minute clips in: German & Japanese

Disc 5:

Deleted Scenes TBD

International Clips: 4X17 "Tempus Fugit" one minute clips in: German, Japanese, & Castillian

Commentary Tracks: 4x20 "Small Potatoes"

Full length track with Vince Gilligan & Darin

Disc 6:

International Clips: 4X24 "Gethsemane" one minute clips in: German & Japanese

Disc 7:

Single Layer Disc with bonus DVD-ROM Features

Interview Clips: 4X01 "Herrenvolk" Interview with Frank Spotnitz, 4X02 "Unruhe" Interview with Vince Gilligan, 4X03 "Home" Interview with James Wong, 4X08 "Paper Hearts" Interview with Vince Gilligan, &

4X09 "Tunguska" Interview with Chris Carter

FX Behind the Truth Spots: 1) Musings of the Cigarette Smoking Man, 2) Ideas Part 2, 3) Home, 4) Leonard Betts, 5) Demons, 6) Tempus Fugit, 7) Wardrobe, 8) Tags -Rob Bowman, 9) Alex rycek - Rat Boy, 10) X - Family / Fun, 11) XXX Mulder, & 12) Ice Cave

30 Minute Documentary Truth about Season 4

Television Spots: 4X01 Herrenvolk, 4X02 Unruhe, 4X03 Home, 4X04 Teliko, 4X05 The Field Where I Died, 4X06 Sanguinarium, 4X07 Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man, 4X08 Paper Hearts, 4X09 Tunguska, 4X10 Terma, 4X11 El Mundo Gira, 4X12 Kaddish, 4X13 Never Again, 4X14 Leonard Betts, 4X15 Memento Mori, 4X16 Unrequited, 4X17 Tempus Fugit, 4X18 Max, 4X19 Synchrony, 4X20 Small Potatoes, 4X21 Zero-Sum, 4X22 Elegy4X23 Demons, & 4X24 Gethsemane

Special Effects with commentary

Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Chris Carter: 1. Scene 16 from "Blessing Way": scully looks for comfort, 2. Scene 6 from "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose": Mulder wishes for a real psychic, 3. Scene 6 through 9 from "The List": Neech goes to the Chair, 4. Scene 3/14 from "Revelations": Mr. Crotter talks about Armageddon, 5. Scene 29 from "Avatar" CSM threatens Skinner, & 6. Scene 35 from "Avatar" Skinner visits his wife

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