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Thief - Xbox One

Publisher:Square Enix
Release Date:02/25/2014
ESRB Rating:
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Thief - Xbox One
Thief - Xbox One


A City teetering on the edge of a bloody revolution. An oppressive regime subsisting on the rising tide of fear. An extraordinarily skilled thief lies in the shadows during this uncertain and troubled time, thwarting even the most cautious citizens out of their best-guarded possessions. But as the uprising, led by Orion, voice-of-the-people, begins to emerge, Master Thief Garrett finds himself entangled in the ever-tightening knot of conflict. The Baron's Watch refuses to ease their stringent regime, and Garrett's abilities may be the only thing that will prevent the streets from running red with the blood of the people. Will you redefine your role as Thief to save the City from a devastating fate?
Slip into the silent shoes of the dark and solitary Master Thief and sneak through the City unnoticed and unsanctioned. Unmatched stealth skills make child's play out of the most challenging heists and place the most inaccessible loots within your reach as you infiltrate luxurious mansions and relieve the residents of their valuables. Explore the sick and suffering City, from the shady back alleys to the highest rooftops, and decide what kind of thief you are. Whether you choose stealth or force, you are well-equipped to get the job done — choose force and leverage Garrett's arsenal and eliminate guards with your blackjack, or shoot one of the many arrow types. Choose stealth and manipulate your environment to outsmart your enemies with newly acquired focus abilities. Either way, you'll find yourself deeply immersed in the game's unprecedented sights, sounds and artificial intelligence, made possible by groundbreaking visual elements. Thief represents a truly tactile and visceral first-person experience and the amazing power of your next-generation console. The time has come to decide your role in the revolution.


Become one with the night as Garrett, Master Thief, with an unprecedented set of skills that enable you to pull off the most challenging heists, reach the most inaccessible loot and uncover the most hidden secrets

Use your skills to prevent a bloody uprising that will tear the City apart, driving an inevitable revolution

Explore the treacherous and troubled City, under the oppressive reign of the Baron's Watch, and travel from shady back alleys to the heights of the rooftops

Use your unmatched stealth abilities to infiltrate even the most well-guarded mansions and lurk in every dark corner unnoticed and unsanctioned to pilfer the richest valuables

Choose between stealth and force — your sharpened focus abilities allow you to manipulate the environment to quietly outsmart your enemies

Utilize an arsenal of weapons, including a blackjack and multiple arrow types, to help you take down guards

Experience groundbreaking visual elements and remarkably tactile and visceral first-person gameplay that complements your next-generation console's technology for unrivaled immersion