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Tech for Beach and Cruise Vacations

Date Published: 02/18/2018 | Author: Best Buy

So, you're bound for a cruise or beach vacation and you simply can't wait for the warm sunshine, beautiful vistas and blue waters. But before you enjoy all that good stuff, you'll still have to get yourself there. Planes, trains, automobiles — whatever your mode of transportation, a lot of folks don't necessarily find that "getting there" is truly "half the fun." While you might not be fond of cramped airplanes or long car rides, there are ways to transform an endurance test of your patience into a more relaxing experience.

Read and Relax

Even as you travel, you could keep yourself relaxed and entertained as you while away the hours. How about catching up on a few articles, or starting that new book you've been meaning to read? Not sure what you'll be in the mood for? Tablets and e-readers are a compact way to keep a veritable library of reading material at your fingertips. For additional entertainment, you could bring digital copies of popular movies, TV shows or music. Maybe a little Hawaiian steel guitar music or a retro beach movie would put you in a tropical mood. Or, how about watching a classic favorite like Jaws to get your adrenaline going before snorkeling in the ocean? Just pop on a pair of wireless headphones and let the fun begin, with no strings attached.

Capture the Memories

Will this be the vacation when the kids learn how to swim, take up surfing, go parasailing or zip-lining? Or better yet, maybe you'll prove you've got the spirit for some of those high-intensity activities yourself. Either way, wouldn't it be great to create a virtual archive of memories by capturing all the thrills on high-definition video and high-resolution still shots?

Today's action cameras make it easy to do just that. GoPro is a very popular brand of action cameras that can be worn by you, the thrill-seeker, as you catch that perfect wave or glide high in the sky. In the end, you'll have a treasured first-person perspective of all the action.

For underwater activities, such as diving or snorkeling, you may want to consider a waterproof camera for getting beautiful shots of tropical fish or coral reefs. Or, if you want to preserve the moments with video, a waterproof action camera or camcorder will ensure you can re-live your underwater adventures again and again from the comfort of home.

If you're looking to capture professional-quality photographs to document your trip, both mirrorless and DSLR cameras provide the exceptional resolution you'll need for magnificent enlargements, and they allow you to switch lenses for amazing close-ups, long-distance shots and special effects. If you go this route, you may want to also invest in a polarizing filter to offset the haze and glare created by all that glorious sunshine.

Disconnect for a Bit

At some point, you may want to disconnect from the grid. After all, you are on vacation. So maybe you'll find that a little break from your smartphone, laptop and tablet is in order while you kick back on your chaise lounge and sip an umbrella drink while the kids play in the pool.

Nonetheless, you'll still want to be able to reconnect in case of an emergency, or if you just want to gloat a little as you compare the weather where you are to the frigid cold back home. In any case, you can check the news, weather or sports in a flash, or stream your favorite music, or simply track your steps to and from the tiki hut, with an Apple Watch with cellular strapped to your wrist. Or, just take a long restful nap, knowing that even while your devices recharge back in your room, your Apple Watch can still alert you to any important calls and messages.

Tech for Peace of Mind

A lost smartphone or wallet does not spell peace of mind. Fortunately, you can attach smart tracker tag to your electronics and other valuables. These small, lightweight and inconspicuous "tags" use Bluetooth technology to help you find items within range, like making your smartphone ring even when it's set to silent.

For locating other items, such as your purse, car keys, or even your car, your item tracker's smartphone app can help you find anything within Bluetooth range. For out-of-range items, it can show you where you last had the item and alert you if someone finds it. For even longer-range tracking, like when you flew into La Guardia but your checked baggage ended up in Poughkeepsie, you may want to invest in a GPS tracking device, which can tell you the exact location of your luggage in real time.

Keeping all your electronics charged and ready for instant access is also a must. So, you'll want to bring all your chargers. If you're traveling abroad, travel converters are another essential. External battery packs, such as the mophie Powerstation, are handy items to quickly charge almost any USB-powered device in a pinch — in case the electricity goes out, for example. And a waterproof cell phone case could be just the ticket to averting disaster if your smartphone decides to join you for a quick dip in the pool.

Considering how compact electronic devices have become, bringing your trusty travel tech on the trip with you is a piece of cake. But remembering to pack everything you need is not necessarily so easy. Creating your own travel electronics list is a good way to ensure you pack everything you need to get the most out of your trip.

Of course, you'll need your smartphone, and perhaps a laptop, tablet or e-reader. Headphones are a "must-bring" item too. A smartwatch or activity tracker is a great way to stay connected and to inspire you take a few more steps to burn off the extra calories from all the delicious food you'll be consuming. If you're driving to your destination, you may want a dedicated GPS receiver to plot your route and keep you on the right track. The list goes on, from travel irons to folding hair dryers, cameras, selfie sticks and much more. Your tech packing list will probably vary depending on when and where you're vacationing. But, with our complete selection of all the latest travel tech, your one-stop shopping destination is right here at Best Buy.

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