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Valkyria Chronicles 4: Memoirs from Battle Premium Edition - Nintendo Switch

Release Date:09/25/2018
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Enjoy exclusive bonus content with Valkyria Chronicles 4: Memoirs from Battle Premium Edition for Nintendo Switch. This bundle includes the base game and a collector's box to proudly display on a shelf, and a 100-page artbook serves as a journal that chronicles the main character's journey. Valkyria Chronicles 4: Memoirs from Battle Premium Edition includes two bonus side missions to enhance your in-game experience.


Premium Edition includes: the full physical game, a vinyl Hafen tank statue, 100-page themed art book, two DLC adventures featuring Squad 7 characters, and a collector's box

5.5" vinyl statue of the Hafen tank - Bursting onto the scene and ready to conquer the battlegrounds, it may not have the firepower of the original, but it makes a great centerpiece for any fan's collection

Exclusive 100-page themed artbook - Valkyria Chronicles 4's story is told through the photos, notes, and memories captured in Squad E commander's travel journal

A pair of DLC adventures featuring Squad 7 characters - "A united front with Squad 7" and "Advance Ops" reunite fans of the original Valkyria Chronicles with the soldiers of Squad 7

New gaming opportunities are realized in turn-based strategy, part RPG, and part real-time third-person shooter blitz battle system

New features include an explosive new class called the grenadier, numerous offensive and defensive battleship support options, chances for a unit to have a last-stand action before death, and more

The series' signature hand-drawn visual style is back and overhauled for new generation

The Canvas graphics engine blends visual elements of reality and imagination to create an expressive world filled with colorful emotions

The illustrious Hitoshi Sakimoto, original composer of the Valkyria Chronicles series and countless other emotional epics, returns to provide a sweeping orchestral score for the game

For one player

What's Included

  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 Memoirs from Battle Premium Edition

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