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Borderlands 3

Video game

Borderlands 3.

Release Date: September 13, 2019.

About Borderlands 3.

Discover the Borderlands.

At the edge of the galaxy lies a group of planets ruthlessly exploited by militarized corporations. Brimming with loot and violence, this is your home — the Borderlands. Recover a map to ancient vaults and prevent an awe-inspiring power from falling into the wrong hands.

Deal out destruction.

Do you want guns with self-propelling bullet shields? Of course you do. Rifles that shoot out live volcanoes? Why not? Guns that grow and chase down enemies while insulting them? Absolutely. With nine weapons manufacturers, count on using weapons unlike any you've used before.

Know your enemy.

Your enemies represent the very worst that this untamed corner of the galaxy has to offer. Creatures of all shapes and sizes will do everything in their power to stop you. These beasts are smart enough to seek cover, support each other, and coordinate their attacks. Watch your back.

Meet the family.

Four new vault hunters are out to save the galaxy in Borderlands 3. Choose from Moze, a skilled gunner and pilot, or Amara, a siren who can smash enemies with psychic fists. You can also pick from FL4K, a beast hunter with a host of vicious pets, or Zane, a former hitman who wreaks havoc with a variety of deadly gadgets.