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Nintendo 3DS


Yo-kai Watch 3.

You can battle and befriend the mysterious, mischievous Yo-kai in this role-playing game for Nintendo 3DS.

Just released.

Video game

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for 3DS.

Fight battles and solve puzzles as Mario and Luigi team up with Bowser. Also includes Bowser Jr,'s Journey.

Plays only in 2D.


Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo 3DS.

Survive a haunted house and rescue Mario in this spooky game.

Yo-Kai Watch 3
Video game
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for 3DS
Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo 3DS

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Video games

Customer favorites for 3DS.

Discover highly rated newer games like Metroid: Samus Returns and Pokémon Ultra Moon, as well as time-tested favorites such as Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 7 and more.

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How to Shop for a Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS: What You Should Know

The gaming world is always evolving, with new games, consoles and accessories arriving regularly. The Nintendo 3DS family of handheld game systems remains a popular option due to its ease of use, its aesthetics, its relative affordability, and of course, its hundreds of games, both classic and new.

The Nintendo 3DS XL and 2DS XL have a folding clamshell design that not only guarantees convenient portability, but also offers protection for the screen. The 2DS has a solid body and is primarily for younger children. All models have built-in cameras. The 3DS XL has a dual-lens 3D camera on the back, facilitating use of its impressive, crisp, glasses-free 3D screen. The 3DS XL also has the face-tracking feature, which immerses you in the game by tracking your eye movements and automatically adjusting the top screen’s image sweet spot to your viewing angle.

Nintendo 3DS Handheld: Games and More

You’ll find a huge selection of games you can play with your Nintendo game system. These games cover a variety of genres, including role playing, action and adventure, sports and outdoors, fighting, racing, puzzles, and many more. You can choose physical copies of the games you like, or select digital versions of your favorite games. If you are considering a gift for the gamer in your life, a Nintendo eShop gift card, available in many denominations, is likely to be well-received. The 3DS XL is backward compatible with games from all iterations of the Nintendo DS system. Additionally, many games offer online local multiplayer or co-op play, so you can compete with friends, either online or in the same room.

Thanks to its compact, lightweight portability that promotes easy carry in a pocket, this Nintendo game system is great for travel as it can keep the kids engrossed during long trips. To further enjoy the system, consider getting your favorite style of headphones, along with a power pack, a power adapter, a charger or a carry case.