Ultra Captivating

VIZIO 4K Ultra
HD Displays

Experience the incredible depth, color and
contrast of VIZIO 4K Ultra HD Displays.

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VIZIO 4K Ultra HD XLED Displays
with High Dynamic Range

Discover the next level of stunning. Experience VIZIO's XLED full-array
local dimming technology for better picture performance in every pixel.

Split screen, standard dynamic range, VIZIO XHDR

XHDR High Dynamic Range

Outstanding Contrast

The power of XLED delivers VIZIO's richest level of High Dynamic Range. Open your eyes to exceptional depth, boundless color contrast and dazzling brights, for a vision of pristine picture possibilities.

Ultra Color Spectrum

Profoundly Colorful

With more than 1 billion colors, experience VIZIO's widest range of saturation for exceptional images with lifelike realism.

Split screen, without ultra color spectrum, VIZIO ultra color spectrum
Split screen, without xtreme black engine, VIZIO xtreme black engine

Xtreme Black Engine

Incredibly Deep Blacks

Up to 128 local dimming zones innovatively adapt brightness levels for darker blacks than ever before without compromising brights.

4K Ultra HD

Unbelievable Clarity

8.3 million screen pixels form a pristine 4K Ultra HD picture with superior details and brilliant clarity in everything you watch.

Split screen, HD, VIZIO 4K Ultra HD

Stream 4K & HDR Content

Discover, stream and control your favorite entertainment in 4K Dolby Vision HDR & HDR10.

TV, Watch <em>Chef's Table</em> now on Netflix. Netflix streaming membership required.
Mobile device

SmartCast Mobile and Chromecast Built-In

Stream 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, and HDR10 content from popular apps like Netflix.

Blu-ray player

Blu-ray player

Enjoy 4K Ultra HD and HDR playback from UHD Blu-ray players using the latest HDMI standard.

Gaming controller

Game Consoles

Take your gaming to the next level with high-quality 4K Ultra HD and HDR video gaming on Xbox One S and PS4.

VIZIO 4K Ultra HD XLED Display
Comparison Chart

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Platform VIZIO SmartCast w/ Chromecast built-in VIZIO SmartCast w/ Chromecast built-in
Sizes 55"–80" 50"–75"
Resolution 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD
XLED XLED (55"+) XLED Plus
High Dynamic Range N/A XHDR Plus with Dolby Vision and HDR10 Content Support
Wide Color Gamut N/A Ultra Color Spectrum
Local Dimming Zones Up to 16 32
Black Detail Performance Xtreme Black Engine (55"+) Xtreme Black Engine Plus
Clear Action Up to 180Hz 360Hz
Tuner Tuner-free Tuner-free