5 Awesome Things You Can Do With Virtual Reality

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You've heard the buzz and maybe even tried a demo at your local mall. You get it — virtual reality is mind-bogglingly cool. Immersing yourself into a believable world is something that simply must be tried firsthand. But once all the shiny new gadget buzz wears thin, what exactly can you do with VR? Here, we break down five awesome virtual reality applications and experiences that you can try today.

Visit Real World Locations

Okay, this may not sound like the most exciting VR app when there are so many awesome games, but it's certainly one of the most useful. Let's say your child is about to graduate high school. They have dreams of going to college in California, New York and maybe even Iowa. Well, there's an Oculus and Mobile VR app called Youvisit which allows you to virtually visit real world campuses in a virtual reality environment — saving you bundles on countless road trips. And it doesn't stop there, you can experience locations from all around the world in stunning realism.

Make Your Special Day Last a Lifetime

Mobile VR options offer an affordable, immersive experience for anyone to enjoy. And what better way to immerse yourself than with homemade content? With 360º cameras like the Gear 360 or the 360fly, you can film any event and share it through mobile virtual reality. Imagine being able to relive your special day all over again. Simply film the wedding with a 360º camera and relive the experience with any compatible smartphone and virtual reality headsets.

Paint and Sculpt in 3D

The higher-end virtual reality headsets, like the Oculus and the PlayStation VR, offer colorful, imaginative painting apps. These apps allow you to use motion controls — such as the Oculus Touch or Playstation Move controllers — to emulate your hands in real-time. With the headset and motion controls, you can paint in a virtual environment with near limitless possibilities. Seeing where your imagination can take you evokes a sense of childlike wonder that's hard to top.

A Movie Theater in Your Home

All headsets from mobile to high-end offer the ability to watch scalable movies in your home. What exactly does this mean? Well, since virtual reality provides a believable scale (a whale feels as big as a whale), developers can make screens that feel as big as a massive theater. So bust out the popcorn and watch your favorite flicks on a screen you'll have to see to believe.

Finally... All the Amazing Games

It would be impossible to talk about virtual reality without talking about games. There's already a huge catalog of VR-compatible games and the list keeps getting bigger. Old games like Star Wars: Battlefront are getting VR makeovers while new games are being designed from the ground-up for a truly unique experience. Imagine getting lost in a horror game that feels truly real, or defusing a bomb in real-time with the help of your friends. With Playstation VR and Oculus, gaming is the immersive holy grail that will truly take your breath away.

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