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The Right Virtual Reality for You

VR That’s Right For You

Even though VR is still young, there are already a handful of headsets that are great for different reasons. Before taking the virtual reality plunge, check out our best headsets for different scenarios.

Movies and Basic Games

If you just want a taste of what this whole virtual reality thing is all about, then mobile VR is perfect for you. Mobile VR can be quite affordable, with ultra-cheap headsets like the Insignia Cardboard or the higher quality Zeiss One Plus. These are powered by your smartphone and grant you access to VR videos and simple VR videogames. With a 360º camera, you can capture any moment and relive it with your smartphone and headset. Relive your wedding day or your child's first birthday with stunning realism. While Mobile VR is great for some experiences, it won't allow you to experience AAA videogames, but then again you may not need or want that content.

Gaming, Gaming, Gaming

If you think diving headfirst into an intense TIE fighter dogfight sounds like a blast, then you may want to consider PlayStation VR. PS VR is the first headset tied to console gaming. You'll need the PS4 and PS4 camera in order to use the headset and you can add to the immersion with PlayStation Move controllers. With the massive backing of the PlayStation library, you can be certain that PS VR will be the headset for virtual reality gamers.

Top of the Line Immersion

Gaming, movies, experiences... whatever it is, you want it to be at its absolute best. If total immersion is of utmost importance, then PC virtual reality is the way to go. We recommend the Oculus Rift for unparalleled immersion. The headset comes with built-in audio and an Xbox One controller, though for a bit more you can experience the Oculus Touch controllers for real-time motion controls. It's important to note that the Oculus Rift requires a pretty beefy computer to run. Check out our article A Computer Fit for the Oculus Rift, to see our recommended rig.

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