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Shopping for smartwatches.

Smartwatch intelligence.

Today’s smart watch can do all kinds of things, from taking pictures and streaming songs, to tracking your fitness, paying your bills, or giving you real-time driving directions. For tech lovers, smartwatches are a much-desired alternative to traditional watches. Fortunately the assortment of smartwatch choices is growing, so even people who may have preferred analog watches or simple digital watches can find a smartwatch that offers the style and features they desire. Additionally, designers known more for their trendy styling, like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Fossil and Nixon, are jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon, so even those with a finely tuned sense of style can find a smartwatch option to love.


Choosing the best smartwatch for you.

The ideal smartwatch should work effortlessly, offering you the mix of features you want without being overly complex with so many bells and whistles it’s difficult to use. Plus, don’t forget it is a device that you are going to wear almost every day, so choosing a smartwatch with a style that appeals to you is important. And don’t worry if your chosen smartwatch needs a little personalization to meet your needs. Best Buy’s large selection of watch bands is sure to include the one that’s just what you want, no matter the occasion.


Smart watches and smartphone compatibility.

While some early smartwatches functioned as standalone devices, most of the smartwatches on the market today act in tandem with smartphones, so compatibility with your current phone is going to have a big impact on which cell phone watch will work best for you. Most smartwatches connect to your phone via Wi-Fi and act as a means to access and control some functions of your smartwatch.

Today’s smartwatches have app stores just like smartphones. Apple has thousands of apps compatible with their Apple Watch, and Android Wear’s app count continues to grow rapidly. If you prefer Samsung watches running on the Tizen platform, the options for compatible apps increases every day.