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Shopping for smartwatches.

Benefits of a smartwatch.

Today’s smartwatches allow you to stream songs, track your fitness, tap into the internet, and access real-time driving directions. You can even use your smartwatch as a remote shutter when taking pictures with your smartphone, which gives you more options for taking selfies. In other words, smartwatches aren’t just for techies anymore. Top brands like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Fossil are jumping into the smartwatch market, so wearers with a finely tuned sense of style can find a smart watch they love.

Thanks to fitness functions, smartwatches can motivate you during workout sessions as they help you track your activity level. They can send you alerts and reminders to help you remember all the items on your day’s to-do list. And they can allow you to easily make an emergency call, which is one of the biggest smartwatch benefits for seniors.

Today’s smartwatches utilize apps just like your smartphone, so you can load up your little device with all kinds of conveniences or keep it streamlined and simple. Also, while some smartwatches function as standalone devices, most act in tandem with a smartphone, so compatibility with your current phone is something to keep in mind while shopping. 

Finding the best smartwatch for you.

The best smartwatch should offer the features you want without being overly complex. Think about what you want to use the smartwatch for most of the time and let that guide your decision-making process. When setting up your smartwatch, you can choose what kinds of notifications you want to receive. Make sure you restrict your alerts to what you want or need so you don’t get flooded with notifications about new emails all day long.

If you work out frequently, look for a smartwatch that prioritizes fitness tracking. The best running watch will usually include GPS for increased accuracy. An altimeter can also help you understand your workout routine because it tracks changes in elevation. In fact, there are many elements to consider when you are choosing a fitness tracker, such as whether or not to include a heart rate monitor and whether you want apps that will guide you through certain workout routines. So do a little homework before making your choice.

Don’t forget that a smartwatch is a device that you are going to wear all day, so it has to be comfortable and it should complement your style in a way that appeals to you. Best Buy’s large selection of smartwatch bands can help you personalize the look and feel of your device to fit your needs.