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7 Tech Ideas to Get Fit For Your Big Day

You want to look and feel your best on your big day. Right? Well, a little fitness technology can help you be healthy as you feel gorgeous. Handsome, too.

Healthy Couple

1) Motivate Each Other With Wearable Tech

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Turn “getting healthy” into a game with his and hers fitness trackers. Who can take more steps? Who can burn more calories? Keep score and be healthy.

2) Hire A Digital Coach For Under $20

Can’t afford a personal trainer? Kiqplan is a 12-week fitness app subscription that works with your compatible activity tracker or smartphone to keep you focused on your goals. It’s cool fitness technology with cool fitness plans, like Beer Belly Blaster.

3) Measure More Than Weight With A Smart Scale

Smart scales can do amazing things. Things like calculating body mass index and body fat. They can then send that info via Wi-Fi so you can track your progress. Fitbit Aria and Withings Smart Body Analyzer are two popular options. Health Products

4) Turn Your Phone Into A Thermometer

The vows say “in sickness and in health.” The Kinsa Smart Thermometer can help with the sickness part. It connects to your smartphone to give you an accurate reading in just 10 seconds. It also tracks temperature history and symptoms so you can share them with your doctor.

5) Drink Your Vegetables

Blenders and juicers make getting your daily dose of fruits and vegies super easy. Just throw in the ingredients, toast to your health and drink a nutritious smoothie. It’s yummy to be healthy. The NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor is a compact model that makes it simple, too.

6) Get Bluetooth For Your Teeth

A smart toothbrush? Yep, they exist. Oral B’s Bluetooth Toothbrush connects to your smartphone via the Oral-B app. They work together to help you brush evenly, track problem areas, and review brushing stats. It even delivers the morning news and weather while you brush.

7) Indulge A Little Without The Guilt

French fries are great. The vat of oil they’re fried in? Not so much. The Philips Airfryer uses rapidly circulating air so you can fry with just a tablespoon of oil (or less). It’s full-flavored, healthy living. Plus, it’s a multicooker, so it can bake, roast and grill, too.

Find more fitness tech to help you be healthy and feel gorgeous at the Best Buy Wedding Registry.