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Yuneec - Typhoon H Hexacopter - Black

Soar over the skies with the Yuneec Typhoon H drone. The gimbal camera mount rotates a full 360 degrees, capturing all the action from the air, while the six rotors and the carbon fiber build lets you fly it smoothly. The Yuneec Typhoon H drone has a failsafe system that stabilizes it, preventing it from plummeting to the ground.

Fly Responsibly:
Before takeoff, update all software and firmware, and read the instructions thoroughly.
See the FAA website for registration requirements and information about flying a drone safely: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. The following websites may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: and

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    Yuneec - Typhoon H Hexacopter - Black - Larger Front
    Yuneec - Typhoon H Hexacopter - Black
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    What's Included

    • Typhoon H Hexacopter
    • CGO3+ 4K camera
    • ST16 Ground Station
    • 1 battery
    • USB Charger
    • - LiPo battery charger
    • Backpack-ready foam insert
    • Owner's manual

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    89% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (110 out of 124)

    Included Free

    Shutterfly - $25 to spend or 8x8 Photo Book
    Shutterfly - $25 to spend or 8x8 Photo Book
    Choose your free gift: $25 to spend or 8x8 Photo Book


    Stunning 4K camera

    Typhoon H offers flight durations of up to 25 minutes while filming with the CGO3+ 4K UHD camera.

    Powerful transmitter

    View real-time footage in HD 720p on the screen of the ST16 transmitter with the integrated digital video downlink with a range of up to 1 mile (1.6km).


    Integrated transmitter, receiver and Android platform that gives you full control over Typhoon H, allowing you to easily program autonomous flight and capture stunning photos and videos.

    Controller display

    The large 7-inch integrated screen displays real-time footage of your flight, eliminating the need for an external device.

    A bunch of flight modes

    Orbit Me, Point of Interest, Journey, Curve Cable Cam, Follow Me / Watch Me and Dynamic Return to Home.

    Six Rotor Safety

    Typhoon H’s six rotor design automatically switches to five rotor mode should a motor fail, enabling it to remain in flight, making piloting safer than ever before.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 124 reviews

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great drone for the money, but not perfect

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      I own the Typhoon Q500 4K prior to this purchase. The video lag, lack of distance and speed were major downsides. The H fixed all this. But theres still no simple Orbit feature, or cable. You have to fly what pattern you'd like first, it records the GPS positions and flys it again on its own while you control the camera. DJI uses Lightbridge which allows you to push on a spot on the map on your tablet and it goes there. Easy. However, you can't beat great support and Yuneec def has that. The one I received from Best Buy had the Wizard (a $200 device) with it, which was really nice. You can use it to control the drone while someone else uses the controller for the camera/video recording. You can also hook it to your belt and use it as the the GPS the drone uses to follow you in Watch Me or Follow Me mode. Obstacle Avoidance is in its infancy with this level of drone. The stock one on the H is great for buildings and large objects at slow speeds. This fall the InteliSense gets released that gives 360degree avoidance, instead of just forward. I'm interested to see if its more finely tuned to avoid branches. My biggest gripe is the price for batteries. Yuneec has set a MAP price of $139.00 for a battery with no power meter or anything. At least the DJI ones you are paying $150 for tell you immediately which batteries are full and which need charging. Thats cost prohibitive in my book. I have 4 batteries for the Q500 that can't be used with the H as they are totally different. The retractable landing gear are a great feature, no more legs in any shots. The H is more stable and quicker than the Q500. No more sluggish controls. Its still one of the few black drones on the market, so thats a win in my book. LEDs are brighter than the Q500's. the controller (ST16) is MUCH bigger then the Q500's. I wasn't sure about it at first, but now I love it. nice big screen with really good resolution (720P, real good for not being a tablet as other drones use). There are a lot of buttons and switches, read ALL the instructions and videos on the SD card that comes with it!!!!! comes in a foam insert ready to be taken out of the box and put into a specially designed backpack sold by Yuneec. Much easier to travel with since it folds up. The battery. Make sure it is seated ALL the way in! Been some forum talk about the battery coming loose in flight. No power, no thrust. No thrust, gravity wins...

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great, but be careful

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      4.999 STARS!!! I love my Typhoon H. Didn't love it the first day. By the 3rd day I was hooked. It has six blades so if one has an issue the UAV will land. The ST16 controller adds to the flying experience. I didn't like it at first but love it now. The pan feature is the winning point. You can hover the drone and pan the camera as opposed to yawing the drone. The battery time was around 17 minutes. The low battery warning and critical/landing low battery are spaced too closely. The first warning is followed quickly by the second. The timing might be adjustable. I didn't see a return to home altitude setting, just a notation that if under 33 feet it will rise to that altitude and if over 33 feet will remain there for the return flight. The return to home feature worked great. The range seemed to be no greater than 1000 feet. At 800-1000 feet I lost signal every single time and would hit the return to home feature. I flew near metal and had RFI. The drone flew sideways at max speed in uncontrolled flight. It went left, and then right. I hit the RTH and saw it rise. It then flew left then right at max speed and smacked into the side of a concrete bridge. Two legs broke and the camera took a rattle but it might be repairable. Be extremely cautious around metal, power lines or anything that introduces RFI. I think my flyaway was environmental but wonder if a compass calibration would have help. The curved cable cam feature is excellent and can be used for waypoints and mapping. The Phantom 4 is easier to fly, however the Yuneec feels more like piloting. You have to raise the landing gear, manually set obstacle avoidance (or leave it off), you can increase or decrease input response (turtle or rabbit mode). In all I prefer the Typhoon H over the P4, except for the range issue.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Yuneec Typhoon H - Disappointment

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I have been an avid drone enthusiast for the last 6-7 years. I have owned the DJI Phantom 2, 3 and Mavic Pro. I purchased my Typhoon H from Bestbuy. When i arrived home, it was clear the unit was used. There was no manual included and one of the batteries had some scratches on it. Bestbuy had this drone on sale (not advertised as used.) I should have followed my instincts and returned it, but the 1.5hr drive said otherwise. I located the manual on Yuneec's website. I set the drone up an took it out for a flight. To my dismay, it was approx 200-300ft (in line of sight) from me before it went full speed in an unknown direction, lost connection with the controller and disappeared. I have never had an issue with fly aways with any of my DJI drones. I have attempted to drive around my neighborhood in hopes that the drone would be found. Unfortunately, no connection was able to be established. During the time of my flight, I was not an unreasonable distance away. I was above any obstacles and the weather was perfect for flying (I am also a registered FAA pilot.) I took a chance on the Yuneec Typhoon as a supplement to my DJI Mavic Pro in hopes it would live up to the reviews. I am disappointed that is has lost connection and disappeared. I have reached out to Yuneec's customer service. I contacted them earlier last week and follow their instructions regarding sending them the log files contained within the flight controller. It is approaching 10 days without a response. I tried to call their US customer service two times yesterday. In both instances, after waiting for 45 minutes, I gave up. At this point, I would not recommend then Typhoon H. DJI is a superior brand with a proven track record. Hopefully Bestbuy will intervene in this issue.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Not for Newbies


      If you never flown a drone ever don't start with this one. Although it is extremely stable it's all the features that will cause confusion for some.Let me tell you what others won't or at least what BestBuy Didn't tell me.This drone will not turn on if you live within 5 miles of a airport(NO FLY ZONE) or even a hospital with a helicopter pad,also won't work in state parks,or by schools national parks at least it doesn't sync up at frontier park in Erie,nor does it anywhere within the 5 miles range of airport.But I can take a 8 min drive out the city limits and it works great.You MUST do the compass calibration at each different site where you fly.if your only going to go to the same place just do the calibration at that site your going to fly this drone all the time for the first 2 times your there and you should be good.Youtube has a video of this calibration.Im my honest opinion I would look at as many YouTube videos of this drone to see if it's right for you before your drop a 1000.+ on it.I will say this, alot of the negative videos of this drone on YouTube are Human error.As for the software updates I don't do them because if it isn't broke the way it is why change it.There are Some software update issues at times so if you don't need them which you probably won't.Dont do them.It's a gamble just like if you did one for a Android phone.I won't even go there.Ive had this drone for 4 months and I never did the any Software update.flight time is 16-18 min you do get 2 warnings I usually just bring it back at 2nd warning rather safe than extremely sorry.The drone also has a flight record it's in the flight logs in the controller that lets yuneec know what happen in case of drone failure from what I hear there really good about there 1 year warranty.I have been fortunate that I haven't had to make that call.In the end it is your money it's your decision if this drone is for you or not.Hope this helps.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Fantastic Intermediate Drone; Well Built


      I received my Yuneec Typhoon H last Friday (6/3/16) and have been flying it ever since. Since the batteries are scarce on the market right now I have been limited to a few flights per day. However, from my own personal experience with drones, this one is as good as they come. I have researched the DJI Phantom 4 and the Yuneec Typhoon H for three months and based upon the customer support, pricing, features and overall battery performance, I chose the Typhoon H. And probably the biggest choice in the matter was the customer support. Of all of the times I have called Yuneec, I have never had to wait more than five minutes to talk to someone out in California and they have been nothing but helpful and nice. Lastly, included in the Best Buy package is the Wizard Wand, which truly makes flying and filming easy to do with a one-man crew. So I highly recommend this drone unit and all its goodies. You will not be disappointed! Cheers!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Get Yours Now!!!!


      Hands down this is the best drone in its class. Look no further. I've been flying for over a year now using the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. I enjoyed flying so much I decided to pick up another bird. I did some research on the internet and fell in love with the design of the Typhoon H. Digging a little deeper I found out that not only does this hexicopter come with obstacle avoidance but you also have the option to upgrade to the real sense module which allows the drone autonomously to move around obstacles autonomously. In addition you get a sweet radio with a 7inch built in high resolution touch screen. I have no desire to use my phone for fpv on my drone anymore. Did I mention you can hook you radio up to wifi and surf the web like its some sort independent tablet and download apps, it also comes with a neck strap to hold up the remote. They just really hit the hammer on the nail. Retractable landing gear, beautiful lights that light up the night sky, and it has a full 360 dgree camera. Let's talk about support a little bit. At DJI I was just a number. There was no real connection with the customer over the phone. At Yuneec I felt like I was really valued even if it was something simple they took the time to assist and follow up. The Yuneec Customer Support Team is truely awesome. When I got the DJI Phantom I was happy. When I got the Typhoon H I was blown away for what I got for my hard earned money. I'm a fan for the long haul. Thanks Yuneec.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



      i had the H for about 4 months. this is my first professional grade drone. i read countless reviews and POSITIVE customer service experiences with Yunnec and that helped me make my decision on purchasing this. i fly it about 5-6 days a week at different locations and i NEVER had a bad flight. not only is it very easy to fly it has many features to pretty much make it fly it self. it has lots of redundancy and safety features that help me fly this with confidence. i love the automatic flight modes like Orbit, Selfie, and curved cable cam. people in public always are amazed by its design and say they never seen one with this shape and thats another reason why i chose this. its simply unique looking and defiantly stands out from the rest. the video quality is amazingly stable and the 360 degree rotating gimbal gets you shots u cant get with a phantom or any in this price range. i should probably mention its retractable landing gear legs that make a huge difference in your videos. i never worry about legs getting in my shots, one less thing to worry about when flying. obstacle avoidance on the base model works just as it should and adds another layer of confidence when flying around trees and walls. there are lost of advantages this has over other drones, more than i already mention but i can say im extremely happy with my first drone. I will continue being a Yuneec customer, and im looking forward to future products :D

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      I Liked it

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      When i first read about it i fell in love! I received it quickly and brand new no issues. The device really flies 17min -19min max. Forget about the 25 minute advertisement. I got the free wizard with it which was great. The battery takes 2 hrs to charge and the charger does not offer any readouts on time left to charge or lipo internal resistance or storage discharge for lipos when they are not in use. When i went to get some extra batteries they cost $150 each which is bonkers! Luckily someone has taken the innitiative of building a charger adpater for the factory battery and even an adpater tray to fly an 8000 multistar standard lipo battery (which only costs 50 bucks)the real 25 min which it should fly. Video is stable and in my opinion good quality if you lock in exposure and white balance manually . The camera Auto settings are horrible. The company came out in mid july with a firmware update which i downloaded and installed on the St16 controller and the typhoon H. Although the new features were good i never got a stable flight after that and the typhoon started doing the "toilet bowl" Its a scary expirience in which stabilty doesnt exsist and it flies in incremental spiraling circles. Landing a Hexacopter that is spiraling didnt generate any good results...i wont show the destruction out of respect for the product...No one or anything was damaged aside from the typhoon fortunatly and the Yuneec rep was extremly helpful in analyzing all the flight data and offering free shipping to their repair facility and free repairs. So im out of 1,300 dollars with a new hexacopter in a repair facilty less than 50 days from the purchase date due to a malfunction of firmware that was supposed to make it better. Time of repair is unknown and i might just buy another and sell the repaired one when they are dkne with it. A + for effort but kinda of sad story.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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