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Schedule an appointment for your repair and a Geek Squad Agent will expedite the replacement process. If you don’t have a Geek Squad Protection Plan, contact the manufacturer for assistance.
Please bring with you
  1. Your Geek Squad Protection number (if you don’t know it we can help you find it)
  2. Your device
  3. A credit card (if your request is subject to a service fee1)
  4. For devices with carrier plans: primary account holder information for pre-activation
Have an AppleCare plan? Visit the Apple Support site.
For external battery or accessory replacements, please call Best Buy PartStore TM at 1-866-933-5552.
Please remember that your Geek Squad Protection Plan excludes damage resulting from abuse, cosmetic damage that does not affect functionality, devices completely submerged in liquid, and software issues (please try resetting your device to factory default settings). For additional details, see your plan's terms and conditions.
1Cell phones purchased on or after September 1, 2013 may be subject to an additional service fee.