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Compact System Cameras & Lenses
Compact System Cameras & Lenses

Get the photos you want with easy-to-use compact system cameras at From a selection of compact system lenses to sleek, complete compact system camera packages, you'll find the camera you need to help you capture a lifetime of memories.

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Let Best Buy and connect you to a simple, compact and versatile Compact System Camera, and all the camera accessories to make each shot perfect. Find everything you need, like camera lenses, cables, batteries, bags, filters and more. Take your photography to the next level with Best Buy and

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What is a Compact System Camera?

Simple. Compact. Versatile. Compact system cameras are a perfect hybrid of the slim, lightweight design of a point-and-shoot, combined with picture quality similar to DSLRs. One of these cameras puts you in charge by offering plenty of automatic features, while also allowing you to switch over to manual control when there is a need.

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  • Model: NEX-3NL/B
  • SKU: 8157043
Our Price: $299.99
  • Model: EV-NX300ZBFUUS
  • SKU: 8660103
Reg. Price: $749.99
You Save: $300.00
Sale: $449.99
  • Model: NEX5TL/S
  • SKU: 1579299
Reg. Price: $699.99
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Sale: $599.99

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