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Battlefield Hardline - Xbox One

  • Publisher: EA
  • SKU: 6993028
  • Release Date: 03/17/2015
  • 4.3 (1,154)
ESRB Rating: Mature
Blood and gore, Intense violence, Strong language, Use of drugs
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Best Buy Customer Reviews

Amazing game Posted by: from: on Battlefield Hardline adds a new experience and different scene to hardcore Battlefield Gamers they might say it ruined it I just played the beta and the graphics are amazing the game is set to different game speeds Hotwire add a conquest mode where the objectives move at extremely high speeds. Heists are like a rush version game to grab the money from the vault and escape as officers try to stop you. I love the way instead of unlocking weapons like in former Battlefields you have to save up money from playing multiplayer to buy weapons and attachmentsor gear for each faction Bandits v. Cops I feel like a child playing cops and robbers but in a video game with very good devs at Dice EA and Viceral

22 out of 30 found this review helpful.

Amazing shooter game! Posted by: from: on Have not played this game as much as I would have liked to get, but so far so good! Including Best Buy's service and execution of product delivery!

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

Skeptic No More! Posted by: from: on To be honest, I first thought this game was just a cheap shot at 'Grand Theft Auto V' for their lack to release "heists", which still to this day has not... I'm not one to write reviews before a game releases because it's not a review of the final product and information always changes until the final release. Plus, there's fan hype/bashing which can all be false but I digress. After playing the beta extensively, I can say that this game is not entirely a 'Battlefield' title and should've taken another name instead, which most gamers will agree on. The game draws a combination of game play influences from 'Payday' and earlier 'Battlefields.' This is a recovery from the horrible release of 'BF4.' The online game play is extremely fun and satisfying. You earn in game currency for completing tasks/kills and spend it on the load outs that you want provided that any challenges/criteria have been met for unlocks. It's truly a rewarding system and it feels great buying the things you want. Cars drift around corners, grappling hooks pulling players up to change the dynamics of the game and the amazing tracer dart from 'BadCompany' makes a comeback! The graphics look pretty but nothing outstanding. They've added a lot of player animations so its not always the same "knife action" as when taking someone's tags in 'BF4.' Cars' handling in general isn't the smoothest and their destruction doesn't do much damage to an enemy's vehicle if exploded next to it which is a fantasy. Tires cannot be shot out which is comforting to drivers but again not realistic. The weapons and their respective damage are balanced especially considering drive-by shootings that can kill without having to reload three clips unless it's an intense car chase! I would definitely recommend playing with at least another friend to make the experience more enjoyable and competitive; so use those mics! The game is a fantastic place holder while you wait for 'GTA's' unfulfilled, promised heists or as a replacement to the game in general because it's so much fun. All in all, this is a great game if not an excellent one.

31 out of 41 found this review helpful.

Good Cop Game! Posted by: from: on It is cool to play as a cop to stop crimes so different than other Battlefield series game.

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

Good Posted by: from: on Really fun game. Good graphics and story line ....

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

battlefield hardline Posted by: from: on i am a big fan of battlefield. The game battlefield hardline was great, fun,and a great action game.

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

Decent Shooter Posted by: from: on This game is pretty fun when you're playing with friends.

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

Close but misses the mark Posted by: from: on I'm a huge fan of the Battlefield franchise and was looking forward to hardline for some time. Pre-ordered and picked up on release date, and was immediately let down. If you are expecting anything like the gameplay and feel found in BF4 you will not be happy with Hardline. Maybe I haven't played enough and I'm still way too used to BF4, but I can't help but feel like something isn't right with the feel and how many shots it takes to bring someone down if it isn't a head shot. The vehicles besides the attack helicopter are worthless for kills unless you run someone over. Even in the SUV with the mini gun on top takes way too many hits to get a kill. The grappling hooks and zip lines are a cool idea but doesn't make up for the lack of weaponry found on vehicles and you can be easily shot while sliding along the map. Speaking of maps, they are much much smaller than BF4. Be prepared to be shot in the back continuously until you are on a talented team/squad. I will continue to play and see if it will get better with another day or two of gameplay, but I highly recommend that you rent this title before purchasing.

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

Game Posted by: from: wisconsin on The game is great and a lot of fun. Toffer the manager of the Brookfield Wisconsin store is horrible. His real name is Chris so he hides behind a nickname which is very unprofessional. He lies directly to customers and puts down former employees of the store. I asked for him to check the price of an open box item and he refused to look it up in the computer and then stated that the computer would not show him anything. Anyone who has worked in retail would know this is a bold faced lie and then he did it 3 more times. After this he actually lied again and argued with me on the sales floor in front of other customers. Chris Frohmader (tuffer) is a liability to Best Buy and I will not spend my money with Best Buy till he is no longer an employee. Best Buy just lost another Elite Plus member because of their poor decisions in choosing management.

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

Fun... with friends that is. Posted by: from: on I enjoy this game. I enjoy it more when I play it with friends. In order to do well you need to communicate and work together in capturing objectives. Its rarely dominated by one or two people like other FPS games out there. With that in mind, you may find that you can struggle when trying to tackle a well grouped team of opponents. You will have no one to spawn on, no one to help in capturing an objective, and/or find that your team is for the most part: useless. Just being blunt... Nonetheless, this game has some cool points to it. It's simple in its own regards yet gunfights can get pretty intense. Sure some will bash the game, as people always do, nevertheless, I still find it entertaining. As of this date, it still has some polishing that needs to be done via updates, which is unfortunate, but it is still a good FPS game. There are plenty of game modes, plenty of things to do, and it breaks away from the vehicular abundance that plagued BF4 in my opinion. Firefights all day, instead of trying to hide from a heli, warthog, tank, gunners, etc. etc. If you like the mechanics of BF3 or BF4 then I say its worth a shot.

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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