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Trade In & Recycling

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Trade-In and Recycling

Trade-In & Recycling

Best Buy offers these options for getting rid of your old electronics.


Our Trade-in program lets you trade in gently used electronics for Best Buy gift cards. There are two Trade-in options.

  • In-store Trade-in

    Bring your laptop, iPod or mobile phone purchased at Best Buy to the nearest Best Buy store. Get a Best Buy gift card instantly. (Or have a check for a lesser value mailed to you).

    To be eligible for In-store Trade-in:
    • You must be at least 18 years old.
    • You must have a valid Best Buy receipt. If you don't have one, we'll make every effort to locate it for you.
    • You must show a government-issued photo ID.
    Products eligible for the In-Store Trade-In program:
    • Apple iPods
    • Apple laptops
    • Mobile phones
    • PC laptops
  • Online Trade-in

    Use our online Estimator to get an estimate of what your item may be worth. Add the item to your Trade-in cart, print a prepaid mailing label, and mail your item to our Trade-in Center. A Best Buy gift card or check will be mailed to you.

    Use Online Trade-in if you:
    • Choose not to use the In-store Trade-in program.
    • Purchased your item at another store.
    • Can't recover your receipt.
    • Have items not covered by the In-store Trade-in program.
    Products eligible for the Online Trade-In program:
    • Apple desktops
    • Apple iPods
    • Apple laptops
    • Camcorders
    • Car audio receivers
    • Flat-screen computer monitors
    • Game systems
    • Mobile phones
    • PC desktops
    • PC laptops
    • PDAs & handheld computers
    • Servers
    • Digital cameras

See full Trade-in details.


We offer electronics recycling at all Best Buy stores nationwide. You can drop off most electronics at any of our 1,000 stores.

What we take:

  • Three items per household per day.
  • Nearly everything electronic, including tube TVs and monitors 32" and smaller, flat-panel TVs and monitors 60" and smaller, peripherals, DVD players, home and car audio, cell phones, MP3 players, and cables.
  • Desktop or laptop computers.
  • Small electrics, fans and vacuums.

What we don't take:

  • Console TVs, or TVs and monitors larger than 32". Use our haul-away or pickup programs for these items.
  • Electronics containing refrigerants, such as mini refrigerators or air conditioners. Please contact your local waste disposal department.
  • Appliances. Use our haul-away or pickup programs for refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers, ranges and microwaves.
  • Disassembled TVs and monitors.

See full details on Best Buy's recycling program.