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Bluetooth Cordless Phone System

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Use Your Home Phone for Landline and Cell Phone Calls

Bluetooth phone system

Introducing the newest accessory for your cell phone: Bluetooth phone systems

If you'd like to take your cell phone calls at home on a "real" phone, now you can. Make and receive cellular phone calls (and landline calls if a landline is active) throughout your home with a Bluetooth cordless phone system.

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Benefits of a Bluetooth cordless phone system include:

    Use with or without a landline
    A Bluetooth phone system allows you to connect your cell phone to the base unit to make or receive cellular and landline calls throughout your home with ease. Make and receive cell calls on comfortable home phone handsets without paying for home phone service. Receive better reception throughout your home using either option.

    Pair-up multiple cell phones
    Sync more than one Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and a landline (if you have landline service), and get calls for all phones through a convenient base/handset system.

    Catch cell calls quickly and easily before they roll over into voice mail
    Gone are the mad dashes to catch your cell phone before incoming calls roll over into voice mail — just pick up a handset anywhere in the house. Some systems are expandable up to 8 handsets — one for every room in your home.

    Charge your cell phone while using the home handset for cell calls
    As your cell phone charges, you still have the ability to make cell phone calls from your home phone, leaving your cell phone battery fully charged for whenever you need it.

    Upload cell phonebook entries to your home phone
    Bluetooth phone systems can transfer your cell phone's phonebook to your handset's built-in directory for easy, convenient access.

Bluetooth Technology

Concepted initially by Ericsson, Bluetooth is a technology that uses a small radio chip plugged into mobile phones, computers, printers, etc. It replaces cumbersome cables by taking data normally carried by the cable, and transmitting it on a special frequency to a receiver chip, which then gives the information to the phone, computer, etc. You know those funky wireless earpieces you see people wearing? They are Bluetooth wireless headsets that let you receive cell calls. Bluetooth technology gets rid of cables and cords for wireless transmission and reception.

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