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What is OLED?

Unlike traditional, synthetic light-emitting diodes (LEDs), OLED uses an organic substance that glows when an electric current is introduced. This revolutionary material is part of a new design approach that drastically reduces the thickness and weight of the TV. The light passes through a combination of filters to reproduce spectacular high-definition images.

LG OLED TV utilizes this amazing technology at previously impossible big-screen sizes — 55", 65" and 77" class — making it the ultimate display for your home. LG has further added all of its newest and best TV features to bring consumers an uncompromising television viewing experience.

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OLED HDR with Dolby Vision

OLED HDR delivers a stunning High Dynamic Range picture, including support for Dolby Vision content. Enjoy brilliant brights and the deepest darks for infinite contrast, rich color and an exceptional viewing experience. Dolby Vision is an elevated HDR standard preferred by a number of major studios. Movies mastered for Dolby Vision can be enjoyed on LG OLED TVs, to more faithfully match the filmmaker's intent.

Which OLED TV is right for you?

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Screen Size 65" and 77" 55" and 65" 55" and 65" 55" and 65"
Screen Design Picture-on-Glass Picture-on-Glass Curved Flat
Resolution 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD
HDR HDR + Dolby Vision HDR + Dolby Vision HDR + Dolby Vision HDR + Dolby Vision
Smart TV webOS 3.0 w/Magic Mobile Connection webOS 3.0 w/Magic Mobile Connection webOS 3.0 w/Magic Mobile Connection webOS 3.0 w/Magic Mobile Connection
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Harman/Kardon Channel 4.2 Channel 2.2 Channel 4.0 Channel 4.0 Channel
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Infinite Contrast

The unique pixels of LG OLED TV can switch completely off to create perfect black and therefore infinite contrast, resulting in a more lifelike image you can get only with OLED.

Cinimatic Color

LG OLED TVs deliver color authentic to the original image, vibrant across even a large screen, with the stunning clarity of 4K resolution.

4K Resolution

LG OLED 4K TVs contain nearly 8.3 million pixels, so their resolution is four times that of Full HD. The breathtaking clarity and fine picture details will amaze, even up close on a large screen.

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Wide-Viewing Angle

The exceptional picture quality holds up even at wide viewing angles, so don't be afraid to load up the couch.

Ultra-Thin Design

LG OLED TVs are designed to be not only slim but stylish, blending perfectly with the most elegant décor, whether wall-mounted or on a tabletop. Available in both flat and curved models.

webOS with Smart TV

The latest generation of LG's exclusive award-winning Smart TV platform is incredibly easy to use with Magic Remote, Magic Mobile Connection and Magic Zoom. Plus, enjoy simple set up, easy content discovery and quick switching between inputs.

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