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Your business is really taking off — word of mouth is positive and you're hitting your stride. But you're not reaching your full potential. With Sales and Marketing Pro, you can create an advertising campaign that'll really get your brand out into the world. It doesn't matter what kind of industry you're in — Sales and Marketing Pro breaks things down step by step to find the ideal marketing plan for your business.

Instead of just jumping right in to advertising, Sales and Marketing Pro design an advertising budget from the ground up. Analyze the subtext of your advertising and figure out what kind of demographic makes the most sense for your business to target. Use social media and advanced marketing planning so you can create a budget, stick to it, and understand what you're getting out of your money. From advertising novices to the most seasoned sales team, this software can reach almost anyone. Give your campaign the attention it deserves and become a Sales and Marketing Pro.
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  • Publisher: Palo Alto Software
  • Release Date: 11/04/2013
  • Number Of Users/Players: 1
  • Color Category: Multi
  • Model Number: PA-401
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Product Features

Learn how to grow your business by closing more sales and building a better marketing strategy with this comprehensive software

Craft a winning marketing plan by breaking your advertising down step by step as opposed to trying to do everything at once

Focus on your ideal customer by making e-mail work for you, using social networks effectively and utilizing the included Press Release Service

Get tangible results with an all-encompassing marketing plan with built-in expert advice from sales and marketing guru, John Jantsch — learn how to extend your plan and receive instructions and examples each step of the way

Track campaign performance to better understand where your money is going, and learn how to turn leads into customers, forecast your commissions and more with professional sales planning and marketing tools

Truly wow your team by easily exporting your presentations to Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, create multiple plans and even share your ideas online

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