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Choosing the Right Tablet for Kids

Why Buy Tablets for Kids?

When choosing a kid-friendly tablet, you'll find rugged frames to withstand drops and spills, fun games and educational activities, parental controls and more. This portable entertainment also offers the chance for your child to learn new things while on the go. A great option for trips, pick up a pair of kids' headphones that allow your child to enjoy favorites without disturbing others.

Kids' Tablet Features

Children's tablets allow you to introduce your child to a variety of educational apps, games, movies and more with a durable tablet designed to guard against damage. For additional protection, you can also add one of the tablet screen protectors available at Best Buy. For younger children, you'll find tablets with integrated bumpers that make it easy for them to hold on and protect the tablet when dropped. For hands-free ease when watching movies or listening to music, consider purchasing one of the available tablet cases with integrated stands. With the range of tablets available, you'll also find options for older kids that offer some of the same features as your tablet, like a Samsung kids' tablet or Amazon children's tablet. You can choose kid-friendly tablets with crisp displays, cameras and plenty of memory for apps, photos, videos, games, books and music. Expand your entertainment options with a tablet dock that can allow you to do things like connect a projector or HDTV.

Internet Safety for Kids

Some tablets feature an operating system overlay that helps you protect your child from inappropriate content, while others are designed with a browser just for kids. You can also find tablets that allow you to use the device for your own entertainment in parent mode without kid-safe restrictions. You can also learn more about how to establish a kid-friendly network from our article, Keep Your Kids Safe Online.