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The Screen Protector Advantage

Protect Your Investment

Your brand-new, top-of-the-line smartphone can be as close as a best friend to you, considering that you'll have it on you almost every day for the next months, even years. Everyday wear and tear from storing it in a pocket or a purse, or even from using it during a workout, can cause small scratches to appear on its screen. You're likely to add a cell phone case, but also consider adding a screen protector to amp up your device's physical security. Your tablet may receive similar abuse, especially if it's handled by small hands.

The Impact of a Scratched Screen

You may not think that a scratch in a phone screen can affect your smart device's ability to function. But the truth is that even a small crack may make it impossible for you to type some characters, launch critical apps like Facebook or Uber, take photos, or sometimes even to unlock your screen. While you may think it's an unnecessary expense to add a screen protector, the cost of phone repair or replacement is often much higher.

Types of Screen Protectors

Choose a screen protector that addresses your specific needs, whether it's a super clear HD view or super strong screen protection. For instance, ZAGG screen protectors come in a variety of strengths and price points. ZAGG's Glass+ model, a tempered glass screen protector, provides a shatter-proof surface on your phone or tablet. Alternatively, you may want to invest in a privacy screen protector to make sure that the only clear view is from head-on, while those around you are unable to read your screen.

Stay Powered Up

No amount of physical protection can help you use your phone if it isn't powered up. If you need to be away from a power source for long periods of time, consider purchasing an external power pack that will provide an extra surge to carry on with your day. If you find yourself short on time, pick up a phone charging mat. Simply set your compatible phone down on the mat and it charges automatically. And you can't ever have enough regular charging cables for work, home and car.