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Digital Photo Frames: Finding the Right One for You-

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Digital Frames Guide

Lens Image

Displaying your favorite photos is a lot different than in years past. The new digital frames bring new life to your memories. Read on to determine which features will fit your needs and preferences for displaying your photos.

Aspect Ratio
The aspect ratio determines the width and height of the image. Choose 4:3 for standard full screen or 16:9 for widescreen. Most digital cameras shoot in 4:3.

More pixels per square inch create a sharper photo. Choose a higher resolution for crisper images.

Contrast Ratio
The greater the contrast, the more vibrant the photos will appear.

Storage Capacity
Digital frames offer a range of storage capacity. Internal memory allows you to download photos from your camera, computer or cell phone and store them in the frame. Memory of 512MB holds about 125 photos and 1GB holds about 250 photos.* Virtually all external memory card formats may also be used with digital photo frames. You can view photos and videos directly from a memory card or USB storage drive.

Sound and Video Playback
These optional features allow you to view videos and create photo slideshows set to your favorite MP3 music.

Image Stabilization: The latest, greatest lens feature
Many lenses now come with built-in optical image stabilization (sometimes referred to as vibration reduction), which moves the lens elements in an attempt to counteract sensed motion of the camera. This results in fewer blurred photos and is especially useful when you are zooming in low light or with slower shutter speeds.

Touch Panel
Customize your photos and viewing options with an easy-to-use, touch-sensitive border.

Image Control
These factors affect how crisp, clear and colorful your pictures look, including high-definition capability and sharper images.

High Definition
Look for an HDMI output for viewing photos in high definition on an HDTV.

Consider different finishes and colors, or opt for interchangeable faceplates.

Frames come in a range of sizes to fit the needs of any room. Choose from 7" to 14".

*The actual number of images will vary depending on camera model, resolution and compression.