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Sony - SRS-XB41 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Your own personal DJ in a box

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    The Sony XB41 is a unique bluetooth speaker that is set around being able to bring a party vibe no matter where you go. They claim 24 hours of run time with big bass boost for all you lovers of bass out there. Flashing strobes and the ability to add in your own personal beats is a different design that i have yet to see on any other device of this nature. And the ability to fully submerge this speaker in water, can it be true? Can Sony live up to some of its claims and is it really worth the buy? Out of the box this is a very nice looking speaker. The design quality of the speaker shows that it was indeed built with strength and water resistance in mind while still looking very good. I wouldn't expect any less from a Sony product. Out of the box your going to get the power cord and speaker. For some reason on the box it says the speaker is built for Iphone users but the speaker will link to any android device via bluetooth or NFC. On the back side of the speaker you will find the charging port along with a usb port and 3.5mm audio jack. The first thing i noticed was that the ports are covered with a sturdy air tight rubber cover which would prevent any debris and water from entering the unit. There are two claims from Sony that i wasn't exactly eager to try but i'll take their word on it. One being that this is an IP67 rating on the frame design which is similar to a lot of cellphones out there. This basically means you can completely submerge the unit under water with no damage to the hardware, speakers or unit itself. It also means it should have no issues resisting dust or any other debris. This makes this speaker IDEAL for a on the go unit seeing as how sand, water, dirt or any other environmental elements should not cause any issue or concern. The second claim is that the unit is also shock resistant due to the design of the frame and fabric covering it. Sony claims that it can handle about a 4ft drop on to a hardwood floor with no damage to the unit. While i don't recommend giving this test a try it is a nice feature to have as a kind of insurance policy in the event one of your thoughtful guest accidentally knocks the speaker off the counter. There is 24 hour battery life with all the lights turned off and what i can say is with all the lights on full blast and the extra bass mode turned on i got about a little over 18 hours of full battery usage. This is actually not bad when you consider just how much power goes in to running all the light bars and strobes. Lets talk about some of the features that make this unit really unique. First off in order to enable most of the features will you need to download Sony's apps. It's going to require you to actually download two apps. The main app you will need is the Sony music center. The second app you will need to download is Fiestable and it will not appear on your phone but is an a