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Safety and In-Home Service

Safety is our top priority when we visit your home.

For those entering your home for a consultation or installation, we utilize safety protocols based on state and federal health authorities’ recommendations.

When choosing Best Buy for delivery, installation or repair, your service may be performed by either Geek Squad or one of our authorized, independent third-party contractors. These contractors are expected to adhere to the same safety precautions as our employees.

Before your in-home service.

We'll call you before we visit.

Before we come to your home, we'll call you at least 24 hours in advance. During this call, we will:

  1. Confirm that you are not ill with flu-like symptoms or in quarantine from possible exposure to COVID-19.
  2. Discuss the safety precautions we'll be taking during your in-home service.
  3. Confirm that you'd like to proceed with your in-home service.
  4. Politely ask you to put your pets in another room during the duration of the service.

If you're ill or quarantined, or if you don't want to continue with the appointment, we can either reschedule or arrange for doorstep delivery.

To check the status of your appointment, please go to our In-Home Appointment Manager.

How we prepare before your visit.

  • Before reporting for work, we perform an online self-health check.
  • We wear clean clothes for each workday.
  • We perform a health check with a manager before heading to your home.
  • We restock our vehicles with masks or face coverings, gloves, disinfectant wipes and spray, workspace cones, trash bags and more.
  • We clean and disinfect our laptops and mobile devices.

During your in-home service.

Before the work starts.

  • We'll keep a 6-foot distance from you as we enter (and for the remainder of our visit).
  • We'll go over the work with you and explain our safety measures that were discussed on the call before our visit.

How we keep things safe during the work.

  • We'll prepare a workspace by marking a perimeter that gives us enough room to work in, and that provides a safe amount of distance from you and your family.
  • We'll clean and disinfect all surfaces we'll be touching. We'll also follow manufacturer guidelines and use the correct material to safely clean your product.
  • After the work is complete, we'll provide a demo of your product, with you watching at a safe distance.
  • We'll once again clean any surfaces we came into contact with.

To comply with state and local requirements, in-home service is limited in these areas:

State Area In-Home Service Options
No current service restrictions.
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