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    BIC America - 12" 500W Powered Subwoofer - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: H-100II
    • SKU: 6199259
    Enjoy crisp, powerful bass with this BIC America H-100II powered subwoofer, which features a BASH amplifier and 12" long-throw woofer to ensure robust low-end sound. The ported design delivers extended bass output.
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    SVS - 10" 300W Powered Subwoofer - Premium black ash-Front_Standard

    • Model: PB-1000 - 110V
    • SKU: 5707705
    Enjoy a dynamic bass range with this SVS ported subwoofer. Its front-firing 10-inch driver and 3.5-inch port provide deep, pounding bass free from distortion at a frequency range of 19 to 270Hz. The DSP tuning on the 300W Sledge amplifier of this SVS ported subwoofer lets you set the tone for your music, movie or gaming experience.
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    MartinLogan - Dynamo 1100X Hi-Res 12" 1000W Subwoofer - Satin Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: DYN1100XD
    • SKU: 6255497
    Shake up your sound system with this MartinLogan Dynamo subwoofer. Its precision design provides clear and vibrant bass with a frequency response of 22Hz to 200Hz and a peak of 1000W for room-filling sound. This MartinLogan Dynamo subwoofer is easy to adjust and automatically senses a room's acoustics with the included apps.
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    Sonance - Visual Performance 10" Passive Subwoofer - Paintable White-Front_Standard

    • Model: VPSUB
    • SKU: 6253955
    Build a custom home theater sound system with the help of this Sonance Visual Performance subwoofer. A laminated carbon fiber cone with rubber surround delivers impressive audio quality, while the unique design works with other Sonance components to create an immersive listening experience. Designed for in-wall or in-ceiling installation, this Sonance Visual Performance subwoofer blends seamlessly with your room for a low-profile look.
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    Polk Audio - 10" 100W Powered Subwoofer - Black Washed Walnut-Angle_Standard

    • Model: HTS10 SUB BLK
    • SKU: 6170705
    Add thumping bass to a home theater with this 10-inch Polk Audio subwoofer. Its floor-firing Power Port technology delivers deeper bass response and reduced noise, and its built-in controls let you adjust volume and the low pass filter for a customized sound. This Polk Audio subwoofer has a 200W class D amplifier for finely tuned low frequencies.
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    Klipsch - Reference Series 12" 300W Powered Subwoofer - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: R-112SW
    • SKU: 5708516
    Get ready to be moved. The R-112SW subwoofer lets you feel the impact of your favorite music and movies rather than just hearing them. In fact, its rich, full deep bass will shake you up as soon as you push play.
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    Sonos - SUB Wireless Subwoofer - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: SUBG1US1BLK
    • SKU: 5589100
    Add low-frequency bass to your system with this Sonos SUB wireless subwoofer. Face-to-face drivers cancel vibrations within the cabinet, providing purer sound. Dual Class-D amplifiers supply efficient power and tune the subwoofer performance to match other Sonos components. Integrated SONOSnet 2.0 improves connectivity to room and whole-house components with this Sonos SUB wireless subwoofer.
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    Sonos - SUB Wireless Subwoofer - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: SUBG1US1
    • SKU: 5641636
    Crank the bass on your Sonos sound system with this Sonos subwoofer. It uses Wi-Fi to amplify bass to exhilarate levels without creating any rattling or buzzing sounds. This Sonos subwoofer is compatible with all Sonos components, and it's small enough to fit under a table or sofa for use in small spaces.
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    Definitive Technology - SuperCube 4000 8" 1200-Watt Powered Subwoofer - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: SC4000
    • SKU: 2715497
    Learn more about Magnolia Premium Installation   This powered subwoofer features an 8" high-excursion active driver and a 1200W Class HD digital tracking amplifier to ensure robust bass sound with low distortion and high output. The compact enclosure provides flexible placement options.
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    BIC America - Formula 12" 475W Powered Subwoofer - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: F12
    • SKU: 4235056
    Turn up the volume with this BIC America Formula F12 powered subwoofer, which offers adjustable crossover and volume, as well as automatic on and off, for ease of use. The Venturi vent prevents noise from the ports from spoiling the rich, clear sound.
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    Klipsch - Reference Series 10" 450W Powered Subwoofer - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: R-110SW
    • SKU: 5708523
    Experience powerful, deep bass with this Klipsch subwoofer. Its digital amplifier provides 450W of power to enhance your home theater system, and a 10-inch spun-copper cerametallic woofer lets you feel the boom. Connect this Klipsch subwoofer to an optional wireless subwoofer kit and place it anywhere in the room for best effect.
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    Power Acoustik - MOFO 12" 1500 W Automobile Woofer - Blue-Front_Standard

    • Model: MOFO-122X
    • SKU: 3928745

    The motor is refined and increases efficiency dramatically! MOFO-122X subs use a composite sandwich cone with a polypropylene surface for durability and Spruce pulp backing for smooth low bass. Like the original MOFOs, this model still use an aluminum dust cap that couples to the voice coil former and extends over the cone. Why? The fins brace the cone and eliminate cone flex during high excursion. And since they are aluminum and couple to the dust cap and coil former, they act as a heat sink or heat extractor. The MOFO subs yield superior performance.

  13. 13.
    MartinLogan - DYNAMO 10" 120W Powered Subwoofer - Satin Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: DYN600XD
    • SKU: 6255491
    Add dramatic bass elements to your music system or home theater experience with this 600X MartinLogan Dynamo subwoofer. The high-performance amplifiers and pro-style woofers fill your entertainment space with a wide spectrum of bass frequencies. This MartinLogan Dynamo subwoofer also has remote control capability through your smartphone app, allowing precise configuration of settings.
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    ELAC - 3000 Series 10" 200W Powered Subwoofer (Each) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: SUB3010-BK
    • SKU: 6198602
    Enhance your speaker system with this Debut 2.0 Series subwoofer. The 10-inch bass driver and 400W amplifier deliver rich low-frequency sound, while the Advanced Bluetooth Control lets you adjust the sound remotely using your mobile app. With its compact size, this Debut 2.0 Series subwoofer fits neatly with a home theater setup or on a stereo cabinet shelf.
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    Alpine - Woofer - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: SWR-T12
    • SKU: 4151873

    The Type-R Thin subwoofer series combines the intense low-bass performance and ground-shaking output of the traditional Type-R subwoofers in a thin package optimized for extremely small enclosures.

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