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    Buffalo - TeraStation 7120R Enterprise 48 TB 12-bay Rack-mountable Network Storage (NAS) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: TS-2RZH48T12D
    • SKU: 5750207
    Provide secure storage for your network station with this enterprise-class Buffalo TeraStation hard drive. Its 4TB capacity is ample storage space for business applications, documents and financial data. This Buffalo TeraStation hard drive has RAID-level data protection for secure storage, keeping your data intact in case of an accidental loss.
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    Buffalo - TeraStation™ 5410RN 24TB 4-Bay Rack-mountable Network Storage (NAS) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: TS5410RN2404
    • SKU: 5750314
    Get a high-performance storage solution with this 24TB Buffalo TeraStation. Its RAID-based system and 10GbE connection increase speed and reliability, while its hard drives are engineered specifically for NAS devices, making them ideal for demanding business users. This two-bay Buffalo TeraStation has a powerful quad-core processor that delivers exceptional speed during file transfers.
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    Buffalo - TeraStation™ 5410RN 16TB 4-Bay Rack-mountable Network Storage (NAS) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: TS5410RN1604
    • SKU: 5750317
    Upgrade the network storage for your growing business with this Buffalo TeraStation 5410RN. Its high-performance Annapurna Labs processor and 4GB of RAM accesses and transfers files quickly, and its RAID-based technology provides data redundancy for protection. This Buffalo TeraStation 5410RN has a 16TB capacity, which is ample storage space for large business applications and documents.
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    Buffalo - TeraStation™ 5400RN WSS 16TB 4-Bay Rack-mountable Network Storage (NAS)-Front_Standard

    • Model: WS5400RN1604S2
    • SKU: 5750326
    Create custom digital storage solutions with this Buffalo TeraStation NAS device. It's rack-mountable, letting you integrate it with existing server environments, and the hot-swap design lets you remove and add hard drives in up to four bays. This Buffalo TeraStation NAS device is compatible with Windows Storage Service 2012 R2 Standard Edition for easy installation.
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    Buffalo - TeraStation™ 1400D 8TB 4-Bay Network Storage (NAS) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: TS1400D0804
    • SKU: 4324911
    Support your professional workstation with this 8TB four-bay Buffalo TeraStation NAS server. Its multiple RAID level configurations provide options to maximize storage capacity or prevent data loss, and it lets you download new files easily with the built-in BitTorrent client. This hot-swappable Buffalo TeraStation NAS server lets you replace drives without causing downtime to other users.
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    Buffalo - TeraStation 5400DN WSS 8TB 4-Bay External Network Storage (NAS) - black-Front_Standard

    • Model: WS5400DN0804W2
    • SKU: 4406200
    Buffalo's TeraStation 5400DN WSS network attached storage appliance provides high performance four-drive RAID-based network storage with the power of a Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 operating system providing seamless integration with Windows computers and servers. Increased reliability is achieved with the TeraStation 5400DN WSS being populated with hard drives built specifically for always-on NAS devices. TeraStation 5400DN WSS provides class-leading performance and enables the ability to focus on concurrent tasks with minimal performance degradation: experience maximum network throughput while NAS and iSCSI targeting operations run simultaneously. TeraStation 5400DN WSS is an economical turnkey solution for highly reliable and continuously available high performance network storage for a variety of data needs.
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    NETGEAR - ReadyNAS 2TB 4-Bay External Network Storage (NAS)-Front_Standard

    • Model: RN214D42-100NES
    • SKU: 5091171
    Enjoy ample digital storage with this Netgear ReadyNAS 210 external hard drive. This device can hold up to 24TB of storage space over four separate bays, and it lets you transfer data at lightning-fast speeds of 200 Mbps. This Netgear ReadyNAS 210 external hard drive also includes full HD 1080p transcoding capabilities and is integrated with Netgear's ReadyCLOUD.
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    Buffalo - DriveStation Duo 8TB 2-Bay External USB 3.0 Storage - black-Front_Standard

    • Model: HD-WH8TU3R1
    • SKU: 5750201
    The DriveStation Duo is a quick and easy solution to store, access, back up and transfer your music, photos, videos and other files. Get maximum storage with the increased capacity of two spanning hard drives or the extra security of automatic mirroring in one affordable box.
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    Buffalo - TeraStation™ 3410RN 8TB 4-Bay Rack-mountable Network Storage (NAS)-Front_Standard

    • Model: TS3410RN0804
    • SKU: 5750308
    Give your business flexible data security with this 8TB Buffalo TeraStation NAS server. It lets you access data remotely through a private cloud, and it provides physical security with its front panel lock and Kensington security slot. This Buffalo TeraStation NAS server supports third-party cloud integration via Amazon S3, Dropbox and Dropbox Business for a reliable off-site backup system.
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    Buffalo - TeraStation™ 5410RN 8TB 4-Bay Rack-mountable Network Storage (NAS) - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: TS5410RN0804
    • SKU: 5750315
    Equip your business with RAID-level network storage with this Buffalo NAS. Its powerful Annapurna Labs Alpine quad-core processor provides fast access and transfer speeds for your files from multiple computers, and its 8TB hard drive offers ample long-term storage. This Buffalo NAS includes remote data management through integrated cloud storage.
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    Buffalo - LinkStation 220 8TB 2-Bay External Network Storage (NAS) - black-Front_Standard

    • Model: LS220D0802
    • SKU: 8408283
    Buffalo Technology's LinkStation (LS220D series) combines an incredibly easy User Interface with the convenience, security and capacity of dual-bay, RAID-ready Network Attached Storage. The LS220D is affordable, fast, and primed for intensive data storage tasks. It's pre-configured and can even be set up via Smartphones with a new mobile optimized and intuitive interface. And with two hard drives users can choose RAID 0 for enhanced performance or RAID 1 for mirroring as part of a backup solution. The LS220D comes with Buffalo's free personal private cloud: wherever you are, all your data is accessible from any web browser or via Buffalo's WebAccess Apps for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. And with Buffalo's Private Cloud solution users' data stays protected in the physical location of the device - not off-site in a third party's data center. Buffalo's LinkStation can also stream up to 4 HD films simultaneously allowing each family member to watch their favorite film, on their own device, at the same time. The LS220 is DLNA and Twonky Beam-ready and can also stream high-end DSD audio files without losing quality.
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    WD - My Book Duo 16TB 2-Bay External USB Type-C Storage - Black-Angle_Standard

    • Model: WDBFBE0160JBK-NESN
    • SKU: 6026144
    Back up data with this Western Digital desktop storage device. The 16GB capacity holds large files to free up space on your computer, and its USB 3.0 interface facilitates quick transfer speeds while serving as a dock for accessories. The 256-bit AES hardware encryption built into this Western Digital desktop storage device secures private data.
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    WD - My Cloud EX2 Ultra 16TB 2-bay External Network Storage (NAS) - Charcoal Gray-Front_Standard

    • Model: WDBVBZ0160JCH-NESN
    • SKU: 5061404
    Get more storage for your network with this Western Digital 16TB personal cloud storage server. A powerful 1.3 GHz dual-core processor ensures it can process all the information inside quickly, and 1GB of DDR3 RAM keeps the data flowing. The Western Digital 16TB personal cloud storage server can be configured as RAID 0, RAID 1 or JBOD.
  14. 14.
    WD - My Cloud EX2 Ultra 12TB 2-Bay External Network Storage (NAS) - Charcoal-Front_Standard

    • Model: WDBVBZ0120JCH-NESN
    • SKU: 5061405
    Store and protect media with this My Cloud EX2 Ultra hard drive. This 12TB device lets you lets you access content remotely and use simple file-sharing options via the My Cloud smartphone app. By using this My Cloud EX2 Ultra hard drive's protection features, including 256-AES encryption and SmartWare Pro backup software, you control what you share.
  15. 15.
    WD - My Cloud EX2 Ultra 8TB 2-Bay External Network Storage (NAS) - Charcoal-Front_Standard

    • Model: WDBVBZ0080JCH-NESN
    • SKU: 5061403
    Keep valuable data safe with this My Cloud EX2 Ultra external hard drive. Custom backup options through WD SmartWare Pro, 256 AES volume encryption, and multiple RAID options provide enhanced performance and protection. This 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra provides high transfer speeds, and its Plex Media Server keeps your data ready at all times.

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