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    KEF - LS50 Hi-Res 5-1/4" 2-Way 230W Wireless Speakers (Pair) - Gloss Black/Blue-Front_Standard

    • Model: LS50ABL
    • SKU: 5838510
    Share your entire music library with faithfully reproduced sound on this KEF wireless speaker pair. The streamlined design eliminates the unsightly tangle of cords, and the small size of the speakers makes them easy to place on a bookshelf or end table. This KEF wireless speaker pair uses UNI-Q technology to reproduce clear sounds from low to high.
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    KEF - LS50 Hi-Res 5-1/4" 2-Way 230W Wireless Speakers (Pair) - Titanium Gray/Red-Front_Standard

    • Model: LS50AGREY
    • SKU: 5838516
    Set up a smooth entertainment experience with this KEF wireless speaker that eliminates unsightly cords and cables. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity let you pair with a smartphone or computer, while USB connections expand your capabilities. This KEF wireless speaker features a bold look that doesn't take up much space while perfectly reproducing sound with UNI-Q drivers.
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    Naim - Mu-so Streaming Media Player - Silver-Front_Standard

    • Model: NAIM AUDIO MU-SO
    • SKU: 5831301
    Rediscover the richness of your favorite music with this 450W Naim Mu-so wireless speaker. Each of its six drivers has a 75W amplifier for powerful, dynamic sound reproduction, and it fine-tunes audio details with its 32-bit digital sound processor. This Naim Mu-so wireless speaker lets you set up and control multiroom systems via the Naim app.
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    The House of Marley - One Foundation Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music (1-Pack) - Oak-Front_Standard

    • Model: EM-DA002-RG
    • SKU: 5685706
    Combine powerful high-fidelity audio and bold wooden styling with this House of Marley One Foundation Bluetooth speaker system. The 5.25-inch high-output woofers deliver punchy, powerful bass, while the 1-inch high-definition, Danish-designed tweeters provide clarity at the upper end of the audio spectrum. The unique wooden construction of this House of Marley One Foundation Bluetooth speaker system adds character and individuality.
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    SpeakerCraft - 7" Touch Panel Controller for MRA-664 Multi-Room Audio Control System - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: STP7-W
    • SKU: 6081132
    Control your multiroom SpeakerCraft audio system with this 7-inch SpeakerCraft touch-panel controller. This wall-mountable unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and you can control all of your connected devices through its simple, user-friendly interface. This SpeakerCraft touch panel controller has a proximity sensor that lets you turn it on touch-free.
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    SpeakerCraft - 7" Touch Panel Controller for MRA-664 Multi-Room Audio Control System - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: STP7-B
    • SKU: 6081137
    Customize sound settings for your MRA-664 audio controller with this black SpeakerCraft touch panel. Its 7-inch high-resolution screen is responsive and bright, and it's covered with a sturdy glass panel that resists scratches and dings. This wall-mounted SpeakerCraft touch panel has a proximity sensor that wakes automatically as you approach it.
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    Enclave - Cinehome HD 5.1-Channel Wireless Speaker System - Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: EA-100-HTIB-REG 1
    • SKU: 5178800
    Bring movie theater-quality sound to your home with this CineHome home theater in a box. The wireless technology lets you place each of the six speakers anywhere in your room, and the plug-and-play design offers quick, easy setup. Featuring access to the Enclave Audio app, this CineHome home theater in a box provides access to streaming music services.
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    MartinLogan - Crescendo 7" 140W Powered Wireless 2-Way Speaker (Each) - Black high gloss-Front_Standard

    • Model: CRESXGBD
    • SKU: 5941501
    Enjoy high-quality sound when streaming audio with this Crescendo X wireless speaker. It uses advanced loudspeaker technology and DTS Play-Fi wireless signals to produce clear sound without distortion or lag. The advanced DPS software and calibrated microphone of this Crescendo X wireless speaker adapt its output to your space for superior performance.
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    Klipsch - Reference Premiere HD Wireless Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black/Copper-Front_Standard

    • Model: RP-440WF
    • SKU: 4216401
    This Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless RP-440WF speaker brings lifelike sound to your music and movies when used as a pair or with other Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers and connects wirelessly to the HD Control Center (not included). A Tractrix horn and compressed molded rubber construction create clean audio with ideal high-frequency response.
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    Klipsch - Reference Premiere HD Wireless Speakers (Pair) - Black/Copper-Front_Standard

    • Model: RP-140WM
    • SKU: 4216402
    Enjoy clear dialogue and booming sound effects with these Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless RP-140WM speakers, which offer a 4.5" cerametallic woofer and 1" titanium tweeter for well-balanced audio. WiSA wireless technology reliably transmits lossless, high-fidelity audio.
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    MartinLogan - Crescendo Wireless Music System - Black-Front_Standard

    • SKU: 6317007
    With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this MartinLogan Crescendo music system allows you to wirelessly connect to a wide variety of devices. The Class D 100W amplifier ensures audio is projected in robust, powerful detail.
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    Naim - Mu-so Qb Streaming Media Player - Brushed aluminium/brushed aluminum-Front_Standard

    • Model: Naim Audio Mu-so Qb
    • SKU: 5831304
    Experience powerful sound in compact form with this 300W Naim Mu-so Qb wireless speaker. Its 32-bit digital sound processor provides optimal audio flow to the two tweeters, two midrange drivers and woofer for enhanced sound accuracy. This Naim Mu-so Qb wireless speaker supports different audio sources with its Wi-Fi connectivity, USB port, and digital and analog inputs.
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    Klipsch - Reference Premiere HD Wireless Center-Channel Speaker - Black/Copper-Front_Standard

    • Model: RP-440WC
    • SKU: 4216400
    Stream lossless audio with this Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless RP-440WC center-channel speaker, which adds enhanced dialogue and detail to your music and movies and wirelessly connects to the HD Control Center (not included). The custom-tuned amplifier, four 4.5" woofers and 1" tweeter ensure rich, balanced high and low tones.
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    Soundcast - VG7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Gray/black-Front_Standard

    • Model: VGBT07A
    • SKU: 6092824
    Finally, a speaker, that can do it all. Feature the VG7 front and center to take in its immersive sound and full-range acoustics. Wherever you place it, prepare to be transported to an audio paradise. The VG7 may look humble in size, its sound, however, is anything but small. Four enclosed speakers deliver sound you have to hear to experience.
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    Klipsch - Reference Premiere HD Wireless Subwoofer - Black/Copper-Front_Standard

    • Model: RP-110WSW
    • SKU: 4216403
    Stream high-quality audio from your compatible mobile device to this Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless RP-110WSW subwoofer via the Bluetooth interface for ease of use. The subwoofer connects wirelessly to your HD Control Center (not included) and adds clean, deep bass to your Reference Premiere Wireless system.

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