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  • Specifications
    Maximum Flight Time
    15 minutes
    Standardized Video Resolution
    Full HD (1080p)
    Control Type
    Remote control, App-controlled
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Snaptain - S5C Elite 1080p Drone with Remote Controller - Black

Model:S5C Elite
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Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 44 reviews

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  • Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

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  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    A Great Drone For Beginners to Get Mechanics Down

    – BUILD – The S5C Elite is fairly small and made primarily of plastic, including the propeller blades. It is equipped with 4 brushless motors with twin blades on each motor. The blades themselves are pushed into their flight position with each motors’ centrifugal force and are able to withstand crashes due to its swivel design. Basically, if you crash this drone the blades will give way when it impacts an object or surface. The detachable battery sits on the backend of the drone, while the adjustable camera towards the front. There are various LEDs on the drone that indicate flight status, especially when crashed or out of battery. It also emits a sound during low battery as well as turning it on and off. There is a small antenna on the underbody of the drone for optimal signal reception, and a small center adjacent to it to determine elevation relative to the ground. A microSD slot can be found on its starboard side for when taking photos and videos. When necessary, the blades can be easily replaced with a Philips screwdriver. The four main arms are able to fold in to allow easy storage. The controller itself is made of plastic as well. The joysticks’ tension feel firm and for extra comfort, there are lower arms that fold out that give you a more comfortable grip. The controller will allow you to clamp your smartphone when you perform FPV flights. – CONTROLS – The controls are…simple, yet complicated. It really depends a lot on your experiences with RC cars, planes and even video games. There are two main joysticks: the left joystick controls elevation(up or down) and yaw(turn left or right) and the right joystick controls pitch (move forward or backward) and roll (lean left or right). It sounds simple until you actually get in the air and learn the behaviors of the drone with each input change. Being a beginner myself, I practiced a lot with oval flight routes around my house. I practiced clockwise, then counter-clockwise to get a feel for the pitch and yaw controls. After several runs (and several crashes), I was able to switch to Speed II on the controller, and this allows your joystick inputs to be more sensitive and allow for faster maneuvers. The controller also has one touch take-off and landing, and dedicated buttons for circular flying (camera is always pointed toward you) and a very sleek flip. If a microSD card is inserted, you can take photos and videos with dedicated buttons on the left shoulder of the controller while adjusting camera angles with buttons on the right shoulder. – APP CONNECTIVITY – Using the Snaptain Era app, you’ll be able to pilot the S5C as if you were in the cockpit. Connectivity is done via WiFi @2.4GHz; you’ll have to connect to the drone’s SSID prior to launching the app. Once connected, you’ll see a real-time feed of the camera and fly FPV (first person view). – PERFORMANCE – This drone is perfect for those that are getting into drones and learning to fly drones, in general. As a newbie, I am still overwhelmed with the various ways to fly in 3D space. This isn’t an airplane that flies nose first; drones hover and can fly in any direction and the S5C is completely capable of doing this. I loved flying around my home, learning to navigate using the controls and ultimately learning to fly with confidence. I’ve crashed a lot….A LOT, and the S5C is still able to take the abuse and continue to fly. I think with enough practice using the S5C, I can move up into a more advanced, professional grade drone. –RANGE– As far as range goes…Snaptain claims up to 100m…which is 300ft. With my testing, I felt that it was a bit shorter. I’m not trying to dispute their claim, but wanted to let folks know that there are a lot of factors that can drive this range lower. An obvious one is line of sight. Make sure that your remote control has direct line of sight to the drone. If you don’t have direct line of sight, it may seem fine as you work towards 100ft, but the remote control will start beeping loudly notifying you that it does NOT have any signal connection to the drone. This happened to me while I was trying to take pictures of the solar panels on my roof; the drone just stopped responding. I had to take a step back away from the roofline to attain a signal and get the S5C back on the ground. – BATTERY– The drone comes with two 3.7V 1200mAh Batteries that last around 15 minutes each. If you run FPV, run times will come a bit shorter than that. Having two batteries charged back-to-back is plenty enjoyable for a good practice run or just having fun. –CAMERA– The drone does come with a 1080p camera that can swivel up to degrees from pointed straight to looking straight down. The photos and videos are decent. Photos will appear washed out, but nothing that you can fix in post. The videos are also in 1080p, but it looks at 30fps…maybe less. The video feed felt choppy at times during FPV, and that’s probably attributed to signal strength. The same result will appear in your recorded videos. Nothing too crazy, especially this being a beginner’s drone. – CONS – Considering that this is a beginner’s drone, I didn’t dock it for the niceties that I wished it had; those features come when moving up to the advanced models. But if i had one complaint, it is most definitely the range. I didn’t really have a lot of confidence flying farther out. I thought simply flying over my roof would be safe enough, but the signal started cutting much sooner than I expected it to. Otherwise, flying indoors or relatively close to you outdoors is fine. Just know that this thing looks a lot smaller once it starts moving away from you. My only star to take off.

    Posted by softwareEngineer

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    A drone ANYONE can (and SHOULD) fly

    The Snaptain S5C Elite package is a unicorn in the low-cost drone market; easy enough for even a beginner to get flying right away, but with a feature set that you’d find in more expensive drones. Powerful enough to get you up to decent heights with a superb camera to get high quality pictures once you’re up there. It really is impressive, but even more so when you consider the price and value. From the moment I opened the box I was amazed. It includes a really nice travel case with two batteries, a charging interface and spare propellers as well as a well written and thorough set of instructions. The drone itself folds into a tiny package which makes the whole kit easy to stuff in a knapsack or bag so you can carry it anywhere, safely. The batteries are stated to charge in about 4 hours, but I found the charging time to be much less in my tests. The controller is simple yet includes all the necessary controls. This includes being able to control not only the drone flight itself, but also the ability to tilt the camera up and down. This is something you don’t usually see in lower cost drones and is a welcome addition. Installing the software on my Pixel 8 Pro went without a hitch, though I did have to turn off my cellular radio to pair properly with the drone. Once paired with the phone and controller, I was ready to fly in minutes. If you’ve ever been intimidated by the idea of drones, or you’ve had the sad experience of trying to fly one of those cheap Amazon/eBay specials (only to have it zoom into crash mode}, you’re in for a surprise! With one button press, I was able to get the drone off the ground and into steady hover on my first flight. Maneuvering the S5C proved easy and intuitive, and I was flying confidently right away. The first person view from the camera was mind blowing. Clear and steady, I was seeing my neighborhood from a completely different perspective. I could use either the buttons on the remote or their counterparts on the phone screen to take pictures or video and go right back to flying. Now, it is a small and lightweight drone, so it is affected by medium strength winds. But even in mild winds, it was impressive how steady it was and how well it responded to commands. Still, I wouldn’t fly this outside during strong winds. Not because I don’t think that the S5C could handle it, but because I wouldn’t want to lose or damage it – I’m having too much fun! You could fly it inside though; not only is it steady in its hover with little to no drift, but it is also amazingly quiet! I was kind of shocked at how quiet it was – both in the air and in the videos. Usually most drones sound like a swarm of angry bees but the S5C is virtually silent. This means that not only can you fly it inside, but you won’t be annoying the neighborhood when you take it outside. I’d confidently say that this drone is not only perfect for people who have never flown a drone before and are looking for a little fun, but also for people who may be looking at purchasing a professional grade film drone. I’d say buy this FIRST and get used to flying and filming BEFORE you drop those big bills to see if drones are for you. I think even content providers could make use of this given the high quality of the camera. When you outgrow it or need more features like GPS flight or following a person, then you can upgrade. But I still think you’d find a place for this drone in your tool kit. It’s just a pleasure to fly and so quick to get up and flying. I did crash it once, coming down a little too close to a small tree and it fell about 10 or so feet. But it took it like a champ and once I set it upright again, I was back in the air in minutes. It’s solidly built and well-engineered. I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you are considering drones at all, you’d be crazy not to buy the S5C Elite Package!

    Posted by kaizen61

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Great entry into "real drones"

    The Snaptain S5C Elite is a pretty cool little drone. A step above entry level "toy" drones, it has good features and is a nice introduction into higher end devices. The case is pretty solid, with cutouts for all the accessories. There are two batteries that charge with USB C directly so no extra base or proprietary attachment needed. There are a second set of blades included. Unless you're already well seasoned at flying, you're going to need these. And more.. Screw driver is included as well to swap blades as well as open up the remote to add batteries. Unfortunately this isn't rechargeable as well, It takes a few AAA batteries. The remote is pretty light and cheap feeling, so when you clip your phone to it, it will be very top heavy and want to lean back on you. There are many controls and a nice template overlay to see what's what. you can easily pan the camera up and down, as well as take quick pics or videos. Pairing your phone to the drone is pretty simple, just turn on the drone and then connect your phone to the Snaptain Wifi network that is being broad cast. Once you do that, you open the app and can see the feed. Flying the drone will take practice. Fairly similar to video game FPS.. you can go up and down with the appropriate direction on the left joy stick as well as zero degree rotate left/right. Right joystick will move you forward, back, strafe left/right The controller has some built in buttons for 360 pans for wide shots, trick flips and quick launch. You can do the quick launch manually with a combination of the joysticks as well. There is an emergency button where you'd want to kill the power in case its going somewhere you can't get to to retrieve. If you do hit that button and retrieve the drone, you'll have to power cycle the drone in order to use it again. Likewise, if you hit something and the drone falls, you'll have to power cycle to use again. i'm not the best at it and a couple times i flew it into my house and a school. the battery pack and hold popped off and was hanging by the wire. i've done this over a dozen times and easily snapped it in place. on that note, you cannot buy replacement propellor blades from the manufacturer. in fact i had to go online and purchase blades for a different brand and model drone. they looked the same visually and had the same labelling style. (A1,B1,A2,B2) and the work just fine. I'm on my 3rd set because my kids and I had some learning to do. Battery life is decent, you get about 15 minutes per battery. charging isn't terribly long, but long enough you can't keep going back and forth without downtime. the camera is surprisingly better than expected. for people goofing around quick videos that don't need fine details, like sports/driving/ scenery, it'll be good. overall, fun drone for the price to get into "real drones" as opposed to little $20-$30 toys that are better suited indoors and won't be taken from the wind

    Posted by rjv86

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