Asus - Desktop - AMD FX-Series - 8GB Memory - 2TB Hard Drive - Black

Surf the Web easily with the built-in high-speed wireless networking on this Asus M32BC-B01 desktop, and enjoy high-performance video and clear on-screen images thanks to AMD Radeon R7 240 dedicated graphics, which deliver 2GB video memory.

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Your computer's processor is like its brain. Working in combination with system memory, the power of the processor determines the complexity of software you can run, how many programs you can have open at the same time, and how fast those programs will run. Most computers feature an Intel or AMD processor.


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Awesome deal. Posted by: from: on This is a great PC for the money. I was in need of a new gaming desktop, and this had some great specifications. I ended up switching out the Power Supply and Graphics Card for a better gaming experience. I listed some highlights with more detail below. Processor: AMD FX 8310. An 8-core processor ranging from 3.4ghz-4.3ghz. L3 8mb & L2 8mb. GPU: AMD ASUS R7 240 2gb DDR3. (I substituted this with a nVidia GTX 960 2gb DDR5.) Ram: 8gb DDR3. HDD: 2tb 7200rpm. PSU: 300w. (I substituted this with a Corsair 750M 750w.)

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Very nice machine Posted by: from: on I've had this computer for a week and so far I'm very happy with the machine. I am an amateur photographer/hobbyist and this computer had all the specs I was looking for in a photo workstation. It handles all my photo processing/editing nicely. It has a great amount of hard drive space (2TB), fast AMD FX processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 2GB dedicated graphics card. This is probably good enough for a gaming computer! I also like the wireless networking capability. I use this computer for everyday tasks like internet searches, email, skype, word processing, spreadsheets, etc. and everything is working great. It also does not come pre-installed with any unnecessary software (bloatware), so this was a plus for me. I only installed the software I wanted or need. The computer was easy to setup, starts up fast, and runs quiet. I also purchased an IPS monitor, a set of speakers, and a webcam to go with this machine and all work great. I upgraded from a laptop running Windows 7, but I didn't find Windows 8 to be too hard of a transition. I just use the desktop view on Windows 8. The only bad thing I can say is that the keyboard it comes with is a bit flimsy and the characters on the keys are not printed brightly enough. So, it's a bit hard to see what I'm typing in dim lighting. For the price, and the specs, this machine is a good value and you won't be disappointed. ASUS is a trusted brand.

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Machine Broke with in 6 months Posted by: from: Ashburn VA on I got this from local Best buy, Feb,2016. CPU Fan error shows up with in six months. The sad part is we barely use this machine ! This is my first experience with an AMD machine, I think i should have stick to Intel !! I called customer service and learned , I need to ship the machine to CA to get serviced. No local service centers in my area. To mae it sweet, I should pay for shipping ! Not sure when I am going to get this back fixed

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Will not work with Windows 10 (power save mode) Posted by: from: on Bought this computer and upgraded it to Windows 10. Problem is, in Windows 10, after ~30 minutes of inactivity it goes into some kind of "sleep" mode. The fan is still running, the power button light is solid, you can open the CD tray - but there is no power to the USB and the monitor is off. There is no way to get it back online, unless you just hold down the power button and force a reboot. This does not happen in windows 8.1. I restored the computer twice. The 2nd time, I did not install ANY programs to make sure it wasn't something I was causing but it happend again. I flashed the BIOS, I turned off the ErP power mode off in the BIOS. I contacted ASUS tech support, and even they recommended returning it. Nothing resolved this. I returned the first one, bought a 2nd identical computer (just in case it was a driver issue - which ASUS tech support through could be the problem but I had my doubts) and it did the exact same thing. I like the computer...specs are great and I really wish it would have worked out but there is definitely a compatibility issue with windows 10 and this model

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Powerful, Fast Octa Core Processor Posted by: from: on I researched for two years until I found a desktop that met all of my basic requirements. A separate powerful graphics card was one, along with an HDMI output. It also had to be one that would be easily software upgradeable. It handled the transition to Windows 10 without skipping a beat. I had many other requirements also, among them was price. at 699 this had everything I wanted, except a BD drive/recorder, for a price I, on a fixed budget, could afford. I seriously researched this computer and ultimately only it's bigger brother had more to offer, but at 200 dollars more, that was not worth it. I have been at this work station daily since I brought it home. I have yet to find one flaw. I pray it stays that way. I hesitated to go with a brand I was not familiar with. But, I am intimately familiar with AMD and prefer it over anything else. If you like to have fun and sometimes have to do serious tasks, this is your system for an affordable price. I am not a big time gamer, but I can't imagine wanting to do anything gaming on a computer more than this can do. I have a couple of popular game consoles for that!

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Really nice computer Posted by: from: on I've never really heard of this brand but read the reviews and decided to give it a try. This computer is super quiet and fast. I purchased it as a gaming computer and it has given me great results. I would recommend giving Asus a try.

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Good sub 1k gamer just needs a few tweaks Posted by: from: on I got frustrated with having multiple z97 chipsets on my Intel set up tanking every few months so I decided to look at some prebuilt computers. I really no longer game hardcore but still wanted to play some games. This computer for its price is very capable, but it does need a few tweaks first the 350 watt psu, nope no upgrade room here at all, and I found it was running warmer then I would like even just doing basic windows and word processing tasks, so out with the little psu that could and in with my Silverstone strider gold 1200, yes it does fit but its slightly tight. It runs way cooler and has more power then this system needs and adds extra cooling with the 140 mm fan pulling heat out of the case. Next I put in one of my 680gtx Classifieds, yea I know I need to upgrade this, its been running The Secret World well, though the R7 240 ran it ok I wish they would have at least put a R9 250 or such in and a 550 watt psu. I am going to drop my 500gb SSD in as some games like to read a lot from the disk, TSW I'm looking at you, this is not necessary just preference and I have the parts lying around I also added another 8 gb of ram total 16 gb. You might say why did you put all that in its because I had it around and even with just adding better psu like a thermaltake 750M, (modular) PSU and say an R9 270 or a card in that range and you have one hell of a capable gaming rig in a clean nice small form factor. It a good computer with room to grow and tweak THe psu is around 80 bucks and I think the R7270 is around 169 ish. so for 800 bucks you can build a good system. Mind you those are just estimates. Sorry for the lengthy review and list of stuff, but I hope it gives you an idea where you can go with this system.

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Good computer for the price. Posted by: from: on This brand is a good brand. I had bought two previous computers, both were ibuypower pcs from, both were shipped to me and they turned out to be duds. Had to return them and get a refund. Thus time I decided to buy a brand name computer. Was hesitant to buy Asus computer because this didn't look as flashy and cool at the previous ones I bought. Was always worried about the ease of upgrading it. Turns out it works great. I installed my bluray drive that I had bought separately, easy to switch out the installed DVD rom. Also this PC can be upgraded to 32gb of RAM. And there is a free upgrade to Windows 10. So happy about this PC.

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Prob OK for most people Posted by: from: on I ended up returning this to the store because it lagged when shrinking a full screen playback of a video down to not full screen. This aggravated the heck out of me for what I paid and use my system for. I needed a machine that could handle heavy 1080p video projects and this setup had some lagging and processing time issues. I'm sure this PC is more than enough for most users out there and is a very nice setup for the occasional gamer and everyday user. Especially if you added more RAM! I expected too much from it and that is my fault however if I just needed a home or school PC for various reasons or projects this would fit the bill nicely and I would definitely buy it and be happy with it for those uses. This is a nice machine for the money and gets nicer if you catch it on sale!

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great value for a budget gaming/ rendering pc Posted by: from: on got it for 399.99 with a price match. great value for a budget gaming/ video editing pc. with easy upgrades like a new graphics card and ssd this is a perfect starter system for the price. The fx-8310 cpu is very solid! would definitely recommend.

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