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Get four times the resolution of 1080p HDTV and upscale all your current content.

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Extremely high color accuracy, wide viewing angles and a virtually blur-free picture.

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Shopping for a New TV

A TV is one of the most visible and frequently used pieces of electronics in your home, and Best Buy is the place to look for the latest and greatest TVs on sale. Whether you're in the market for an HDTV, a 4K Ultra HD TV, a curved-screen TV, or a 3D TV, you'll find amazing TV deals right here. And with TV sales happening all the time, it's good to check back often to catch the very best prices.

TV Styles & Features

So, you've found a TV for sale, and the price is right. How do you know if that particular TV's mix of features and specifications is right for you? First, look at the display type. LCD and LED TVs both offer great picture quality, with LED TVs performing particularly well even in brightly lit rooms thanks to their advanced backlighting. Plasma TVs are considered by many to be the benchmark for deep blacks and vibrant colors. They also handle fast motion very well to reduce blur even during action scenes. Keep in mind, they do better in darker rooms, but their viewing angles are often better than LCD TVs and LED TVs.

OLED TVs offer some of the best picture quality available on the market today, with very high contrast, minimal blurring, near-perfect color precision, and wide viewing angles. One other important feature of OLED TVs is that the technology used to make their screens enables them to be extremely thin.

TV Screen Size Considerations

Another thing to consider is the size of your TV's screen. Bigger may seem like it's always better, but it's essential to balance the television to the size of the room -- otherwise you may find yourself sitting too close for comfort. The basic guidelines are that 60"-90" TVs are great for media rooms and home theaters, 50"-64" TVs are good for larger rooms like big living rooms, 33"-49" TVs work best in medium-sized living rooms and larger bedrooms, and 32" or smaller TVs feel right in most bedrooms, kitchens or small apartments and dorms.