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Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones - Matte Black

Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones deliver a premium listening experience with Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC) to actively block external noise, and real-time audio calibration to preserve clarity, range, and emotion. It continuously pinpoints sounds to block while automatically responding to individual fit and music playback. The efficiency of the Apple W1 chip supports up to 22 hours of battery life with Pure ANC on, and Pure ANC off for low-power mode provides up to 40 hours of playback.

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    What's Included

    • Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones
    • Carrying case
    • 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable
    • Universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B)
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Warranty Card

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (1091 out of 1160)


    Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC) actively blocks external noise

    Real-time audio calibration preserves a premium listening experience

    Up to 22 hours of battery life enables full-featured all-day wireless playback

    Apple W1 chip for Class 1 Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity and battery efficiency

    With fast fuel, a 10-minute charge gives three hours of play when the battery is low

    Pure ANC off for low-power mode provides up to 40 hours of battery life

    Take calls, control music, and activate Siri with multifunction on-ear controls

    Soft over-ear cushions for extended comfort and added noise isolation

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 1160 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars with 30 reviews



    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Purely Wasted Potential

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Studio3 Review After building up my expectations for Studio3 to be an industry-leading wireless headphone based on the momentum of the fantastic Solo3 that preceded it, Apple’s infinite resources and talent, and the groundbreaking W1 chip, I ended up being extremely disappointed with Studio3. Beats had the opportunity to change the headphone industry with their flagship wireless headphone much in the same way AirPods created a new category, but instead settled on complacency and mediocrity. Design Appearance The design is the high point of Studio3 as it retains Beats’ signature stylish understated look, but even the aesthetic feels dated since it recycles the design from the 2013 Studio 2.0 model. Of the six colors available at launch, Shadow Gray and Porcelain Rose showcase gorgeous color schemes and make a better case for an upgrade; however, it’s a testament to how poorly Beats handled the development of Studio3 that the two colors that look fresh and fashionable are not sold at most retailers. Build quality Studio3 falls short in this regard as the overall construction feels hollow rather than reassuring. While Studio3 is unlikely to be as problematic as Studio 2.0 due in part to new stitching on the ear-pads that is supposed to rectify the issues many had with the previous model, it also does not feel as premium as the design makes the headphones appear from a distance. The plastic creaks when I put them on my ears and move my head, the hinge mechanism feels loose and imprecise, and Studio3’s design as a whole is lacking a solidness to it that would be expected at this price point. (This is not due to the relatively lightweight nature of Studio3, the headphones simply are lacking a rigidness that would classify them as high-end.) Comfort/fit It does seem that Beats takes care in developing the comfort of its headphones, and it shows with soft, moderately comfortable ear-pads that are well-padded. They are quite shallow relative to other headphones, which I assumed was by design to provide a better bass response and more stable fit but neither came to fruition in my testing. However, this design does provide a solid level of passive isolation. While Studio3 is perfectly fine for sitting at a desk for a few hours at a time or walking around, in my personal testing I found they were not well-suited for exercise. At the gym I found myself re-adjusting them a dozen times, never happy with the fit, and they were not stable enough to run in. Mileage will vary in regards to fit, but the Studio3 while fairly comfortable did not provide a stable enough fit for me to continue actively using them. Packaging Basically the same unboxing experience Beats has featured for the past few years. Clean, sophisticated, luxurious. The hard case included feels premium and is easily a luxury item. If we were judging Studio3 on packaging alone, it would receive top marks. Sound “Studio-quality” sound signature Sorry Beats, you blew it on sound. It’s not exciting enough to be a fun headphone nor is it clean enough to be an audiophile-grade headphone. Instead, it is in an awkward consumer-compromised middle ground. Bass Studio3 has a sub-bass roll-off that makes the bass presentation too focused on the upper bass, which leads to the bass lacking the fullness that would give it impact and body. This mid/upper-bass emphasis can add weight to certain bass notes, but on a whole leaves the bass lacking the emotion and definition that would be expected. Mid-range Unfortunately, the mid-range can come off as muddy and slightly cluttered. There is a sense of clarity that is missing on Studio3. Studio3 would not be defined as “bassy”; rather, Studio3 is a balanced headphone that lacks the resolution that should come from a relative lack of bass impact. Yet, the mid-range manages to almost sound as muddy as it does on headphones that have a much more pronounced bass tuning due to a focus on the upper bass/lower mid-range. Treble Inaccurate at times but the treble does cover a full range and can bring out the best in certain instruments. This is the one aspect of the sound I cannot really fault. Also note that Studio3 has a closed soundstage which means that instruments do not have as much space between them as discerning listeners would prefer. Overall Surprisingly, I find the sound signature to be best-suited for listening to music at about 50% volume as it is quite well-balanced even if it is not adequate for studio mixing or critical listening. Regardless, Beats has reverted back to providing audio that underperforms for the price and that is disappointing. Studio3 isn’t competitive at its price point as $349 can buy premium build quality and sound from other brands. Active Noise Cancellation (“Pure ANC”) Studio3 provides above-average active noise cancellation that doesn’t compare to its closest competition. It is capable enough to block out certain low and high frequencies, but is inadequate at providing total isolation. Bose’s QC35 II and Sony’s 1000X line provides far more isolating ANC at a cost to the sound. What Beats’ Pure ANC lacks in strength, it makes up for in clarity as it does preserve the quality of the audio and I found Studio3 with ANC enabled to provide a better listening experience than with it disabled. There is a hiss when ANC is enabled that I find is not as pronounced on similar ANC headphones; consequently, I do wish the ANC was more transparent in this regard even though the hiss does slightly dissipate over time. Pure ANC will be good enough for most users though, especially those not seeking the total sanctuary of Bose or Sony’s ANC. Wireless connectivity Beats totally wasted their opportunity to create the first no-compromise over-ear wireless headphone while Apple’s W1 chip is still a year or two ahead of the competition in connection strength, reliability, and range. Apple has developed the best Bluetooth technology on the market, and the AAC Bluetooth codec Apple uses to transmit audio from iOS/Mac OS makes it so that there is truly zero quality degradation between wired and wireless when it’s used with sources like Apple Music that stream AAC files. While the W1 chip is the foundational feature of Studio3 and provides wireless audio with zero compromises, Studio3 presents compromises in every other area. Conclusion Beats took three steps back after Solo3 turned out to absolutely exceed every expectation I had for them, and BeatsX punched above its weight as a wireless headphone with performance that competed with wired headphones at the same price point. Studio3 is iterative rather than innovative, and after four years that is not enough. Purely wasted potential. Note to Beats by Dre: Beats is expected to produce fun, energetic headphones. Rather than sculpting the sound as Beats has on every Studio model, keep it simple like Solo3’s almost excellent signature which features a mostly even boost throughout the entire bass range, scooped mids that manage to sound natural, and a rolled-off but fairly articulate treble; undoubtedly, Solo3 is the best headphone Beats has produced to date in my opinion (and the opinion of audiophiles like Tyll from Innerfidelity). Focus on developing innovative new tunings and driver technologies to produce quality sound while still retaining a healthy, linear bass boost of 5-10dB. I would not expect Beats to attempt to imitate audiophile brands like Sennheiser as Beats has its niche; effectively, Beats should be figuring out better ways to reach its end goal of bringing out the emotion in a song while also providing the details the artists intended listeners to hear. Ultimately Studio3 is a misstep which doesn’t have a lot of bass presence and also doesn’t have a particularly clean sound signature. I do truly believe Beats has the potential to make the best wireless headphones on the market; in fact, in many ways I firmly believe Solo3 is best-in-class. An over-ear headphone with an exciting bass boost and clarity throughout all the other frequencies could be a game-changer, and Solo3 has proved that Beats is capable of producing the type of sound that they so masterfully market.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Please don’t believe the bad reviews

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      Okay so this is my second review on here today. I want to start out by saying I wasted a lot of time back and forth to Best Buy buying and returning different headphones because I was reading and believing the negative reviews on here about the Studio3’s not being good with no bass and bad sound. I have been into music since I was 14. I’m 34 today. I produce music as well as DJ. So I’d like to believe I know music and sound to a degree. I also have a pair of studio2 wireless that I purchased almost 4 years ago when they first released and they still work and sound like the day I bought them with only a headband replacement recently that cost me 25.00 to fix. ( the serviceability is easy on Beats ) that’s important to anyone. So I bought the Bose QC35 2’s to try and while comfortable they had no volume headroom or bass. I actually couldnt believe Bose charges 349 for these. They went back the next day! Then I bought the Sony WH1000XM2’s and while at first I was impressed I quickly saw they werent as good as they seemed. The bass sounded reproduced and not true to the bass in the music. They would also distort with heavy EDM music. That was the first thing I realized. Then the right side of the headband had a creaking noise only after one day. I read that the previous version had cracking problems so with those two things they went back after a week. Now here’s the thing. I tested the new studios in the bestbuy store but the volume was very low and the bass was almost non existent. Every time I tried them I thought to myself, maybe all these reviews are true. Maybe Apple really did ruin them. So on a wimb because I had just bought and returned two pair of headphones in a week I told the associate if I buy these and they sound like your floor models I’ll be returning them. They assured me they would sound completely different as the floor model is toned down for children for liability reasons. So he’s my result. They sound really really good. The highs and mids are great and the bass is tight clear and punchy. True representation of every song I listen to with them. They also get very loud just as the studio2’s. All in all I want to tell you the person reading my review. Ignore the bad reviews because I listened to them and in the end nothing they said was even remotely true. You can return them if you feel they are not for you but if you like good clear sound with volume and deep punchy bass that doesn’t cut out you HAVE to try them. The range is also VERY impressive. The new W1 chip def extends the range and battery life seems very good also.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Only Compatible with iOS Devices/Low Quality

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      For backround, I have previously owned gen. 1 Beats Tour earbuds (which were overall best earbud/headphones I have ever owned) and previously used gen. 1 Beats Studio headphones, back around 2013 (before Beats was bought out by Apple). I also currently own a new generation Beats Pill +, which I purchased last year. I loved the sound quality in all three products, which is why I decided to buy a new pair of Beats headphones (my old Beats earbuds have since worn out with age). I have been using the low quality earbuds that came with my phone since my old Beats wore out and I've been eagerly awaiting a replacement. First impressions after opening the the box were good, with high quality packaging, as expected from Beats/ Apple products, but that is where the good impressions stop. After opening the box, I immediately grab the auxiliary cable to test out the audio quality (not wanting to fiddle around with the bluetooth connections just yet). Looking for the auxiliary input, I was surprised to notice a standard micro USB-b charger. This is an odd decision from Apple, given that they had upgraded the Pill+ to a lightening charger, to be in line with their other products; I expected the same from these headphones. Before I managed to plug them in, I also noticed the lack of a USB AC wall adapter being included in the box. This is also, not a big deal, as I have many unused wall adapters lying around; just another odd decision. After those distractions, I finally got the headphones plugged into my phone (Galaxy S8, Android OS 9). I open Spotify, pick a song and press play on my phone. I hear nothing. I press pause, then play again on my phone, still nothing. I can clearly see that the song is playing on my phone, but it doesn't seem to be transmitting any sound to the headphones. They should be able to work without being powered on, while wired, but whatever. I turn the headphones on and try again, still nothing. After several minutes of unplugging/reinserting the cable, closing/reopening the app, pressing pause/play, powering on/off; I give up and try connecting it through bluetooth instead. Surely that must work, right? I connected the bluetooth through my phone, surprisingly the music started playing, but I was quickly disappointed to notice how quiet the sound was. Even at max volume, it wasn't any louder than the cheap earbuds that came with my phone. Worse yet, the bass, (in a normally bass-heavy hip-hop song) was barely noticeable. After expecting the high quality audio/bass that I was used to from older Beats products, this was a shock to say the least. And it doesn't end there, I quickly noticed that NONE of buttons on the headphones, with the exception of the power/ ANC button seemed to be responsive. I plugged the aux cable back in and I could finally hear audio through it, but the quality was still unimpressive and also the only button on the remote talk cable that seemed to work was the pause/play button. At this point, I was very irritated to say the least. At first I was thinking that I might have a defective product, but then I figured it out. Apple owns Beats now. I quickly grabbed the owners manual, read through it and there it was. At the very bottom in fine print "May not be compatible with non iOS devices" Years prior I had stopped buying other Apple products for many similar issues with quality and compatibility. Overall I am extremely unsatisfied with this product. I researched these headphones, read all the specs (just like I would with any $300+ purchase) and nowhere did it say that it wouldn't be compatible with Android OS; until I read the owner's manual after buying it. At the very least, that should be clearly stated in the description. Needless to say, I will be returning it and WILL NOT be purchasing anything from Beats or Apple again.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Ok sound but poor quality headphones break easily


      These are my first beats I've ever owned I had great expectations for the headphones at first but after 3 weeks truly disappointed the headphone when closing seems like if they are about to break any minute. I take care of my things very carefully but lets starts with the things that at first impressed me; "Seamless connections "with all your apple device through icloud you connect to one of them and it automatically connects to others well at first, then they start to present issues this is my second set of headphones beats because already had to return one of them. The solo 3 presented the same issue thats why I decided to upgrade to the studios 3. Battery life is pretty long. Quick charge only five minutes gives you over 2 hours of music. Microphone works great. Noise cancelling work pretty decent. Cons Uncomfortable for long periods of time they feel very stiff no flexibility very uncomfortable to wear over the neck Construction seems poor and haven't changed I circled over the pictures showing the places where they look like theres tear already, over the years still remember my cousin had a previous generation and in a week one of the sides felt apart thank God he was under Best Buy 14 day policy and they changed it for him. They have that punchy bass which causes them when they are in high volume if theres a lot of instruments presents in the song it will make the music sound horrible. Bottom line don't waste your money on headphones with aggressive marketing that will last you 6 months or maybe less like beats but in a company that is a legend in sound If you are looking for some good headphones and pretty sure they will last get the Bose Quiet comfort 35ll and thats truly amazing sound with a lot of detail and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time I bought these tested them side by side and is a true winner.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      A fashion accessory which loses value

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Let me preface this review with some context. I've owned many a pair of headphones, I will compare it to headphones in a similar price point: Bose QC35's, Sony WH 1000xm2's, JBL Elite 750NC's and B&O H9's. TL;DR: They look good, connect fast with the W1 chip, have good noise cancelling (Not as good as Sony's or Bose's nc) but have below avg. mids and highs. They do ok in bass, looks and ease of use are where they excel. If you want better sound for the price, go with Sony for more bass & highs, Bose has better mids (comfort, and NC). JBL has a better overall sound spectrum but does not excel in any of them in particular. I'll keep this review concise, the comfort on the Studio 3's are pretty good, slightly better than the Sony's which are a little tighter. The band is made out of a rubber which can pull on your hair, which can be somewhat uncomfortable. The pairing process is effortless with an iPhone, the process on an android device is similar to any other bluetooth pair of headphones. Noise Canceling is the big addition to the Studios, which is rather subpar compared to the Bose, Sony and even JBL's. The build quality is rather disappointing, partially metal on the hinges which is fine, but the rest is plastic. Bose have fantastic build quality while the Sony's and JBL's are about on par. B&O have amazing build quality, full aluminum, premium leather, etc. but are also $150 more. The sound produced by the studios is similar to cheese through a cheese grater. Your car stereo system may have better quality. An unexaggerated example would be a slightly better reproduction of traditional ear buds. They get loud, but that's about it. Battery life is fine, around 20+ hrs, which about standard for these headphones, with the Sony's leading again. Final Verdict: If you want to save a penny, get the JBL's which will have better sound and NC. For the price, get the Bose QC35's or Sony WH 1000xm2's which are both more feature packed with better sound quality. If you want to spend an extra dime, the B&O's have significantly better sounding, clean and concise bass with phenomenal sound quality. Rating for iOS devices: 3/5 One star for NC, one star for the W1 Chip, one star for looks. Rating for Android devices: 2/5 One star for looks, one star for NC They don't get a star for functioning like any pair of headphones over $50 will.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      No regret!

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      I made my research and tried different noise canceling wireless bluetooth headphones like Bose QuiteComfort 35, Sony 1000x, B&O Play H9. All have their nice features but I picked Beats Studio3. Noise canceling works really good and sound quality as well. It's not a pro grade sound quality but pretty good. When you put them on you do not get that vacuum feeling in your ears like Bose QuiteComfort 35 gives you. Also Bose is not so useful when exercise. However Bose ear pads are most soft and comfortable and bigger. Studio3 has good ear pads as well the only downside is ear pads are a little warm. I still like them. Best built quality of ACN headphones is B&O no question, but they are much more expensive. Regarding bluetooth connectivity and battery life, Studio3 has good performance. It connects all apple devices easily and without problem. I go to basement and leave my phone/tablet/computer in the living room and did not have any connectivity/sound quality issue at all The main reason I purchased Studio3 is to use them in a loud place when studying. It blocks noise around good even when I lover the sound very low. It comes with fat hard case, charger cable, snap hook for the case and a good quality headphone cable. Easy to use. So far I am happy for my purchase.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Same Look Different Product

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      When I purchased my first Beats Studio Wireless, I was blown away. I wasn’t told to not workout in them. That what caused the earmuffs to peel. When I went to buy the new Studio 3, I was disappointed. I don’t know what Apple did, but they better improve the quality quick, or they will be in serious trouble. I spent my money on the top of the line Sony WH-1000XM2 over the Bose or JBL’s. Trust me, you will not be disappointed in the Sony’s above. The design isn’t a A+ but not too much advertisement for the other company and they are very sophisticated/mature for a man or woman. A lot of technology and workmanship went into building these. The manager was right! I wouldn’t be bringing them back. Plus you can but a $89.00 Geek Squad accidental warranty for two years! Apple doesn’t offer a warranty on the Beats Headphones! I wonder why? I should’ve known that the beats headphones was not the same because they have a lot of open box specials! That means customers have been bringing them back quickly! At one time you could not tell me anything bad about beats headphones owned by Apple! Apple offers AppleCare for all of their products except the Beats headphones! There’s a reason for that! I’m streetsmart! And I would not fall for the hype. They should not have to mess with something that was broken. Whatever they did, they better undo it! I still have my original Studio Wireless from 2005 and I compared it to the Studio Wireless 3, my 2005 Studio Wireless will bury the Studio Wireless 3 easily! I will use my 2005 Studio Wireless to workout in and I will use my Sony‘s to Style in! And when you get this Sony, don’t forget to download apps that give you a lot more Custom control over your Wireless headphones!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Upgraded from "On the Ear" headphone to the "Around the Ear" Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones in Matte Black. HUGE difference! I spend approximately 12 hours a day with these headphones on, and I can say, without a doubt- there is a huge improvement in the Noise Cancellation feature, an increase in the clarity of the sound, and overall greater comfort. I was very much impressed with the automatic noise cancellation feature. It really does work much better than I've experienced in the past. I also find the greater comfort allows me to wear the headphones for a much greater period of time than ever before- allowing me to stay in the zone longer, and accomplish more. As far as enjoying music- the wireless feature is fantastic. High highs, low lows- its all clear. I can listen to classical, to Rock, to Hip Hop and it all sounds fantastic. Phone calls? I don't find myself talking too much on the phone while wearing the headphones- but they do pick up everything AND they send out a clear sound, even when whispering, and I also hear the other person clearly as well through the headphones. What more can one ask for. Overall, I give the Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones a 5 star rating. They surpassed my expectations in both my professional and personal pursuits! Great job Beats!

      I would recommend this to a friend

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    Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars with 30 reviews

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