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Standing Desks and Stand-Up Desk Converters

How a Standing Desk Can Benefit You

As telecommuting increases in popularity, more people are investing in standing desks for their home workspaces. Sitting for long periods of time without moving around can lead to neck and back pain, poor posture, bad circulation and more. A standing desk can help you avoid these effects, while also reducing stress and fatigue and improving your mood and energy.

Despite these benefits, switching from sitting for a full work day to standing all day is a major commitment. If you want the benefits of a stand-up desk while still being able to sit for part of the day, you have options. One such option is a convertible sit-standing desk that allows you to alternately sit and stand throughout the day. Another option is to use a standing desk converter that sits on top of a traditional work desk surface. Either a sit-and-stand desk or a sit-stand desk converter can provide substantial benefits.

Accessories for Your Standing Desk

Along with switching to a sit and stand desk design, you may also want to evaluate other aspects of your home office. For instance, when you’re working standing up, is the lighting still adequate? If not, an adjustable desk lamp could be ideal. To truly make this space your own, consider buying chairs for guests, bulletin boards, shelves, and even wall art.

Setting Up an Ergonomic Stand-Up Desk and Work Space

Once you’ve made the decision to stand for at least part of each work day, you may want to consider other ways to maintain an ergonomically friendly space. First, if you’re using either an adjustable standing desk or a stand-up desk converter, you’ll want to make sure the work surface and computer screens are properly adjusted. For many, that means the top of the monitor is at eye level, and the desktop is approximately at elbow height.

You may also want to consider work space accessories that promote comfortable, non-tiring ways of performing your work functions. An ergonomic keyboard is designed to help you type comfortably, while encouraging good hand and wrist posture. A keyboard tray adjusts to the optimal position to provide maximum comfort and wrist health. Some tray models include an adjustable mouse pad you can use with an ergonomic mouse for a flexible range of motion that can contribute to relaxed use and natural positioning.