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Lenovo - Yoga C930 2-in-1 13.9" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 12GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive - Iron Gray-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    The 2-in-1 Convertible King

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    The Lenovo Yoga C930 is an ultrabook designed for both productivity and entertainment, and it succeeds at doing such with few compromises that most would be happy with. UNBOXING (5/5): The unboxing experience of the C930 is elegant & minimalistic while providing a premium materials throughout the unboxing experience. I could not help but notice the box was beautifully done, had the perfect weight, and provided easy access to the C930 and charging brick. Lenovo did a great job here, and it sets the stage for the rest of the product. BUILD / DESIGN (4/5): When you first inspect the C930, you realize how small and thin it is compared to what the pictures make it look like. I was pleasantly surprised to see a metal unibody design that not only feels premium, but feels durable while also being very light. The hinge mechanism feels sturdy, albeit there is a tiny bit of wobble when you’re using the touch screen. I tested the few inputs available and deemed them quite sturdy. That may seem like a silly test at first, but it’s especially important to be thorough, given the price you’re paying for such a product. The rubber feet on the bottom give the laptop a bit of lift and prevents slippage when placed on a desk, which is a much appreciated feature for a laptop that is otherwise slippery due to its sleek, twice-polished aluminum body. The pen is also housed in the hinge area, but I found it somewhat difficult to remove at times unless your fingers are pointy enough and you perhaps have a fingernail available to pull the pen out. DISPLAY (5/5): Okay, so perhaps you’re worried about 1080p in this age of high-resolution displays. But this is perhaps one of the best 1080p displays I’ve had in a laptop. With Dolby Vision technology, the display can get very bright, the colors are vibrant, and dynamic range is excellent–resulting in an image that is able to showcase bright colors while also maintaining deep contrast with darker blacks. Additionally, the fact that the bezels are thin on the C930 make for a more immersive experience that is both elegant and very portable. Disregarding the opinionated user experience of touch controls on Windows 10, I found that the touch controls were responsive, as to be expected. I didn’t experience any malfunction of touch controls. PEN INPUT (3/5): As for the pen input, I did find that sometimes the included pen wouldn’t register some strokes, as I’d be gripping the pen in a way that held the ‘erase’ button down. While I’m not personally a massive user of pen input on tablets, I understand their utility–especially for a student or professional. From my experience, this pen is not meant to be an integral part for someone who uses a pen frequently. The pen is quite small and would definitely give your hand cramps compared to solutions devised by competitors or even Lenovo’s own Pen accessories, which you can still purchase and use with the C930. But for a few notes to jot down or do some light creative work, I do think that Lenovo’s solution will get the job done. I just wasn’t a fan of the location of the buttons and how difficult they were to access at times. That being said, for an integrated, included pen, it’s impressive, and I understand compromises had to be made to get this pen integrated into the laptop. KEYBOARD (5/5): Wow. Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed typing on a laptop keyboard this much. I’ve had many other laptops from different brands, but among them, this keyboard is tactile, has excellent spacing, and leaves a satisfying sound, while also being quite enough to not completely annoy your neighbor with incessant ‘click-clack’ noises. For me, there was no adjustment period, and that’s coming from someone who has not owned a Lenovo laptop in years, but has occasionally typed on a friend’s or on a display model at Best Buy. As a software engineer, I could definitely see myself getting some work done on this laptop while traveling or while on a plane. I really appreciate the attention to detail that Lenovo has brought to the table with the C930, and I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open to future Lenovo products, as a result. Additionally, it should be mentioned that the keyboard has two levels of backlit brightness, in addition to turning off the backlight, entirely. I found it to be less bright than other keyboards, but was still ample brightness for any user. SOUND (5/5): Once again, I’m blown away. Lenovo worked closely with Dolby to integrate a sound bar into the C930, and it shows. This isn’t just Lenovo slapping a Dolby logo on their product–they really delivered on a product that has unparalleled sound. I have never heard a laptop with such detailed, immersive speakers, especially from a laptop so thin. The midrange and treble comes from the tweeters in the soundbar, while the bass frequencies are handled by the woofers integrated in the bottom of the laptop. This results in fantastic sound when you have the C930 sitting on a desk in the traditional sense. When put into tent mode for watching a video, it uses your table surface as a resonating chamber for the woofers–which is really ingenious. It lets the midrange and treble fire upwards, while letting the bass resonate down through the table surface. Bear in mind, however, that you’re subjecting it to the acoustic properties of the surface that you place it on, which can also result in an unpleasant tinny sound, depending on what surface you choose to place the C930 on. As someone educated in acoustics, music production and general physics, I understand this quite well, but you might want to do your own research on acoustic resonance, reflections and dampening if you’re any bit interested in learning how to get the most out of these wonderful speakers. At the very least, I do encourage you to try different types of surfaces (e.g. glass, wood, plastic, fabric) to get an idea of how the sound will change. PERFORMANCE (4/5): From my testing, performance has been excellent for a laptop of this caliber. It’s not going to knock your socks off if you normally demand tons of CPU power, but it packs a tremendous amount of power in comparison to the 7th-generation U-series Intel processors. So if you are coming from a 7th gen U-series Intel processor, the i7-8550U will knock your socks off. Additionally, the 12GB of DDR4 memory will enable you to handle productivity applications and entertainment with ease. If you want 16GB, you’ll have to spend more and purchase the 4K model, instead. Additionally, the PCIe NVMe SSD is a Samsung MZVLB256HAHQ-000L2 and has delivered a hiccup-free experience, as well. The true size of the drive is about 238GB. In terms of graphics performance, the Intel UHD 620 is enough to watch 4K video (albeit on a 1080p display) and do some very light gaming. I was able to play Unreal Tournament 3 and Warface with reasonable frame rates after turning down the resolution, textures shadows and other post processing down, but I wouldn’t bother trying to play modern AAA titles count on this machine. Ultimately, this machine wasn’t designed with gaming mind. Curb your expectations and expect to be able to play many 2D titles reasonably well, but 3D titles will struggle to play unless you make some serious compromises. I did notice thermal throttling on this machine, which is to be somewhat expected, given how slim the form factor is. This usually means the fans are really thin and can only push so much air to cool the CPU & GPU. In this case, because the CPU & GPU share the same die, thermal output of one affects the performance of the other. This isn’t a fault of Lenovo’s, but a high quality compound and an improved fan design could certainly help mitigate thermal throttling. That being said, they’ve made the C930 perform quite nicely while also remaining whisper quiet most of the time, and I’m happy with that. BIOMETRICS (3/5): The fingerprint sensor is generally responsive, but I have encountered issues where I’d resume from sleep and the fingerprint sensor did not register any attempts. It’s almost as though the fingerprint sensor did not wake from sleep. Your mileage may vary, but this is something I have experienced on occasion. BATTERY (9/10): I’ve personally found that the battery performance is exceptional. The C930 could last me an entire day of performing various tasks with a conservative display brightness and minimal processor usage. More aggressive tasking with more CPU/GPU intensive workloads will result in decreased battery life, but should still deliver quite impressive battery life for a laptop with this kind of power. CONCLUSION: There are usually good reasons to get a tablet with a detachable keyboard and pen, but Lenovo has proven with the Yoga C930 that it can make a very cohesive tablet/laptop experience in a convertible form-factor. And on top of that, it has tackled the typical compromises by having unparalleled sound built right into the hinge, a fantastic 1080p display, and delivering a wonderful keyboard. For a roughly equivalent premium hybrid tablet, you’ll likely pay a lot more and still get less than what Lenovo is offering. And what Lenovo is offering is not only unique, it’s absurdly good.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Very nice update to the Yoga line

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    Wanted an upgrade to our older Yoga 3 Pro, “still a great machine” but saw the new model and couldn’t resist. This came in a nice presentation type box, inside the laptop was nicely padded and protected. The power supply “USB C type”, and paperwork. The first thing I noticed this Yoga is about the same weight as the Yoga 3 Pro we have, it’s 3.1lbs compared to 2.9lbs, just a little heavier but it feels much sturdier. The Yoga 3s screen has a lot of flex to it, this new model is very stiff in comparison. Same with the base of the unit, very solid and feels so much sturdier, it’s also just a little thicker than the 3 Pro, it looks to be machined out of a solid block of metal instead of the plastic frame of the 3. The keyboard on the C930 has been moved up a little creating a larger palm rest. This also left more room for a larger touchpad which is very accurate and easy to use. The palm rest area is also metal instead of the soft feel rubber covering of the 3 Pro. This makes it much easier to wipe off as that rubber coating, while comfortable, was really hard keeping the little perforation like dots cleaned out. You’ll also notice a small square on the right side of the palm rest close to the keyboard. That’s the built in fingerprint reader and it works with Windows Hello. A nice touch and very much welcomed. The facial recognition of the Pro 3 worked but I never felt it was that secure. Looking around the outside of the unit there are very few ports. In fact there are only 4 total. 1 full sized USB port, two USB C ports “use one for charging” that are also have Thunderbolt 3 support, and an audio jack, that it nothing else. No card reader slot, nothing. Sort of wish they would have added another USB port on the right side but the way it’s designed with the pen storage port on the back, the body of the pen would be right where any other port could go. I’d still rather have an extra port or two on that side. The front, and back side have nothing, and the right has the power button, that’s it. The screen this time is an IPS 1920x1080, it’s nice, bright and very clear, plus I can actually read it when I bring up a command prompt window. The PRO 3 has the 3200x1800 screen, while it looks great, and not really necessary on a 13.3” screen, “heck I use 1920x1080 on my 27” desktop monitor, when bringing up a command prompt the txt is so small it’s impossible to read, I’m very pleased that Lenovo decided to downgrade the resolution of the screen. The screen on the C930 like the 3 Pro is covered in high gloss glass, it’s a touch screen so it sort of needs that. But it’s a huge fingerprint magnet and shows smudges very easy. At the top of the screen there’s the usual webcam, but for once Lenovo added a sliding switch that covers the webcam for security reasons, and a bright red dot appears in the camera lens letting you know it’s covered. The C930 also comes with 12gb of memory and a 256gb SSD drive, a little small this day and age but at least you can swap it out for something larger if you wanted to. Now for actual use, this does come with Windows 10 installed, and you get the usual welcome screen when turning on and setting up. I was actually surprised by the voice guided setup though. The keyboard is very easy to type on, I can type well on just about any keyboard without much problem so I really have nothing to complain about here. There’s very little flex to the keyboard, even when sitting on an uneven surface, can feel the stiffer construction of the base. The keyboard is also backlit, and the light is adjustable by a couple levels, the 3 Pro only has on/off. The I7 processor is plenty powerful for this laptops use. It’s not really built for gaming and the graphics are built in on the I7 processor. Good for MS games and some older games that aren’t too graphic intensive. It works great for Netflix movies and I’ve watched a couple so far on it. This is also perfect for office work, I’ve been using Office 2013 on it without any problems. It’s plenty speedy working in Word, Excel and Power Point. The speakers “for me” are extremely good, can’t even compare them to the 3 Pro as they are much louder and clearer. The hinge for the screen is basically a mini sound bar and it’s much better than the built in speakers that are on the bottom of the Pro 3. There’s still a couple of speakers on the bottom front edge of the base but combining them with the speakers on the hinge there’s just a lot more sound coming out compared to the 3 Pro. The speakers also support Dolby Atmos, witch really helps out when watching movies or listening to music. Sound effects and speech on movies is outstanding, speech is very clear and easy to understand. Now on top of this all, this is still a convertible laptop just like the 3 Pro, you can easily use it with the keyboard flipped over as a big tablet. I’ll rarely ever use it this way, never really used it that way on the 3 pro either, just nice to know it’s there if I want to use it. And because of the design I can lay the screen completely back flat against the desk, “I’ve done that while giving a presentation with the 3 Pro and standing at a desk looking down at the laptop”. This also comes with a built in active pen. It resides in a port in the back edge “think Samsung Note style”. Pressing in on it and releasing it pops right out. Once you bring the pen to about an inch from the screen the pointer appears right where the pen tip would be. It’s very sensitive and very easy to use, I’ll use it for signing documents. I haven’t used it much as I never have much need to use a pen, nice that it’s there, but like I mentioned before I’d rather have an extra port or two on the right side of the machine. In all this is a really nice update to the Yoga line, it’s sturdier than the older 3 pro and plenty fast. The other thing I do miss is on the 3 Pro it had a hidden Ethernet port on the right side, which came in handy when traveling and I needed to use a cable to get an internet connection. I also used that for connecting directly to our routers for configuring them. I do have some USB C Ethernet and SD card readers that work, just finding ones that actually work without a problem is the hard part. As for heat, the C930 stays as cool as the less powerful 3 Pro. I had it sitting on my lap while doing some web browsing and watching videos on YouTube, it never got uncomfortably hot. As for battery life, I’ve used this for 3 hours at most, at a time, and had plenty battery left over. This wasn’t watching videos, just surfing the internet and using Office, so I’m not sure yet what the battery life will be like but it seem to be more than plenty for most people, I can’t complain. I did take the cover off the bottom, just 6 screws and the lid lifts right off, with everything being easily accessible “ssd drive, wifi card, battery, the usual components. It would be very easy to upgrade this if you wanted a larger drive or needed to replace anything. It also make is very easy to clean out as the dual fans will probably collect some dust over time. This isn’t an absolutely perfect laptop, none are, but for a student or business person that travels a lot this would be a great machine to take a look at and strongly consider.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Some Initial Squirreliness, Sorted Out & Now Great

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    First off, the star rating should probably be 4.5 not 4 but I don't have that option. Like the title/summary says, there were a couple of issues right out of the box but Lenovo support was awesome and straightened things out faster than I've ever seen a tech support do pretty much anything! I'm really digging the new Yoga's style. Sharp, elegant, and solid. It is a nice looking piece of equipment. It isn't flashy but it isn't boring either. I've already gotten a few compliments at work on it, mostly just saying 'That's a NICE computer.' To be clear, the Yoga 930 IS a nice computer. Lenovo also does a great job setting the 'tone' right upon opening the box. I really wish I could post a video here, but I knew I was in for something special when, upon taking off the box lid, I saw two covering 'wings' that I then found were magnetically attached to the box and when opened, caused the computer to kind of rise up out of the box. I really feel that Lenovo missed the chance to do something like those birthday cards with sound and had something like the Indiana Jones theme playing because it felt like I was having some treasure being offered up to me. I'm just glad my face didn't melt off! If you don't get the reference, shame on you, and go watch Raiders of the Lost Ark you philistine! I tried to fire up this beauty and that is where I ran into my first problem, it wouldn't start. I've never had an electronic device delivered without any charge, especially upon launch, but I assumed that had to be the case. I plugged it in, (with the reasonably sized brick) but I will ask computer manufacturers again, to please emulate Apple or Dell and make better AC bricks, it can be done and should be! After being plugged in, the computer fired right up and I went through the start up process and it was a breeze (or at least as much of a breeze as Microsoft and Cortana will let it be). I kind of wish that Microsoft would give you an initial option of "I Know What I'm Doing" or "Please Help" on initial setup and tailor the process appropriately from there, but I know I'm dreaming. Anyway, after set-up was done, this is when I noticed my first issue, the battery was NOT dead (it was at about 80%). Now my initial impression was that perhaps this is a new thing manufacturers were doing to make sure the computer was on power during start up so that installation and updates could happen with no problems. If that was the intent, I agree that it is a go