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Buying a laptop or notebook computer.

Benefits of using a laptop.

In today’s world, being able to take your work with you is essential. Business travelers and those working remotely rely on laptops to stay connected and efficient. Look inside any upper grade school or college classroom and you’ll see students taking notes on their notebook laptops to make sure they have everything covered for studying later. Because the monitor, keyboard, and track pad are combined into one device, laptops are compact and perfect for being on the go. Any good laptop provides ample storage capacity for documents, images, and other important data on its hard drive or solid storage drive (SSD), but if you need additional storage on top of that, an external storage device is just as convenient to stow in your laptop bag as your SSD laptop. Another option for storing large video or photos is to move them onto a network attached storage. Not sure what NAS is or how it works, see our tips & ideas blog. Though you’re able to maneuver without an attached mice and keyboard, most large and small laptops and every size in between have USB ports to plug in various laptop accessories. Lots of people prefer creating a desktop experience with their notebook computer with a laptop docking station that charges your computer and keeps your peripherals plugged in and ready to go without hassle. Not all laptops are created equal, though. When shopping for a new laptop, keep in mind what kind of work you’ll be using if for the most, and go with the one whose features are suited to completing those tasks. Lucky for you, Best Buy has deals on laptops with different advantages so you can find the best notebook computer for you, and at every laptop price point.

Choosing the best laptop for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for the best laptop for photo editing or a Windows laptop that works with your computer software, you’ll want to find the laptop that is designed for your unique needs. For casual use, like email, surfing the web, paying bills and checking social media, you’ll probably be satisfied with a small laptop that doesn’t need extra room for the advanced technology required for more high-tech notebook computers. However, when you’re working on detailed graphics or you’d like a crystal-clear display for virtual meetings, a 4K laptop with a display that has four times the resolution of a standard laptop screen is the right option. If you prefer using your fingers to navigate through files and applications, then a touch-screen laptop is right up your alley. Since good laptops are an investment, Best Buy offers multiple laptop price points and the option to buy a used laptop, including models certified by Geek Squad® to be in excellent condition. As the laptops available on the market increase, so do the number of laptop colors that you can choose from. Lots of teenagers like to personalize their electronic devices, with laptops being no exception, so if you’re looking for a pink laptop or a plain one that you can make your own by covering it with fun stickers, Best Buy has a large selection in stores and online. We also offer computer and tablet services, as well as My Best Buy Memberships™, to make sure that your notebook computer and other devices stay in tip-top shape after you’ve brought them home and begun using it every day.